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LONGMONT — It’s amazing what a community can do when they come together and rally around one another to make sure everything is going to be okay.

In the grand scheme of things, Longmont Christian High School is just a small part of what is going on in the flood-ravaged city. But when all is said and done the Warriors staff and students will have made a huge difference in the lives of so many displaced from their homes.

On Tuesday, athletic director and football coach Jerry Martin, along with students and faculty members, were on hand at the site of the old Longmont Christian High School on 550 Coffman Street, clearing things out so that the building (which the school still leases) can serve as a shelter for those without homes after the flooding of the past week.

“In (light) of the flooding this week, Boulder County — who bought the building and we leased it from them — they asked if they could use that use that space for shelter for evacuees,” said Martin, whose school has now moved up to 1440 Collyer.

Needless to say athletics have not really been at the forefront of Martin’s mind this week. But it will have to be soon. The Warriors adhere to the St. Vrain Valley School District’s rules and regulations, but as a parochial private school they have a little bit more flexibility when it comes to practices and getting its athletes together for workouts and, as Martin said, away from the “cabin fever” that is sure to set in.

Martin and his staff had rescheduled the Warriors’ Week 3 football game against Vail Christian for Tuesday, but after the district shut down schools until Thursday, the game was ultimately scrapped. Good thing too, because Longmont Christian was set to play three games in eight days — the make-up game, Saturday’s regularly schedule game against Rocky Mountain Lutheran, and then again on the following Tuesday against Resurrection Christian’s junior varsity.

“When Harry Waterman at CHSAA came out with that statement stating they would strongly prefer that no one play game after Monday … especially with the dangers of football and the recovery time needed,” Martin said. “That kind of helped me make my final decision and that made it easy to just put off this Vail game and potentially reschedule it later in the year.”

With the eight-week regular season and the ninth week devoted to division crossover play in 8-man football, the potential to play Vail in Week 10 is something that is not out of the question, especially if neither team qualifies for the postseason.

Volleyball is up in the air, too. The Warriors’ use the Roosevelt Memorial Building to practice and play games, and as of now that space is being used as a Red Cross Shelter.

Martin suspected there were upwards of a half a dozen people directly affected by the flood in the school, and three of those families lost their homes in Lyons.

Still, the spirit of the school and its strong Christian values have been actively involved in different ways to help the community and Martin wants his kids — and especially his athletes — to help wherever they can.

“I put out a thing in the school community and the New Creation Church — which is the founding church of the school — that I’ve got 15-20 high school kids playing football right now and 15 or 16 girls and if you just need labor or help moving stuff,” he said. “So we have tried to make ourselves available.

“It is a close-knit family and the coaches are encouraging kids to help outside of our school community too. Obviously we are going to try and take care of our in-house families first and get them on their feet.”

Martin has even sent Lyons athletic director Kathleen Leiding a note that when the time comes, that they are willing to come up and help as well.

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