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Twin brothers Garrett and C.J. Visser are as identical in their love of soccer as they are in their appearance.

Both brothers currently attend Adams State University in Alamosa, where they are entering their junior seasons with the Grizzlies men’s soccer team. But while they are soccer players at their cores, both Garret and C.J. Visser find themselves in a position that may lead them to have a greater impact on another team.

Garrett and C.J. Visser could be more important to Grizzlies athletics as placekickers on the football team.

“Obviously, soccer is our favorite sport and we’re really new to football,” C.J. Visser said. “It’s hard to pick and would be great if it works out where we could play both. It would be a great experience to play two college sports and if both teams can use us, we’d love to play.”

Following an injury to the team’s kicker midway through last season, Grizzlies football coach Marty Heaton walked into soccer coach Tim Busen’s office in desperate need of a strong leg or two that could help get the Grizzlies through the season. Of the 10 players Busen sent Heaton’s way, the Visser twins emerged as the best kickers.

Just days later, Garrett and C.J. Visser were in pads and helmets at practice. In Las Vegas, Nev., on Oct. 20, Garrett Visser made a point after try to put the Grizzlies up 21-20 in the third quarter against New Mexico Highlands. He would later kick a 23-yard field goal from the right hash mark that sealed 24-20 win for the Grizzlies.

“I’d never kicked a football in my life until a week before that,” Garrett Visser said. “I had a good relationship with my holder and the snapper so we just joked about it on the way out to the field so I wasn’t too nervous. I ended up making the kick to put us up by four and helping us win the game.”

The Grizzlies’ established kicker Logan Beck healed shortly after that and the Visser brothers continued with the team and split time on kickoffs. Midfielders who do not currently start for the soccer team, Garrett and C.J. Visser have already scored more points for the football team than the soccer team.

“They’re reliable and we can depend on them,” Busen said. “We have 50 guys on our roster so everyone is duking it out for some playing time. I like our guys to get involved in as much as they possibly can to have a good college experience. It’s pretty cool. Not every kid gets a chance to play two sports.”

Busen said each Visser brother will have to fight for a spot on the Grizzlies’ deep soccer roster. With Beck graduated, the football team will also be looking to fill a avoid at kicker, and the Visser brothers appear to be the logical choice to come in and start.

While they enjoyed their time as two-sport athletes in 2013, things like scholarship money, time commitments, playing possibilities and personal preference may force the Visser brothers to choose between soccer and football. With several options and the season coming up faster each day, the brothers have a difficult decision to make.

“We figured we were just helping out on the football team last year,” Garrett Visser said. “We didn’t think they’d still want us. We’re currently in negotiations with the coach because they’re both fall sports. They told us if we wanted to kick again, we could be the starting kickers. We just don’t want to miss too much soccer.”

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