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  • Centaurus High School's Shanlie Anderson (5) has the talent and...


    Centaurus High School's Shanlie Anderson (5) has the talent and finishing power to make this a big year for the Warriors.

  • Mead's Morgan Lu (22) is expected to make the Mavericks...

    Greg Lindstrom

    Mead's Morgan Lu (22) is expected to make the Mavericks transition to 4A a smooth one.

  • Silver Creek High School's Kailee Cox (5) will frustrate opposing...

    Matthew Jonas

    Silver Creek High School's Kailee Cox (5) will frustrate opposing offenses.




Belle Morel, Peak to Peak: Forward’s prolific scoring led the Pumas to the top of 3A a year ago and she looks to do it again.

Kelsey Killean, Legacy: Georgia recruit is fast and aggressive, and should have Lighting’s offense striking.

Shanlie Anderson, Centaurus: Foward has the talent and finishing power to make this a big year for the Warriors.

Britney Stark, Broomfield: Back from a string of knee injuries, the CU recruit aims to prove she is as fast and creative as ever.

Galen Roda, Peak to Peak: Senior anchors talented backfield that will have the Pumas’ opposition feeling like they’ve run into a wall.

Maria Fayeulle, Niwot: The talented Cougars’ forward knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net.

Hannah Truesdale, Skyline: The Falcons midfielder is expected to be a leader for her team, through actions and words.

Morgan Lu, Mead: Junior’s offense is expected to make Mavericks’ transition to 4A a smooth one.

Kailee Cox, Silver Creek: Backfield player will frustrate opposing offenses.

Shanelle Cox, Frederick: Warriors talented defender has the moves to take offenses off the attack.



May 7 — 4A first round

May 8 — 5A first round

May 10 — 3A first round, 4A second round

May 11 — 3A/5A second round

May 14 — 4A quarterfinals

May 15 — 3A/5A quarterfinals

May 18 — 3A/4A/5A semifinals

May 21 — 3A state championship

May 22 — 4A/5A state championship



Coach: David Martinez, first year.

Last Year: 2-10-2, 2-4-1 in Mile High.

Returning Starters: Maddie Defrees (MF, Sr.), Emily Oliver (D, Sr.); Kelly Duln (D, Sr.); Emily Barrett (D, Jr.).

Others to watch: Isabelle Roshko (MF/F, Fr.), Emma Clark (D/MF, Jr.).

Outlook: First-year coach David Martinez aims to build consistency with his small Mustangs squad, but has a solid core to build around. The team aims to be balanced by the end of the year, but with most of its experience in the backfield the team will rely on its defense early.



Coach: Ryan Henkel, first year.

Last Year: 6-6-5, 5-4-2 in Front Range.

Returning Starters: Abby Burridge (D, Sr.), Kate Glynn (D, Sr.), Dani Davis (D, Jr.), Erin Stenhouse (MF, Sr.), Katie Simpson-Johnson (GK, Sr.), Keile Kropf (MF, Jr.), Sarah Pykkonen (F, Sr.), Zoe Dulchinos (D, Jr.).

Others to watch: Nola Gehring (F, Jr.), Chantal DeRoos (MF, Jr.), Mariah Alexander-Weaver (D, So).

Outlook: The Panthers have a one game at a time attitude, pushing toward the ultimate goal of making a state playoff run. The key for the team will be to find a scoring punch built into a squad that did not score many goals last season. But Boulder has plenty to work with to achieve these aims.



Coach: Jim Daivdson, 15th season.

Last Year: 14-4-0, 7-0 Northern League.

Returning Starters: Courtney Miknis (F, Sr.), Stephanie Martella (D, Sr.), Lauren Snyder (MF, Sr.), Kerri Marquardt (MF, Jr.), Katie Forsee (MF, Jr.), Kayla Snyder (MF, Jr.), Brittney Stark (F, Jr.), Paige Lindbloom (GK, Jr.), Hailey Mazzola (D, So.).

Others to watch: Brooke Quinn (MF, So.), Michaela Stark (F, Fr.), Makena Bambei (MF, Fr.).

Outlook: In spite of being very competitive the last three seasons, the Eagles have lacked some pace, technical ability, and athleticism to compete at the championship level. That may change this season with possibly the most technical group of attacking players the program has ever seen.



Coach: Mario Bezzina, fourth season.

Last Year: 10-5-2, 5-1-1 Northern League.

Returning Starters: Midori Patterson (MF, Sr.), Shanlie Anderson (F, Sr.), Caitlyn Hughes (D, Sr.), Hayley Vero (D, Sr.), Rosa Solgado (D, Sr.), Danelle Dondelinger (MF, Jr.), Kathy Tran (GK, Jr.), Kelsey Wood (D, Jr.).

Outlook: Centaurus aims to take the next step this season after its solid run into the 4A postseason a year ago. The Warriors should have plenty of team chemistry, giving its slew of returners who have a long history together.



Coach: Dan Niedringhaus, first year.

Last Year: 12-6-2, 7-3-1 in Front Range.

Returning Starters: Lillian Bitner (MF, Sr.), Kenzie Whitcomb (MF, Sr.), Michelle Vonick (D, Sr.), Issi Stahl (F, Jr.), Reci Smith (F, So.), Gaelyn Crowder (D, So.), Pyrenee Steiner (D, Jr.), Savannah Beetcher (F, Jr.).

Others to watch: Sophie Fear (D, So.), Nancy Ingram (MF, Jr.), Kristin Breakell (MF, Sr.).

Outlook: Even with the loss of five top-flight players from a year ago, the senior-heavy Knights believe they can wreak havoc on 5A. The team has its sights set on a return to the championship game and will rely on its experience to carry the squad back toward the top.



Coach: Chad Eisentrager, third seson.

Last Year: 9-4-3, 7-2-3 in Tri-Valley.

Returning Starters: Shanelle Cox (D, Sr.), Katelynn Campbell (D, Sr.), Sam Teller (MF, So.), Makenzie Urban (F, Sr.), Melanie Lathrop (F, Jr).

Others to watch: Ryann Giggy (MF, Fr.), TJ Washington (MF, Sr.), Brittney Washington (D, Jr.).

Outlook: The Warriors have some holes to patch, one of the biggest in the goal with All-State keeper Alex Godinez now graduated. The team will get some help stopping goals with a talented backfield. And it has enough talent to make third straight run into the state tournament.



Coach: George Connolly, fourth season.

Last season: 14-3, 7-1 in Metro League.

Returning starters: Olivia Quinn (GK, Jr.), Monica Stokes (D, Jr.), Micaela Blanchard (D, Sr.), Domi Giron (MF, So.), Dani Marcello (MF, Sr.), Taylor Johnson (F/D, So.), Maddie Kuzik (F, Sr.), Kendall Russell (F, Jr.).

Others to Watch: Megan McGillen (So.), Maggie Spitzer (So.).

Outlook: The Tigers’ aim is to improve their scoring output and continue their traditionally strong play on defense. As always, Holy Family has its eyes at the top shooting for its fourth consecutive Metro League title and a spot in the 3A championship game. Anything less than that will be a disappointment.



Coach: David Castro, fourth season.

Last season: 12-5-1, 6-4-1 in Front Range League.

Returning starters: Jasmine Beaulieu (D, Jr.), Mady Huber (MF, Jr.), Kelsey Killean (F, Jr.), Lauren Cook (F, Sr.), Sara Goodman (D, Sr.), Michaela Vadeboncoer (F, Sr.).

Others to watch: Jacey Coniff (D, Jr.), Ariana Jimenez (F, Jr.), Brooke Williams (MF, Jr.), Jenna Humphrey (MF, Sr.), Brooklynn Mooney (MF, Frosh.), Madison Stone (D, Jr.), Daryl Mitzel (D, Jr.), Samantha Privett (GK, Jr.).

Outlook: After pushing through to the quarterfinals a year ago, the Lightning are hungry for another deep run into the postseason. The team, as always, will be among the toughest to tuck a goal in against. But it might also be a season where Legacy racks up the goals with a strong attack on the field.



Coach: Allison Marshall, fourth season.

Last Year: 6-7-2, 3-4-1 in Northern.

Returning Starters: Grace Hamm (GK, So.), Molly Schwartz (D, Sr.), Tessa Christopher (D, Sr.), Elena Michalski (D, Jr.), Maddy Schwartz (MF/F, Jr.), Lexie Marr (MF, Sr.), Courtney McDonald (MF, So.), Reina Morrison (D, Sr.), Liz Cameron (F, Jr.).

Others to watch: Ella Fallon (F, Sr.), Kylie Woodrum (MF, So.), Megan Tulenko (MF/F, Jr.), Laura McConahey (F, So.), Katie Waugaman (MF, Jr.), Destiny Lalaguna (D, So.), Kayleigh Monacelli (D, Sr.), Aubree Adams (D, Jr.), Cassidy Ponzar (MF, Jr.), Maria Romo (F/GK, Jr.) .

Outlook: The Trojans are packed with seasoned players this season, who have impressed their coach with their work ethic and drive. This mix of motivation and experience has Longmont aiming to thrive in its competitive league and make the state tournament.



Coach: Megan Zwart, third season.

Last Year: 3-12, 1-7.

Returning Starters: Ashley Jauregui (D, Jr.), Ashley Volf (D, Jr.), Alyssa Rusco (MF, Sr.), Erica Schmisseur (D/MF, Jr.), Alaura Hoag (F, Jr.).

Others to watch: Mary Dean (D, Jr.).

Outlook: The Warriors aim to stay positive as they try to improve on last year’s campaign. Longmont Christian will attempt to produce more offense this season. The big challenges for the Warriors remains consistency and improving in each outing.



Coach: Mike Schultz, third season.

Last Year: 13-2, 8-0 in Tri-Valley.

Returning Starters: Kasey McKrola (MF, Sr.), Savannah Schmitt (MF, Sr.), Alexis Nelson (D, Sr.), Michelle Goff (F, Sr.), Shayna Maypole (GK/MF, Jr.), Acacia Stephen (D, Jr.), Emily Adler (MF, Jr.), Morgan Lu (F/MF, Jr.), Avery Sears (MF/D, So.), Alex Juarex (MF, So.).

Others to watch: Madison Sheffield (MF, Sr.), Mary Kate Haller (MF, Sr.), Samantha Kalivas (MF/D, Sr.), Danielle Higgins (MF, Jr.), Maddie Kessler (F/D, Fr.), Sarah Imhof (D, Fr.), Talia Busnardo (MF/D, Fr.), Taylor Heil (MF/D, Fr.), Camilla Lee (MF/F, Fr.).

Outlook: The Mavericks are hoping to adjust quickly to their first foray in 4A. With the bulk of last year’s starters returning and the addition of young talent, the team is working hard to reach the postseason.



Coach: Eric Schmidt, first season.

Last Year: 7-8, 5-6 in Front Range.

Returning Starters: Roni Burgener (Sr.), Jimena Mohedas (Sr.), Meghan Tenge (Sr.), Nicole Barbour (Jr.), Megan Lacy (Jr.), Kayla Senhert (Jr.).

Others to watch: Kathleen Negri (Jr.), Brittany Bruder (So.), Kaylee Mickens (So.), Madison Rasmussen (So.), Bailey Wristen (So.), Kate Yeash (So.), Randi Deiter (Fr.), Melissa Myer (Fr.), Emiko Patterson (So.).

Outlook: Monarch’s main goal for the season is to survive the testing Front Range League for a state tournament berth. The Coyotes will have to overcome youth to reach their aims with only three seniors on the roster. But the team’s chemistry has already impressed its first-year coach.



Coach: Troy Tewalt, 11th season.

Last Year: 1-6, 1-3 in Mile High.

Returning Starters: Kalina Culver (GK, So.), Lilly McCoy (D, Sr.), Gilly Nasty (D, So.), Indea Rodgers (MF, Sr.), Rosie Pinout (MF, Jr.), Anika Ramey (F, Jr.), Kaylin Haas (F, Sr.), Skylin Pancoast (F, Sr.).

Others to watch: Maggie Rockett (So.), Hailey Doane (So.), Allie Cuervorst.

Outlook: Nederland has a tremendous blend of youth and experience coming into the season, which has expectations sky high. The Panthers aim to make to produce the best results in the program’s history with their talent and experience.



Coach: Jeremy Drake, fourth season.

Last Year: 9-6-2, 4-3 in Northern.

Returning Starters: Cindy Yie (F, Sr.), Lauren Fitzgibbons (MF/F, Jr.), Shannon Fischer (D/MF, So.), Madison Studebaker (F, So.), Kylie Fischer (MF/F, Sr.), Maria Fayeulle (F, Jr.), Taylor Keffeler (D, Sr.).

Outlook: Niwot has a strong returning core, including its top scorers from a year ago. The team should be one of the major players in the Northern League.



Coach: Peter Chandler, 10th season.

Last Year: 17-3, 6-2 in Metro.

Returning Starters: Brynna Bostic (D, Sr.), Ivy Devries (D, Sr.), Galen Roda (D, Sr.), Belle Morel (F, Sr.), Michaela Vanderheiden (MF, Sr.), Brianna Wetmore (MF, So.), Sarah Martinez (GK, So.).

Others to watch: Madison Corona (MF, Jr.), Micha Freisen (D, So.), Grae Roda (MF/D, So.), Sarah Shepard (GK, So.), Steph Colgate (D, Sr.), Jordan Harjes (MF, Jr.).

Outlook: After capturing their first 3A state title, the Pumas are hungry for more. And with a talented senior class, led by one of the state’s most prolific scorers, Peak to Peak has more than enough firepower to make another run. The big challenge, as always, is the testing Metro League.



Coach: Pat Monacelli, third season.

Last Year: 5-3-7, 2-2-3 in Northern.

Returning Starters: Kailee Cox (D, Sr.), Sierra Clem (F/MF, So.), Ashley Martin (D/MF, So.), Lauren Martin (D/MF, So.), Jenna Schemmel (F, So.).

Others to watch: Vika Hassel (F/MF, Jr.), Jamie Kirkland (GK, Jr.), Jackie Reh (D, Jr.), Maggie Chuang (D, So.), Mikayla Litt (MF, So.), Miranda Salo (MF/GK, So.), Kaari Von Bernuth (D/MF, So.), Emily Atwood (MF, Fr.), Maddie Bertrand (D, Fr.), Lexi Dageenakis (D, Fr.), Sage Feiner (MF/F, Fr.), Katy Foster (MF/F, Fr.), Bayly Hermann (MF/D, Fr.).

Outlook: The Raptors graduated nine seniors in 2012 and with only one senior and three juniors on the roster this year the team will be one of the youngest in the Northern League. Despite the youth, Silver Creek’s coach is confident his team has the talent to improve in a number of area, including a reinvigorated attack.



Coach: Luis Chavez, first year.

Last Year: 8-7-1, 8-3-1 in Tri-Valley.

Returning Starters: Hannah Truesdale (MF, Sr.), Rebecca Kissinger (GK, Jr.), Jordan Barns (F, Jr.), Melissa Pond (MF, Jr.), Haley Balentine (MF, Jr.), Marissa Rogers (MF, Jr.), Jessica Parkinson (MF, Jr.), Emma Dunder (D, Jr.), Rachel Kissinger (D, Fr.), Jennifer Lopez (MF/F, So.).

Others to watch: Kortney Honstein (D, Fr.), Kaitlyn Sullivan (D/MF, Fr.), Alexandra Hellenberg (MF/F, Sr.), Julia Truesdale (D/MF, Fr.).

Outlook: Skyline has a new coach, but the team’s expectations remain the same — a spot in the 4A state tournament. The Falcons have the returning core to get the job done, but will have to adjust to a new style of play under the new coaching system.

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