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LONGMONT — Football teams have a lot to do during summer training camp every year between building the team, getting in shape, learning the plays, and working towards innumerable personal and team pre-season goals.

But at Longmont High School Trojans camp every summer, one day is reserved for people who aren’t on the team. That day is for the Longmont community.

As if they were between the lines on the football field, the Trojans don’t hold back when it comes to their community.

The Trojans began their day for the community in 2008. Since then, their efforts have been so well-recognized that even NFL Films is documenting this year’s day of work for a possible television spot on NBC during the NFL football season.

“It’s not something a lot of people do and it’s a lot of hard work all day long,” senior right tackle Sean Glenn said. “It’s a great way to build character and it’s a really rewarding experience afterwards. We’re doing a wide variety of jobs this year and everyone on the team is looking forward to it.”

The Trojans’ long day of giving back begins Saturday. They will divide into six groups. When one group completes a task, they join another to help finish its job.

This year, one group will knock out a driveway with a jackhammer and raise a concrete slab at Mountain States Children’s Home on 107th Street in Longmont. Another will clear out rocks, rake, lay a mat and re-sod, mulch and install a sprinkler system for a flood victim’s yard in Lyons.

A third group of Trojans will hang a fence for the ColorRODans of Longmont INC’s hot rod weekend display and remove it on Sunday. Others will begin Saturday by installing a rock path and mulch for Doris Campbell’s home on Frontier Drive in Longmont. Still more Trojans will do yard work at another home on Crestridge Lane.

Glenn will head up the group that will bail hay at Mountain States Children’s Home.

“Every year we’ve had pictures with the people we help on our different jobs,” Glenn said. “Those are the pictures you want to keep because they are great memories and great stories to tell. When you can say we went out there for an entire day and helped a person rebuild their house, it’s a great feeling. A lot of people don’t think about doing stuff like that because they don’t know how good it can feel.

“It’s a good way for the team to come together. I know I’ve met a lot of young guys and made a lot of friends out of it.”

A full football team of strong young men can accomplish a lot in a day. But while the day isn’t about them, it’s about everyone else, Trojans assistant head coach Curt Collis believes the players get plenty out of their selfless team effort.

“You know, when you get a hundred guys working together for a day, you can get a lot done,” Collis said. “It’s a way for us to give back to the community and we try to teach the kids that time is one of the most precious gifts that you can give people. Time is love. It’s the only thing that there’s not plenty of. It’s pretty finite. This is a way for us to help them learn that.”

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