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Nederland's Bailey Kuechenmeister makes a run in the giant slalom during the first day of the state skiing championships at Eldora Mountain Resort.
Nederland’s Bailey Kuechenmeister makes a run in the giant slalom during the first day of the state skiing championships at Eldora Mountain Resort.

NEDERLAND — Nederland alpine skier Raina Galbiati does not cruise down the hill to secure a safe position with a safe run. Especially in the giant slalom, she goes for the highest place she can get and does it at breakneck speed.

True to her “go big or go home” mentality, Galbiati ends up barreling down the hill on her back more often than she and her coaches would like. But if she crosses the finish line on skis, she’s all-state caliber.

On Day 1 of the state skiing championships on Thursday, Galbiati didn’t fall. She took fifth-place in the giant slalom with a two-run time of 1 minute, 40.90 seconds.

“I didn’t crash. That’s always been my problem, that I crash,” Galbiati said. “I’ve always skied with an all-or nothing attitude so I crash a lot. But this hill is good for that because it’s got a lot of flat and a lot of steeps so I tend to grab my tuck whenever I can. I think that helped me get a lot of speed. It’s a gamble sometimes but today it worked out.”

Galbiati, a senior at New Vista High School in Boulder, said her goal was to break into the top five and earn all-state honors. With the season-long points yet to be tabulated and the awards still unannounced, she said Thursday’s performance should do it.

The Panthers alpine contingent also landed Keile Kropf (1:41.36) in eighth-place and defending Skimeister award winner Bailey Kuechenmeister (1:42.30) in 12th. Those three skiers’ scoring effort earned the Nederland girls second place in the event and third overall through the two-day meet’s first two events.

“We’ve all be working really hard this year and we’ve bonded this season and I think that was visible in our score today,” Galbiati said. “We’re all up there supporting each other and the result was some good scoring. I think tomorrow, if we come out and kill it, we can play pretty high.”

Kuechenmeister led the Panthers girls with a fourth-place finish in the classic nordic race with at time of 19:38. Panthers skier MacKenzie Radandt took 17th and Sophia Lindenberger took 32nd to help the Panthers to a sixth-place finish in the event.

Changing weather conditions made for tough course in both the alpine and cross country races. But Panthers nordic coach David Femmer said the Nederland skiers adjusted well on their home turf at Eldora Mountain Resort.

“It was quite the game of who could outwit the rest and find what would work the best,” Femmer said.

On the girls side, Aspen and Summit found the best recipes and ended the first day tied for the overall team lead. On the boys side, Summit currently holds a 16-point lead on second-place Battle Mountain.

The Panthers boys finished the day in sixth place overall, 85.5 points behind the leader. The Nederland boys took sixth in the giant slalom and 10th in the classic nordic.

Senior Owen Foster turned in the top finish for the Nederland boys, taking ninth-place in the giant slalom with a two-run time of 1:41.60. Also in the giant slalom, Trig Campbell placed 18th and Quin Kuechenmeister took 26th.

In the boys class nordic race, James McNamara was the Panthers’ top finisher in 50th place.

“I feel like we’re not far off the leaders on both sides,” Femmer said. “It would be nice to be right in the mix but many of our skiers had good first days and we’re feeling good heading into day two.”

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State skiing championships

At Eldora Mountain Resort

Boys overall team scores — Summit 317, Battle Mountain 301, Evergreen 299.5, Steamboat 268, Eagle Valley 252.5, Nederland 231.5, Aspen 215, Clear Creek 201, Middle Park 192.5, Vail Mountain 164.5, Lake County 131.5, Colorado Rocky Mountain 129, Platte Canyon 98, Ridge View 77.


Boys giant slalom

Team scores — Battle Mountain 173, Aspen 160, Evergreen 156.5, Steamboat 142, Summit 142, Nederland 136.5, Vail Mountain 120, Clear Creek 119, Eagle Valley 104, Platte Canyon 98, Middle Park 73.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Sand Simonton, Battle Mountain, 1:36.06; 2. Luca Woehrle, Aspen, 1:38.15; 3. Mike Skladanowski, Clear Creek, 1:40.43; 4. Zeenan Kopf, Battle Mountain, 1:40.57; 5. Quintin Cook, Battle mountain, 2:40.57; 6. Deane Long, Evergreen, 1:41.12; 7. Max Marott, Aspen, 1:41.26; 8. Peter White, Steamboat, 1:41.58; 9. Owen Foster, Nederland, 1:41.60; 10. Spencer Albert, Evergreen, 1:41.60.

Other Nederland finishers — 18. Trig Campbell, 1:43.96; 26. Quin Kuechenmeister, 1:44.94; 33. Ian Hastings, 1:46.49; 35. Christian Wood, 1:47.40; 44. Jacob Scheiffler, 1:48.68; 45. Ross Ellwood, 1:48.70; Roland Bailey, DNF; Michael Carrannant, DNF; Sam Vonmettenheim, DNF.


Boys classic nordic

Team scores — Summit 175, Aspen 155, Eagle Valley 148.5, Evergreen 143, Lake County 131.5, Colorado Rocky Mountain 129, Battle Mountain 128, Steamboat 126, Middle Park 119.5, Nederland 95, Clear Creek 82, Ridge View 77, Vail Mountain 44.5.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Henry Trowbridge, Summit, 16:18; 2. Cameron Bobb, Summit, 16:58; 3. Luk Platil, 17:06; 4. Nick Sweeney, Aspen, 17:09; 5. Liam McDonnell, Summit, 17:15; 6. Nicolas Reitman, Colorado Rocky Mountain, 17:32; 7. Joel Sawyer, Summit, 17:41; 8. Christopher King, Evergreen, 17:50; 9. Will Thrasher, Eagle Valley, 17:57; 10. Cameron Moore, Battle Mountain, 18:04.

Other Nederland finishers — 50. James McNamara, 21:22; 51. Kiernan McClish, 21:32; 54. Bryce Nichols, 23:05.



Girls overall team scores — Aspen 325, Summit 325, Nederland 303, Battle Mountain 298.5, Evergreen 260, Steamboat 246, Lake County 205, Middle Park 181, Vail Mountain 151, Clear Creek 121, Colorado Rocky Mountain 120, Eagle Valley 110.5, Platte Canyon 75.


Girls giant slalom

Team scores —  Aspen 169, Nederland 159, Battle Mountain 154, Evergreen 148, Summit 148, Colorado Rocky Mountain 120, Steamboat 100, Middle Park 83, Lake County 79, Platte Canyon 75, Clear Creek 34.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Haley Frischholz, Battle Mountain, 1:38.47; 2. Anne Parker, Summit, 1:39.45; 3. Hanna Mass, Aspen, 1:39.60; 4. Anna Patterson, 1:40.75; 5. Raina Galbiati, Nederland, 1:40.90; 6. Brenna Hattler, Evergreen, 1:41.00; 7. Quincy Dollahan, 1:41.08; 8. Keile Kropf, Nederland, 1:41.36; 9. Abby Davidson, 1:41.71; 10. Pacale Augspurge, Aspen, 1:41.81.

Other Nederland finishers — 14. Bailey Kuechenmeister, 1:42.30; 17. Brita Luscher, 1:47.24; 28. Emma Gann, 1:48.87; 35. Hannah Isenhart, 1:54.04; 38. Jane Bright, 1:55.41; Sophie Defries, DNF; Taylor Folwell, DNF.


Girls classic nordic

Team scores — Summit 177, Aspen 156, Vail Mountain 151, Steamboat 146, Battle Mountain 144.5, Nederland 144, Lake County 126, Evergreen 112, Eagle Valley 110.5, Middle Park 98, Clear Creek 87.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Taeler McCrerey, Summit, 18:25; 2. Ruthie Boyd, Summit, 18:41; 3. Christa Gutzel, Summit, 19:27; 4. Bailey Kuechenmeister, Nederland, 19:38; 5. Val Constein, Battle Mountain, 20:00; 6. Maddie Donovan, Vail Mountain, 20:11; 7. Logan MacNamee, Aspen, 20:13; 8. Annie Blakslee, Vail Mountain, 20:18; 9. Hannah Dodge, Aspen, 20:37; 10. Natalie Bohlmann, Steamboat, 20:40.

Other Nederland finishers — 17. Mackenzie Radandt, 21:27; 32. Sophia Lindenberger, 23:05.

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