Boys soccer: Broomfield goalie bouncing back from broken arm

Sophomore goalie Michael Genge expects to lead the Broomfield defense after suffering a broken arm during the first round of the 2012 state tournament.

BROOMFIELD — It was a moment in time Michael Genge would just as soon forget.

In his first playoff game in goal for Broomfield, the freshman came out to play a ball only to collide two Summit High players. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?


“I was kind of in shock,” Genge said, “But I knew right away that it was broken.”

The collision left Genge with a broken right arm and the Eagles without their regular keeper for the rest of the playoffs — a run that ended in the state semifinals to eventual state champion Battle Mountain.

It was a four-month recovery that wasn’t always easy — throw a concussion in the mix too — but all is well just in time to start the 2013 season in goal for the state’s preseason No. 3 Eagles.

“He is very athletic and he a great shot-stopping goalkeeper,” longtime Broomfield soccer coach Jim Davidson said. “He has really good instincts and he is really heady. He is a very bright young player that makes good decisions.”

The remnants or battle scars are still visible, but the injuries are in the past and both Davidson and Genge are eager to get going with the season, which begins on Saturday, Aug. 31 against former Eagles standout Justin Stephens and his Fort Collins Lambkins.

Most athletes on any level will tell you that if you think about the injury or if you play tentatively, that is when you get hurt. For Genge, the mental preparation and blocking out the negatives is a must and something that almost comes natural.

“I was really just excited to be able to play again,” said Genge, who only allowed 10 goals in during the always-brutal Broomfield schedule and had six shutouts. “I was just out for so long, I was really happy to be able to be back out there.”

For Davidson, the injury was in a way a blessing in disguise. He was able to learn how his backup keeper Logan Muir would perform in the most trying of situations in the playoffs, and understands he has capable players on his bench if and when he needs to go there.

“To Logan’s credit, he came on in what was a really difficult situation, after seeing limited time at best, and did a nice job for us,” Davidson said. “We sort of rallied around it, but Michael without a doubt kept us in a couple of matches last year and was certainly ‘Man of the Match’ in several games.”

High praise indeed from Davidson for a player entering just his sophomore season. And the coach is giddy with the expectations of what Genge could bring to the table for the next few seasons as well.

“When it is all said and done, we think he might be the real deal,” Davidson said.

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