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BROOMFIELD — In the words of the late Chris Farley: “That was awesome.”

I have covered and been around some of the best teams the state has had to offer over my 20+ years of covering high schools in Colorado.

But there was always something missing. I was just telling their story and moving on.

With Holy Family’s boys and girls basketball programs I felt invested, like I was on the journey with them. And for that I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for making my job easy. Thank you for making my job fun. Thank you for allowing me into the locker room. Thank you for letting me into the war room.

Thank you Ben Peterson.

Thank you Pete Villecco.

Thank you Ron Rossi.

Thank you to all the assistant coaches.

Thank you to all the players.

Thank you to all the parents.

Thank you to the cheerleaders and the guy working his rear off in the Tiger outfit.

Thank you student section.

From the top down … CLASSY!

Thirteen times this season — I counted — I had the privilege of watching some of the best kids embark on a journey that ended in the best way possible.

I will not soon forget Saturday night at Clune Arena and I hope none of you do either.

Well done Tigers, well done and thank you all very much!



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