Lyons football coach Brandon Wilkes admitted he had a suspect in mind when considering who had tipped off the Denver Broncos about his squad’s improbable season this past fall. He wasn’t naming names, but Wilkes does want to pass on his gratitude.

On Thursday night, Wilkes and three of his players were set to be recognized on the turf at Sports Authority Stadium at Mile High during a first-quarter timeout in the Broncos’ divisional showdown against the San Diego Chargers.

The group is being honored as one of the organization’s “Broncos Country Heroes of the Game” after reaching the Class 1A state tournament despite having the entire team displaced by the devastating September floods.

“It’s my understanding someone from the community nominated us,” Wilkes said. “I think this is less about the season we had than what it meant for the community. It’s the community’s story. Week after week, these guys were able to provide a distraction, or something to look forward to, with everything that was going on. These guys were so strong when everyone in town was feeling weak.”

Lyons finished with a 6-3 record after getting eliminated by Limon in the first game of the 1A playoffs. Wilkes, whose team relocated to Skyline High School once play resumed after the flood, was joined at Sports Authority Field by Lyons seniors Trent Paulsen, Logan Watson, and Steven Schopen, who remains on crutches after suffering a gruesome midseason leg injury.

“Steve was at a game when he was 3, and Trent goes to games, but this is Logan’s first NFL game,” Wilkes said. “It’s great that they’re getting the royal treatment.”

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