Boys swimming: Silver Creek’s Tyler Lis notches pair of victories at Boulder County Invite

David R. Jennings
Silver Creek’s Tyler Lis swims his way to victory in the 200-yard individual medley at the Boulder County Invite on Saturday.

BOULDER — Coming into the 2013 Boulder County Invitational, Tyler Lis had all the motivation he needed to make a splash.

The Silver Creek sophomore was fired up after getting a gander at the psych sheets and discovering he was seeded second in both the 200-yard individual medley and 100 backstroke. But the perceived slight turned out to have a silver lining for the swimmer.

Lis hit the water at the South Boulder Recreation Center like a man possessed in his events, winning each heat of his races — including the ones that counted most.

“I said I had to step it up, I had to go after it,” he said. “I was hoping I could get first in each and do well.”

Lis — co-High Points Swimmer of the meet — began his campaign with a strong finish in the individual medley, winning the event with a 1:59.73. But it was his razor-thin victory in the 100 backstroke that had the sophomore bursting with pride.

He led the race after the first lap, but was pressed the entire time by a talented field. No two competitors forced Lis to find an extra gear more than Christian Feiler and Chris Nicholson. The Boulder swimmers bracketed the Raptor in the pool and were hot on his heels the entire swim.

“It was a fun race,” said Lis, who clocked in with a 53.13 in the event. “I had friends on both sides of me, who made it a close race.”

Lis and the rest of the Silver Creek team were tired entering the championship with the thick of the season taking its toll. But the Raptors endured for a convincing finish. The team earned third overall, was the top-scoring 4A squad and had 10 championship-heat finishes.

The measure that struck home for coach Debbie Stewart was edging out Northern League rival Broomfield in the teams’ first meeting of the season.

“They will be one of our toughest competitors at conference,” Stewart said. “We got to see a little bit of what they got and they got to see a little bit of what we’ve got. But we have to meet them two more times.”

The Raptors placed in two relays and had four individuals collect top places Saturday. In addition to Tyler Lis, Chase Lis (100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke), Cody Hoyes (200 freestyle, 100 freestyle) and Sam Willett (500 freestyle, 100 breaststroke) also came up with a tandem of championship heat places.

Stewart was impressed with the top-to-bottom showings from the Raptors and raved about Willett’s performances. The coach could not say enough about the freshman placing third in the 500 freestyle and fourth in the 100 breaststroke.

“He had an awesome meet today,” she said. “In years past, they had high point freshman. He would have gotten that today.”

The Raptors have a ways to go before the season comes to a conclusion, but after Saturday the team is hopeful about its direction.

“Everybody came out and rocked it today,” said Hoyes, who placed third in both of his events. “We’ve got six to eight guys who are making our chances at state look pretty solid.”

Longmont had one competitor finish in a top spot with Nick Vaughan finishing second in diving. The Trojan recorded a 398.65 in the 11-dive competition, but could not keep up with defending state champion Cody Engstrom. The Broomfield diver won the event with 512.75 points.

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Boulder County Invitational

At South Boulder Recreation Center

Team scores — Fairview 461, Boulder 312, Silver Creek 215, Broomfield 191, Monarch 77, Longmont 77.

200 medley relay — 1. Boulder (Christian Feiler, Geoffrey Longhurst, P.J. Stapleton, Mitchell Rider), 1:38.97*; 2. Silver Creek, 1:40.99*; 3, Fairview, 1:43.97*; 4. Fairview, 1:44.63*; 5. Broomfield, 1:47. 47*; 6. Boulder, 1:49.52.

200 freestyle — 1. Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 1:41.85*; 2. Max Phillips, Fairview, 1:44.47*; 3. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 1:46.12*; 4. Alex Walton, Fairview, 1:48.16*; 5. Stephen Grazier, Boulder, 1:49.31*; 6. P.J. Stapleton, Boulder, 1:51.98*.

200 individual medley — 1. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 1:59.73*; 2. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 2:01.78*; 3. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 2:05.93*; 4. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 2:07.25*; 5. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 2:05.40*; 6. Mitchell Rider, Boulder, 2:09.58.

50 freestyle — 1. Miles MacKenzie, Fairview, 22.07*; 2. Christian Feiler, Boulder, 22.14*; 3. Geoffrey Longhurst, Boulder, 22.52*; 4. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 22.64*; 5. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 23.43; 6. Joshua York, Monarch, 23.69.

Diving — 1. Cody Engstrom, Broomfield, 512.75; 2. Nick Vaughan, Longmont, 398.65*; 3. Alex Kennedy, Boulder, 347.25; 4. Logan Fauber, Silver Creek, 285.25; 5. Luke Leute, Longmont, 241.95; 6. Trenton Blow, Longmont, 210.55.

100 butterfly — 1. Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 51.62*; 2. Fox Anderson, Fairview, 54.81*; 3. P.J. Stapleton, Boulder, 55.07*; 4. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 55.82*; 5. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 57.27*; 6. Stuart Edgerly, Fairview, 57.38*.

100 freestyle — 1. Max Phillips, Fairview, 48.06*; 2. Miles MacKenzie, Fairview, 48.19*; 3. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 48.27*; 4. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 50.11*; 5. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 51.28; 6. Joshua Mak, Fairview, 53.03.

500 freestyle — 1. Alex Walton, Fairview, 4:50.16*; 2. Stephen Grazier, Boulder, 4:55.95*; 3. Sam Willett, Silver Creek, 4:57.13*; 4. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 5:00.59*; 5. Colin Spear, Boulder, 5:02.99*; 6. Blake Logan, Broomfield, 5:03.09*.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview (Alex Walton, Connor Corrigan, Max Phillips, Miles MacKenzie), 1:29.06*; 2. Broomfield, 1:34.50*; 3. Fairview, 1:34.50*; 4. Boulder, 1:35.32*; 5. Monarch, 1:38.62; 6. Fairview, 1:39.48.

100 backstroke — 1. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 53.13*; 2. Christian Feiler, Boulder, 54.12*; 3. Chris Nicholson, Boulder, 57.14; 4. Blake Logan, Broomfield, 57.21*; 5. Stuart Edgerly, Fairview, 57.28*; 6. Mitchell Rider, Boulder, 58.63.

100 breaststroke — 1. Geoffrey Longhurst, Boulder, 1:00.46*; 2. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 1:01.89*; 3. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 1:02.30*; 4. Sam Willett, Silver Creek, 1:02.80*; 5. Evan Koeber, Fairview, 1:03.18; 6. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 1:05.99*.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview (Alex Walton, Connor Corrigan, Miles MacKenzie, Max Phillips), 3:15.65*; 2. Boulder, 3:22.06*; 3. Silver Creek, 3:25.82*; 4. Broomfield, 3:26.88*; 5. Fairview, 3:28.26*; 6. Fairview, 3:29.58*.

* — denotes state-qualifying time; championship heats listed.