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Girls swimming: Niwot extends its reign at Longmont all-city meet

Niwot's Victoria Jepson surges toward the finish line during her victory in the 100 butterfly during the Longmont all-city meet on Saturday.
Niwot’s Victoria Jepson surges toward the finish line during her victory in the 100 butterfly during the Longmont all-city meet on Saturday.

LONGMONT — With only three weeks remaining before the state meet, the Niwot girls swim team figured it was as good a time as any to juggle some of the positions in its lineup.

The slightly-altered look still produced the same old result for the Cougars at the annual Longmont all-city swim meet.

Niwot captured first-place in seven of the 12 events Saturday at Centennial Pool to run away with the team title during a revamped edition of the Longmont all-city meet. Niwot outscored runner-up Silver Creek 676-592.

This year marked a couple of firsts in the history of the Longmont meet. It was the first time the event was held on a Saturday instead of a weekday, and it also was the first time the meet was scored like an invitational rather than a series of multiple dual meets.

Because the Boulder County Invitational originally was slated for this weekend before a sudden venue conflict forced it to be held two weeks ago, the coaches of the four Longmont city squads opted to move the annual battle for local bragging rights to a time that would allow more of each team’s swimmers to compete.

“Niwot has never lost this meet, so it’s always circled on our calendar,” Niwot coach Sarah Heller said. “We always look to try and give every girl on the team an opportunity to earn points for the team. The lineup today was a result of spreading the talent and letting other people have that opportunity. It kind of gives us a good idea of where we’re at and what we’ve got going into conference and state.

“With a multiple-dual, each team could only swim three swimmers per event. This year there were unlimited entries. You got to have the whole team swim instead of half the team sitting on the deck cheering on the other half.”

Niwot boasted two of the meet’s three two-event winners of individual races in juniors Kylie Pillard and Hannah Driscoll. Driscoll, normally a sprint freestyle specialist, swam the individual medley for just the second time this year and also made her season debut in the breaststroke. The shuffle paid off, with Driscoll winning both races and Pillard taking over Driscoll’s role as the sprint standout with wins in the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle.

Driscoll helped Niwot take first in the 200 freestyle relay, and the Cougars also received wins from Victoria Jepson in the butterfly as well as diver Gabby Casey.

“This was a really big meet and we’ve been training very hard for this,” Pillard said. “There was a lot of good competition here. We’re known for winning this meet, so that was fun, but this is always a fun meet in general.”

Skyline’s Mackenzie Dwyer was the other multiple winner of individual events, placing first in the 200 freestyle and the backstroke. Kylie Rembert led Silver Creek to its runner-up finish by winning the 500 freestyle and anchoring the Raptors’ victories in the medley relay and 400 freestyle relay.

Skyline finished third with 393 points, followed by Longmont with 369.

“I feel a lot better this year,” said Dwyer, a sophomore. “Last year, I was pretty solid. But I feel like I’m making more time-drops in more events this year. I’ve gotten stronger and I’m making better increments in my strokes. This meet was actually pretty hard because I had lots of competition from the girls from Silver Creek.”

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Longmont all-city meet

At Centennial Pool

Team scores — Niwot 676, Silver Creek 592, Skyline 393, Longmont 369.

200 medley relay — 1. Silver Creek A (Diana Tobo, Madi Pelton, Morgan McKean, Kylie Rembert), 1:59.45*; 2. Niwot A, 2:03.22*; 3. Niwot B, 2:04.79*; 4. Silver Creek B, 2:04.98*; 5. Longmont A, 2:05.82; 6. Niwot C, 2:14.75; 7. Niwot E, 2:15.32; 8. Longmont B, 2:18.24.

200 freestyle — 1. Mackenzie Dwyer, Skyline, 2:01.91*; 2. Diana Tobo, Silver Creeek, 2:04.85*; 3. Seanna Harker, Silver Creek, 2:09.26; 4. Cate Rose, Niwot, 2:12.21; 5. Jessie Moore, Niwot, 2:12.29; 6. Emily LaPlante, Longmont, 2:2.31; 7. Emma Cisar, Silver Creek, 2:14.11; 8. Jamie Koch, Skyline, 2:14.26.

200 IM — 1. Hannah Driscoll, Niwot, 2:16.44*; 2. Kylie Rembert, Silver Creek, 2:18.34*; 3. Elise Cranny, Niwot, 2:26.39; 4. Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek, 2:27.35; 5. Morgan McKean, Silver Creek, 2:30.10; 6. Olya Martin, Silver Creek, 2:34.78; 7. Lauren FitzGibbons, Niwot, 2:35.83; 8. Rachel Cooper, Silver Creek, 2:41.35.

50 freestyle — 1. Kylie Pillard, Niwot, 25.84*; 2. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 25.88*; 3. Lauren Bade, Skyline, 26.43*; 4. Sierra Juvonen, Silver Creek, 26.83; 5. Brianna Hauck, Skyline, 26.86; 6. Alexandra Hellenberg, Skyline, 27.02; 7. Madison Sudebaker, Niwot, 27.18; 8. Jessica Thompson, Longmont, 27.37.

Diving — 1. Casey Gabby, Niwot, 295.05; 2. Hannah Orbanosky, Longmont, 293.00; 3. Jayne Benedict, Niwot, 275.00; 4. Paige Hillen, Niwot, 270.10; 5. Carina Watkins, Niwot, 223.20; 6. Ashley Fobes, Longmont, 197.95.

100 butterfly — 1. Victoria Jepson, Niwot, 1:05.83*; 2. Anna Beeck, Niwot, 1:13.40; 3. Sonia Martinez, Niwot, 1:13.59; 4. Leah Burnett, Silver Creek, 1:13.62; 5. Alexandra Hellenberg, Skyline, 1:14.20; 6. Beth McNichols, Silver Creek, 1:15.01; 7. Izzy Brandt, Longmont, 1:16.49; t-8. Gabi Koski, Silver Creek, 1:17.40; t-8. Rachael Palmer, Silver Creek, 1:17.40.

100 freestyle — 1. Kylie Pillard, Niwot, 56.97*; 2. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 57.29*; 3. Sierra Juvonen, Silver Creek, 58.79; 4. Brianna Hauck, Skyline, 59.01; 5. Jessie Moore, Niwot, 59.03; 6. Maggie Fell, Longmont, 1:00.07; 7. Julia Morrison, Longmont, 1:00.83; 8. Jessica Thompson, Longmont, 1:01.78.

500 freestyle — 1. Kylie Rembert, Silver Creek, 5:35.33*; 2. Seana Harker, Silver Creek, 5:46.43; 3. Emily LaPlante, Longmont, 5:47.20; 4. Cate Rose, Niwot, 5:47.45; 5. Jamie Koch, Skyline, 6:02.29; 6. Emma Cisar, Silver Creek, 6:06.41; 7. Kylie Fischer, Niwot, 6:18.17; 8. Sonia Martinez, Niwot, 6:23.11.

200 free relay — 1. Niwot A (Hannah Driscoll, Lauren FitzGibbons, Jessie Moore, Zoie Jordan), 1:44.62*; 2. Skyline A, 1:46.47*; 3. Silver Creek A, 1:48.92; 4. Niwot B, 1:50.62*; 5. Silver Creek B, 1:54.85; 6. Niwot C, 1:55.43; 7. Longmont A, 1:59.22; 8. Niwot D, 2:01.55.

100 backstroke — 1. Mackenzie Dwyer, Skyline, 1:01.75*; 2. Diana Tobo, Silver Creek, 1:02.15*; 3. Victoria Jepson, Niwot, 1:06.18*; 4. Maggie Fell, Longmont, 1:06.19*; 5. Morgan McKean, Silver Creek, 1:07.53; 6. Leah Burnett, Silver Creek, 1:07.73; 7. Madison Studebaker, Niwot, 1:07.99; 8. Brigid Winn, Silver Creek, 1:10.58.

100 breaststroke — 1. Hannah Driscoll, Niwot, 1:09.58*; 2. Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek, 1:14.84*; 3. Olya Martin, Silver Creek, 1:15.60; 4. Madi Pelton, Silver Creek, 1:16.13; 5. Elise Cranny, Niwot, 1:18.19; 6. Lauren Bade, Skyline, 1:19.03; 7. Lauren FitzGibbons, Niwot, 1:19.85; 8. Haley Balentine, Skyline, 1:22.00.

400 free relay — 1. Silver Creek A (Sierra Jovonen, Seana Harker, Diana Tobo, Kylie Rembert), 3:53.44*; 2. Skyline A, 3:58.85*; 3. Niwot A, 4:01.83*; 4. Longmont A, 4:02.31*; 5. Niwot B, 4:10.80; 6. Silver Creek B, 4:13.75; 7. Silver Creek C, 4:19.86; 8. Silver Creek D, 4:27.15.

* — Denotes state-qualifying mark.

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