State swimming: All local entrants for the 2014 girls state finals

A look at all the local entrants for the girls swimming state finals this weekend. The Class 4A finals will be held at the Edora Pool and Ice Center in Fort Collins and the 5A finals are at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton.

Preliminary heats for both finals begin Friday at 4 p.m. and diving preliminaries begin at 9 a.m. Saturday. The championship heats for both meets begin Saturday at 2 p.m.

Here are the coverage-area entrants, with rankings and seed times.


200 freestyle relay: Fairview (fourth, 1:49.51); Monarch (15th, 1:53.43); Boulder (26th, 1:56.40); Legacy (27th, 1:56.54).

200 freestyle: Brittney Beetcher, Fairview (second, 1:51.45); Adee Weller, Fairview (11th, 1:56.42); Amanda Richey, Boulder (12th, 1:56.49); Michaela Mullison, Fairview (18th, 1:57.81); Catherine Kuhn, Fairview (25th, 2:00.50); Tasha Reidenbach, Boulder (39th, 2:02.17); Hannah Varner, Boulder (46th, 2:02.83); Claudia Flores, Monarch (53rd, 2:03.65).

200 individual medley: Sandra Freeman, Fairview (seventh, 2:09.32); Mary Lombardi, Legacy (15th, 2:13.73); Lauren Adler, Fairview (22nd, 2:16.69); Quinn Adams, Fairview (30th, 2:17.80); Brie Yost, Monarch (36th, 2:18.91); Kyla Dickerson, Fairview (37th, 2:19.22); Cori Orr, Boulder (39th, 2:19.28); Hailey Landwehr, Legacy (45th, 2:19.71).

50 freestyle: Sidney Trimm, Monarch (fourth, 24.34); Jessie Li, Fairview (sixth, 24.38); Sienna Stonessmith, Fairview (22nd, 25.22); Elysia Hartojo, Legacy (37th, 25.54); Victoria Felton, Fairview (40th, 25.60); Olivia Rock, Boulder (41st, 25.63); Chandler Webster, Fairview (45th, 25.77); Marineth Huffaker, Boulder (56th, 25.93).

Diving: Julia Benz, Fairview; Savannah Magness, Monarch; Sydney Brookstein, Legacy.

100 butterfly: Julia Box, Fairview (second, 56.74); Michaela Mullison, Fairview (18th, 59.69); Sienna Stonesmith, Fairview (20th, 1:00.02); Catherine Kuhn, Fairview (23rd, 1:00.38); Olivia Rock, Boulder (35th, 1:02.46); Annie Silva, Legacy (44th, 1:02.94); Rain Wlad-Mengerring, Boulder (51st, 1:03.20); Claudia Flores, Monarch (53rd, 1:03.23); Miranda Sullivan, Boulder (54th, 1:03.38).

100 freestyle: Sidney Trimm, Monarch (second, 52.61); Josie Valette, Boulder (sixth, 53.35); Jessie Li, Fairview (seventh, 53.58); Logan Tidstrom, Fairview (20th, 55.35); Aiden Ausley, Fairview (31st, 55.96); Sarah Dalgleish, Fairview (47th, 56.59).

500 freestyle: Brittney Beetcher, Fairview (first, 4:54.98); Amanda Richey, Boulder (5:05.60); Adee Weller, Fairview (seventh, 5:09.37); Mary Lombardi, Legacy (10th, 5:12.29); Sidney Andrew, Fairview (18th, 5:19.81); Tasha Reidenbach, Boulder (31st, 5:26.28); Brie Yost, Monarch (32nd, 5:26.34); Sandra Freeman, Fairview (36th, 5:29.42); Hannah Varner, Boulder (39th, 5:31.56); Miranda Sullivan, Boulder (41st, 5:31.94).

200 freestyle relay: Fairview (third, 1:39.45); Monarch (13th, 1:42.66); Boulder (27th, 1:45.52); Legacy (29th, 1:45.98).

100 backstroke: Julia Box, Fairview (sixth, 58.64); Josie Valette, Boulder (ninth, 58.99); Elysia Hartojo, Legacy (19th, 1:00.63); Aza Verhoeven, Fairview (24th, 1:01.68); Kyla Dickerson, Fairview (27th, 1:02.06); Kianna Junior, Fairview (31st, 1:02.67); Taite Henderson, Monarch (36th, 1:03.00); Lindsay Coe, Boulder (39th, 1:03.32); Alec Haukeness, Boulder (43rd, 1:03.75).

100 breaststroke: Sidney Andrew, Fairview (seventh, 1:07.41); Caitlin Reck, Fairview (11th, 1:08.70); Quinn Adams, Fairview (20th, 1:10.22); Chloe Vincent, Fairview (21st, 1:10.29); Hannah Dorris, Boulder (27th, 1:10.95); Courtney Roeber, Monarch (32nd, 1:11.61); Cori Orr, Boulder (49th, 1:13.02).

400 freestyle relay: Fairview (third, 3:35.02); Boulder (17th, 3:45.35); Monarch (29th, 3:53.53); Legacy (30th, 3:53.89).


200 medley relay: Niwot (eighth, 1:55.71); Silver Creek (10th, 1:56.13); Broomfield (13th, 1:58.49); Skyline (31st, 2:03.25); Centaurus (33rd, 2:03.56).

200 freestyle: Kylie Rembert, Silver Creek (third, 1:56.79); Grae Roda, Broomfield (21st, 2:04.96); Kate Peterson, Broomfield (32nd, 2:07.12); Sonia Martinez, Niwot (33rd, 2:07.33); Skylar Riley, Centaurus (34th, 2:07.43; Merritt Shepherd, Centaurus (35th, 2:07.75).

200 individual medley: Mackenzie Dwyer, Skyline (seventh, 2:13.34); Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek (12th, 2:17.48).

50 freestyle: Hannah Driscoll, Niwot (second, 23.90); Kendall Wingfield, Broomfield (eighth, 25.19); Alex Hellenberg, Skyline (13th, 25.38); Kylie Pillard, Niwot (15th, 25.57); Sierra Juvonen, Silver Creek (18th, 25.73); Lauren Bade, Skyline (24th, 26.01); Erin Jenkins, Centaurus (26th, 26.02); Madelaine McClain, Broomfield (29th, 26.17); Chase Balman, Niwot (30th, 26.19); Elise Cranny, Niwot (31st, 26.19); Angela Walter, Silver Creek (34th, 26.28).

Diving: Madison Barkow, Niwot; Gabrielle Casey, Niwot; Alaina Hellenberg, Skyline; Megan Oldham, Skyline.

100 butterfly: Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield (third, 57.71); Sara Findley, Silver Creek (25th, 1:05.43); Kristen Huth, Centaurus (31st, 1:06.23).

100 freestyle: Kylie Pillard, Niwot (11th, 55.50); Sierra Juvonen, Silver Creek (17th, 56.53); Kendall Wingfield, Broomfield (19th, 56.79); Alex Hellenberg, Skyline (20th, 57.09); Erin Jenkins, Centaurus (23rd, 57.34); Sonia Martinez, Niwot (24th, 57.59); Skylar Riley, Centaurus (26th, 57.52); Angela Walter, Silver Creek (27th, 57.79).

500 freestyle: Mackenzie Dwyer, Skyline (fifth, 5:23.91); Kylie Rembert, Silver Creek (seventh, 5:25.82); Madelaine McClain, Broomfield (13th, 5:35.46); Caitlin Rose, Niwot (14th, 5:36.80).

200 freestyle relay: Niwot (third, 1:40.10); Broomfield (fifth, 1:42.01); Centaurus (10th, 1:44.38); Silver Creek (11th, 1:44.47); Skyline (12th, 1:45.06).

100 backstroke: Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield (second, 58.20); Jennifer Young, Broomfield (26th, 1:04.52); Caitlin Rose, Niwot (28th, 1:05.03); Merritt Shepherd, Centaurus (31st, 1:05.47); Sara Findley, Silver Creek (34th, 1:05.95); Kate Peterson, Broomfield (41st, 1:06.61); Anna Beeck, Niwot (42nd, 1:06.70); Elizabeth McNichols, Silver Creek (43rd, 1:06.80).

100 breaststroke: Hannah Driscoll, Niwot (second, 1:04.25); Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek (seventh, 1:08.69); Lauren FitzGibbons, Niwot (21st, 1:14.00); Madison Pelton, Silver Creek (22nd, 1:14.01); Olya Martin, Silver Creek (30th, 1:14.93); Corrie VanLaanen, Centaurus (34th, 1:15.32).

400 freestyle relay: Niwot (fifth, 3:41.83); Broomfield (eighth, 3:45.60); Silver Creek (12th, 3:51.42); Centaurus (14th, 3:52.15); Skyline (24th, 4:00.67).

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