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Talk about a long road trip, and an even longer competition, that was worth every single moment.

The Boulder Swim Club turned in an impressive performance last weekend in Grand Junction, winning the 2013 Colorado Swimming long course state championship for the first time in the program’s history.

“To see that we were the best team in the state by that many points, it’s very meaningful,” coach Jim Richey said. “In a set-up like this, it really is reflective of team strength. Bringing this title back to Boulder is big.”

In a meet featuring age groups ranging from 8-and-under to 15-and-over (for both boys and girls), the Boulder Swim Club won 31 of a possible 114 events, ultimately outpacing the runner-up Foothills swim team 2,259-1,583.

There were a number of local standouts for Boulder. Fairview’s Julia Box took first in the 15-and-over 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly, and 400 freestyle while also helping Boulder to win the 400 freestyle relay. Broomfield’s Kate Peterson placed first in five different individual events in the 13-14 division while helping Boulder to dominate the relay events.

The win was particularly satisfying for Boulder’s three coaches — Jim Richey, Nancy Richey, and Kathy Shoemaker — who have coached together with Boulder Swimming for 10 years.

“We’re pretty team-oriented and we value the skill set the kids get from this sort of dedication,” Jim Richey said. “This was against the best coaches and the best teams, so it’s really meaningful.”

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