State skiing: Nederland’s Dayna Larsen goes out on top with slalom title

Brad Cochi/
Dayna Larsen, left, chats with her mom Diane after Dayna’s second slalom run at the state skiing championships on Friday at Winter Park. Larsen won the slalom title one day after winning giant slalom.


WINTER PARK — Nederland senior Dayna Larsen was distraught at the alpine finish line after she was unofficially announced as having taken second place at her final state ski meet.

Most of her emotion came from the fact that it was her last race with the Panthers. But the portion of her distress stemming from not going out on top was relieved around 45 minutes later when the tournament director posted the disqualification list.

Evergreen’s Clara Hawthorne had a faster time than Larsen’s by 7 one-hudredths of a second. But Hawthorne straddled the final gate and was disqualified. Larsen had indeed won her second state title of the week and fourth of her career.

“It was really back and forth,” Larsen said of having to wait to hear the verdict. “My first run was definitely a lot better than my second run. My second, I skied a little conservative. But I just wanted to come down and finish my last race. I didn’t want to go out crashing. Just skiing a little more conservative got me down and today it worked so I was happy.”

The veteran’s conservative move on the more turn-heavy second course paid off for Larsen, who was searching for another state title after winning two her sophomore year. After missing out her junior year, Larsen rode off into the Nederland sunset with a title-winning time of 1 minute, 36.00 seconds one day after also collecting the giant slalom crown.

“Back then I definitely was not skiing as well as I am now and I was winning everything by like four seconds,” Larsen said. “There was barely any competition when I was a sophomore. Last year it increased and then this year it increased even more to where there were probably 10 girls who have the skills to win this race.”

Larsen led the Nederland girls to a second-place alpine finish and fourth place overall. She got some help from Keile Kropf, who took sixth in the downhill, and back-to-back Skimeister Bailey Kuechenmeister, who placed top 15 in all four events at the two-day meet, including 15th in slalom and seventh in the Nordic 5K classic on Friday.

“I think we did really well and it was a successful meet,” said Kropf, who won a team title with Aspen High her freshman year. “Yesterday was good, too. We have a great team.”

For the Nederland boys, who finished seventh overall, junior Grant Ellwood took 24th in the alpine slalom with a time of 1:49.38. It was his first trip to the Colorado state championships, as it was his first season with the Nederland ski team.

“My first run I ended up hiking, which wasn’t so good,” Ellwood said. “My second run still wasn’t as fast as I was hoping but it was much better. It was fun being here with a big team.”

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Summit 658, Aspen 610, Evergreen 582, Steamboat Springs 572, Battle Mountain 509, Clear Creek 411, Nederland 398, Vail Mountain 394, Lake County 370, Middle Park 363, Eagle Valley 354, Platte Canyon 244, RidgeView Academy 100, Colorado Rocky Mountain 100.


At Winter Park Resort

Team scores — Evergreen 169, Summit 162, Battle Mountain 154, Steamboat Springs 142, Aspen 141, Platte Canyon 119, Vail Mountain 117, Nederland 113, Clear Creek 112, Lake County 106, Middle Park 50, Eagle Valley 39.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Jake Bender, Evergreen, 1:31.28; 2. Daniel McFadden, Summit, 1:33.82; 3. Brinton Barry, Battle Mountain, 1:34.04; 4. Luke Prosence, Aspen, 1:37.16; 5. Tucker Gordon, Evergreen, 47.02; 6. Nicholas Bailey, 1:38.37; 7. Peter White, Steamboat Springs, 1:38.82; 8. JP Fourie, Evergreen, 1:38.83; 9. Christopher Morris, Evergreen, 1:39.17; 10. Lucas Michieli, 1:39.58.

Other Nederland finishers — 24. Grant Ellwood 1:49.38; 28. Matt Wood 1:51.18; 29. Owen Foster 1:51.41; Eric Spangler 1:53.93; 44. Jacob Scheiffler 2:01.12; 51. Nicholas Allen 2:04.86; 56. Sasha Lien 2:07.75; 59. Evan Fleckenstein 2:12.94; 63. Brett Mattison 2:25.03; Quin Kuechenmeister DNF; Ian Hastings DNF; Carter Reid DNF.



At Snow Mountain Range Nordic Center

Team scores — Aspen 172, Summit 168, Vail Mountain 157, Steamboat 147, Nederland 129, Eagle Valley 124, Middle Park 123, Battle Mountain 122, Lake County 112, Evergreen 109, Clear Creek 89.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Keagan Swirbul, Aspen, 10:03.7; 2. Jackson Hill, Summit, 18:07.7; 3. Henry Trowbridge, Summit, 18:33.8; 4. Cameron Bobb, Summit, 18:54.6; 5. Sam Piehl, Summit, 19:17.1; 6. Liam McDonnell, Summit, 19:29.2; 7. Joe Barrett, Battle Mountain, 19:34.8; 8. Taber Miyauchi, Middle Park, 19:39.2; 9. Hudson McNamee, Aspen, 19:40.1; 10. Nic Reitman, Colorado Rocky Mountain, 19:43.0.

Other Nederland finishers — 49. Luke Duvall 24:57.2; 57. Matt Wood 29:53.7; 58. Deric Green 30:24.0.


Summit 633, Aspen 631, Steamboat Springs 598.5, Nederland 574.5, Evergreen 539, Battle Mountain 535, Middle Park 497, Lake County 439, Eagle Valley 433, Clear Creek 358, Vail Mountain 322, Platte Canyon 178, Colorado Rocky Mountain 70.


At Winter Park Resort

Team scores — Summit 162, Nederland 161.5, Evergreen 161, Steamboat Springs 159.5, Aspen 143, Battle Mountain 136, Middle Park 123, Eagle Valley 105, Lake County 100, Clear Creek 92, Platte Canyon 70, Colorado Rocky Mountain 39.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Dayna Larsen, Nederland, 1:36.00; 2. Suzanne Lyon, Steamboat Springs, 1:37.34; 3. Rae Lemon, Evergreen, 1:38.19; 4. Anne Parker, Summit, 1:38.38; 5. Katy Harris, Summit, 1:38.44; T6. Kaile Kropf, Nederland, 1:39.53; T6. Ali Pougiales, Steamboat Springs, 1:39.53; 8. Maggie Cleaver, Evergreen, 1:40.73; 9. Kendall VanHee, Battle Mountain, 1:41.20; 10. Hana Mass, Aspen, 1:42.75.

Other Nederland finishers — 15. Bailey Kuechenmeister 1:45.78; 21. Raina Galbiati 2:49.92; 24. Nola Gehring 1:55.04; 27. Kyle Robbins 2:00.15; 28. Chase Robbins 2:00.39; 44. Emma Gann 2:11.09; 53. Jane Bright 2:28.51; 58. Jenna Linsley 3:22.15.



At Snow Mountain Range Nordic Center

Team scores — Aspen 172, Summit 168, Vail Mountain 157, Steamboat Springs 147, Nederland 129, Eagle Valley 124, Middle Park 123, Battle Mountain 122, Lake County 112, Evergreen 109, Clear Creek 89.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Hailey Swirbul, Aspen, 20:42.1; 2. Taeler McCrerey, Summit, 20:43.0; 3. Katie Scruggs, Vail Mountain, Vail Mountain, 21:31.4; 4. Logan McNamee, Aspen, 23:02.1; 5. Ruthie Boyd, Summit, 23:09.9; 6. Sophie Stuber, Aspen, 23:26.0; 7. Bailey Kuechenmeister, Nederland, 23:28.4; 8. Claire Anderson, Summit, 23:32.2; 9. Gabriel Bohlmann, Steamboat Springs, 23:40.8; 10. Meg O’Connell, Steamboat Springs, 23:43.4.

Other Nederland finishers — 22. Mackenzie Radandt 25.40.0; 49. Sophie Lindenberger, 33:03.5.