Boys swimming: Fairview cruises to Boulder County Invite title

David R. Jennings
Fairview’s Max Phillips swims to victory in the 100-yard freestyle on Saturday at the Boulder County Invite.

BOULDER — Max Phillips knew that being seeded No. 1 didn’t guarantee a first-place finish.

Well, individually anyway. His Fairview team had no troubles Saturday capturing another win in the Boulder County Invitational at the South Boulder Recreation Center.

Phillips, though, was seeded first in his two solo events after the preliminaries. He was able to escape with one win, that being in the 100-yard freestyle. The senior, who committed this week to New York University, couldn’t be too upset about finishing second in the 200 freestyle.

It took a meet-record performance by Broomfield’s Martin Wallace to beat him.

“Being top seed definitely puts some pressure on you, because you have a lot to live up to,” Phillips said. “That’s on the mental side, but it’s something you have to get over.”

Phillips also was part of two winning relays, teaming with Jack Walton, Connor Corrigan and Miles MacKenzie to help the Knights to victories in the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay events.

The Knights won five of the 12 events overall, and their score of 461 was comfortably ahead of second-place Boulder (312) in the six-team event. While Broomfield’s Wallace and Silver Creek’s Tyler Lis stole the individual show with two wins apiece, no one could match the Knights’ depth.

And Phillips wasn’t fretting finishing behind Wallace in the 200 free, when Wallace posted a time 1:41.85 to trump Phillips (1:44.47) and the BoCo meet record of 1:42.66, set by former Longmont and SMU athlete J.D. White in 2002.

“I really wasn’t surprised,” Phillips said. “We’re on the same year-round team (North Jeffco Hurricanes) and I know what he’s capable of.”

Fairview coach Amy Webb had been a part of several such celebrations in the past as a five-year assistant for the Knights’ boys and girls teams, but never as a head coach. Knights swimmers pushed Webb and her assistants into the pool after the meet as part of the revelry.

“They came together as a team and just swam amazing,” Webb said. “We had some really good swims (in Friday’s preliminaries) but today was just a whole different story.”

MacKenzie won the 50 freestyle in 22.57 seconds and Walton won the grueling 500 freestyle in 4:50.16, helping pace a Knights squad that accrued several state-qualifying times.

Webb was thoroughly impressed by her squad’s performance in the 400 free relay, where Corrigan came straight from the breaststroke and recovered in time to help the Knights to a 3:15.65 finish. The threshold for a state-qualifying time in the event is 3:36.

“It was an incredible time,” Webb said. “I think today really showed that our team can do well at state. If they can come together as a team now, I think it means we’ll be ready for the state meet.”

Boulder also had a strong meet, with multidimensional senior Geoffrey Longhurst shining in several events.

He teamed with Christian Feiler, P.J. Stapleton and Mitchell Rider to give the Panthers a win in the meet’s opening event, the 200 medley relay (1:38.97). Then Longhurst placed first in the breaststroke.

“That one was fun, because five out of the six people in the race are on my club team,” Longhurst said, referring to Rally Sports. “It was kind of like a team race.”

It was also fun for Longhurst because the breaststroke, which he completed in 1:00.46, is one of his off-events. Longhurst will specialize in the 500 freestyle when he swims at South Dakota State next season.

“We don’t really have a breaststroker, so I was just having fun,” he said.

Longhurst also finished third in the 50 freestyle and was part of the Panthers’ fourth-place 200 free relay team. Feiler also racked up an abundance of points for the Panthers, finishing second in both the 50 free — a mere .07 behind MacKenzie — and the backstroke.

Monarch finished in a fifth-place tie with Longmont with 77 points. Junior Cort Sharp had a solid meet for the Coyotes, placing fourth in both the 50 and 100 freestyle.

The Coyotes’ top relay performance was fifth place in the 200 freestyle, in which Sharp anchored a team featuring Joshua York, Adam Kealiher and Jack Lacy.

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Boulder County Invitational

At South Boulder Recreation Center

Team scores — Fairview 461, Boulder 312, Silver Creek 215, Broomfield 191, Monarch 77, Longmont 77.

200 medley relay — 1. Boulder (Christian Feiler, Geoffrey Longhurst, P.J. Stapleton, Mitchell Rider), 1:38.97*; 2. Silver Creek, 1:40.99*; 3, Fairview, 1:43.97*; 4. Fairview, 1:44.63*; 5. Broomfield, 1:47. 47*; 6. Boulder, 1:49.52.

200 freestyle — 1. Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 1:41.85*; 2. Max Phillips, Fairview, 1:44.47*; 3. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 1:46.12*; 4. Alex Walton, Fairview, 1:48.16*; 5. Stephen Grazier, Boulder, 1:49.31*; 6. P.J. Stapleton, Boulder, 1:51.98*.

200 individual medley — 1. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 1:59.73*; 2. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 2:01.78*; 3. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 2:05.93*; 4. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 2:07.25*; 5. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 2:05.40*; 6. Mitchell Rider, Boulder, 2:09.58.

50 freestyle — 1. Miles MacKenzie, Fairview, 22.07*; 2. Christian Feiler, Boulder, 22.14*; 3. Geoffrey Longhurst, Boulder, 22.52*; 4. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 22.64*; 5. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 23.43; 6. Joshua York, Monarch, 23.69.

Diving — 1. Cody Engstrom, Broomfield, 512.75; 2. Nick Vaughan, Longmont, 398.65*; 3. Alex Kennedy, Boulder, 347.25; 4. Logan Fauber, Silver Creek, 285.25; 5. Luke Leute, Longmont, 241.95; 6. Trenton Blow, Longmont, 210.55.

100 butterfly — 1. Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 51.62*; 2. Fox Anderson, Fairview, 54.81*; 3. P.J. Stapleton, Boulder, 55.07*; 4. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 55.82*; 5. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 57.27*; 6. Stuart Edgerly, Fairview, 57.38*.

100 freestyle — 1. Max Phillips, Fairview, 48.06*; 2. Miles MacKenzie, Fairview, 48.19*; 3. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 48.27*; 4. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 50.11*; 5. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 51.28; 6. Joshua Mak, Fairview, 53.03.

500 freestyle — 1. Alex Walton, Fairview, 4:50.16*; 2. Stephen Grazier, Boulder, 4:55.95*; 3. Sam Willett, Silver Creek, 4:57.13*; 4. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 5:00.59*; 5. Colin Spear, Boulder, 5:02.99*; 6. Blake Logan, Broomfield, 5:03.09*.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview (Alex Walton, Connor Corrigan, Max Phillips, Miles MacKenzie), 1:29.06*; 2. Broomfield, 1:34.50*; 3. Fairview, 1:34.50*; 4. Boulder, 1:35.32*; 5. Monarch, 1:38.62; 6. Fairview, 1:39.48.

100 backstroke — 1. Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 53.13*; 2. Christian Feiler, Boulder, 54.12*; 3. Chris Nicholson, Boulder, 57.14; 4. Blake Logan, Broomfield, 57.21*; 5. Stuart Edgerly, Fairview, 57.28*; 6. Mitchell Rider, Boulder, 58.63.

100 breaststroke — 1. Geoffrey Longhurst, Boulder, 1:00.46*; 2. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 1:01.89*; 3. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 1:02.30*; 4. Sam Willett, Silver Creek, 1:02.80*; 5. Evan Koeber, Fairview, 1:03.18; 6. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 1:05.99*.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview (Alex Walton, Connor Corrigan, Miles MacKenzie, Max Phillips), 3:15.65*; 2. Boulder, 3:22.06*; 3. Silver Creek, 3:25.82*; 4. Broomfield, 3:26.88*; 5. Fairview, 3:28.26*; 6. Fairview, 3:29.58*.

* — denotes state-qualifying time; championship heats listed.