Alumni corner: Fairview grad Meyer finding home with BYU track team

Fairviw alum Ben Meyer is an emerging sprinter with the BYU track program

BOULDER — While he was at Fairview High School, Ben Meyer was always a scholar, a track athlete and a football player. He loved them all.

Meyer eventually signed to play football and run track at Colorado School of Mines. It took the 2012 Knights graduate one summer of collegiate football and a half a semester as an engineering major to figure out his heart wasn’t in either.

With a newfound self understanding, Meyer decided it was time for another change. That change took him to Brigham Young University, and back onto the track where his heart is.

“I decided I wasn’t really an engineering major,” Meyer said. “I came to BYU that fall and have been running ever since. I really like track a lot better. I have a lot more fun running around instead of running around trying not to get tackled.”

After not using any athletic eligibility at Mines, Meyer is currently enrolled in the business school at Brigham Young and is studying finance. He’s much happier there and Meyer said he plans to remain in Provo, Utah, until he graduates.

While he’s at BYU, Meyer gets to live the Division-I track and field lifestyle with the Cougars. He said getting used to the professionalism of it all has been the biggest adjustment.

“Running at a Division I school, they have great facilities, they have trainers who take care of you and the workouts are designed specifically for you,” Meyer said. “It’s a great environment to run and improve.”

His senior season at Fairview, Meyer finished second in the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the 5A state championships. In both races, Meyer came in just behind Fort Collins’ Raymond Bozmans, who owns Colorado’s prep record of 10.27 in the 100.

Meyer still holds the Fairview High School records of 10.53 in the 100 and 21.48 in the 200.

With the Cougars, Meyer runs as a member of the A 400-meter relay teams and is top-four on the team in the open 100 and 200. He has also recently begun competing in the 400, a new challenge that he has enjoyed.

“It requires some strategy, so it’s kind of fun,” Meyer said. “In the 100 and 200, you’re just running as fast as you can. If you do that in the 400, you’ll run a really bad time.”

While he has enjoyed his time with the Cougars, Meyer has also dealt with his share of frustrations.

While focusing primarily on his studies, Meyer has yet to reach his best times from his high school days. He is also currently battling an abdominal injury, for which he has an MRI scheduled next Tuesday to find out whether or not there is a tear.

Whatever his collegiate career holds once he’s healthy, Meyer has certainly left a lasting legacy at Fairview High. He also left a powerful impression on Knights head coach Tricia Vieth.

“His teammates had the highest level of respect for him because he not only was an amazing athlete to watch, but he helped others and was the first to congratulate a teammate on their success as well,” Vieth said. “(Meyer is) a very talented and genuine person indeed.”

Though he’s been gone a while, Meyer still raves about what Vieth has done with the Fairview track program and has kept a close eye on things. He says to keep a close eye on current Knights senior Zane Vanderberg in the 400.

Meyer said what he has enjoyed most is traveling to big collegiate meets and running next to teams like Oregon and USC.

“It’s really humbling to get to run with these great athletes all the time,” Meyer said.

Meyer took a more winding road than most through the infancy of his Division I athletic career. But he feels like he’s reached his final destination with the BYU track team.

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