Girls swimming: Broomfield’s Stelling impresses in diving debut

BROOMFIELD — Melanie Stelling set a realistic goal for her first formal diving competition Friday — no belly flops.

The Broomfield junior far from flopped, belly or otherwise, in her team’s opening competition of the year. Truth be told, Stelling soared in her inaugural six-dive card, shocking herself, her competition and her coach.

Drawing upon the same body control with which she helped Broomfield win a state gymnastics title, Stelling set the board on fire. Not only did she win the diving section of her team’s dual with Niwot, she did so with a state-qualifying score.

“I’ve surprised myself with what I’ve been able to do in diving,” Stelling said. “Really, I didn’t think I could do too much this soon.”

Stelling’s score of 187.05 in her team’s 108-77 win over the Cougars does not have the junior’s ticket punched for the Class 4A state championship. She must break the 185-point mark again in a six-dive card or notch a state-qualifying mark once in an 11-dive one to earn her berth.

There is no doubt in Bri Harp’s mind her diver will hit those scores. The proof to the Broomfield dive coach is in the pudding.

“She is the first first-time diver I know of in our program to hit a state-qualification score in her first competition,” she said. “And her learning curve has been step. She has only had nine practices and already has 11 dives.”

Diving ended up stealing the show in part due to Stelling, but also due to both teams being shy some of their top swimmers. Broomfield was down four swimmers and Niwot five, mainly due to the CSI Pioneer Open club meet at the University of Denver.

“It was hard coming into the season missing a lot of our swimmers,” Niwot coach Sarah Heller said. “So today was all about getting as many girls into the water as possible, getting some nerves out of the way for next week when we have the entire team together.”

Even with Heller focusing her team on working the early-season kinks out the coach got some top performances out of her athletes. Zoie Jordan had one of the Cougars’ most polished performances, coming up with the team’s only state qualification time of the day. The senior turned in a time of 25.96 seconds in the 50 freestyle, an event she placed 18th at state in last year.

“I felt pretty confident in the race,” she said.

Victoria Jepson also made waves, winning the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:07.11. A year ago, she competed in the 100 butterfly at state, but believes Friday’s finish proves she is showing the ability to expand her horizons.

“The 200 IM and now the backstroke are definitely on my list,” she said. “But the fly is still a very big contender, I love the (stroke).”

Broomfield had a solid evening, finishing with six state qualification times. Two of them were knocked out by Abi Young. The senior won both the 200 individual medley and the 500 freestyle and did so under unusual circumstances.

“I swam in the preliminaries at the Pioneer Open this morning,” she said. “I actually made it back to finals in my 200 backstroke and 50 free, but scratched them since I said I was going to swim in this meet.”

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At Broomfield Community Center Pool

200 medley relay — 1. Broomfield (Madelaine McClain, Roda Grae, Anissa Mata, Abi Young), 2:02.62* 2. Niwot, 2:07.12. 3. Broomfield, 2:13.92. 4. Niwot, 2:29.23. 5. Niwot 2:24.39. 6. Broomfield, 2:31.54.

200 freestyle — 1. Anissa Mata, Broomfield, 2:12.16. 2. Grae Roda, Broomfield, 2:15.21. 3. Erin Moroze, Broomfield, 2:23.28. 4. Bekah Cass, Niwot, 2:25.25. 5. Annika Jarvinen, Niwot, 2:33.43. 6. Kaitlyn Clark, Niwot, 2:42.50.

200 IM — 1. Abi Young, Broomfield, 2:21.62*. 2. Victoria Jepson, Niwot, 2:26.29. 3. Madelain McClain, Broomfield, 2:32.29. 4. Cate Rose, Niwot, 2:32.41. 5. Sarah Szakas, 2:41.15. 6. Rebecca Leaf, Broomfield, 2:49.02.

50 freestyle — 1. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 25.96*. 2. Jennifer Young, Broomfield, 26.57*. 3. Jessie Moore, Niwot, 27.53. 4. Kylie Fischer, Niwot, 29.23. 5. Erin Moroze, Broomfield, 29.26. 6. Annie Yodnich, Broomfield, 30.52.

Diving — 1. Melanie Stelling, Broomfield, 187.05. 2. Gabby Casey, Niwot, 149.10. 3. Jayne Benedict, Niwot, 142.05. 4. Paige Hillen, Niwot, 110.10.

100 butterfly — 1. Rebecca Leaf, Broomfield, 1:15.64. 2. Allison Vincent, Broomfield, 1:16.15. 3. Annie Yudnich, Broomfield, 1:19.23. 4. Anna Beeck, Niwot, 1:19.54. 5. Giselle Krebs, Niwot, 1:21.00. 6. Alexa Moreno, Niwot, 1:21.37.

100 freestyle — 1. Anissa Mata, Broomfield, 57.87*. 2. Kira Wolfmeier, Broomfield, 57.88*. 3. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 1:02.95. 4. Sonia Martinez, Niwot, 1:03.53. 5. Kylie Fischer, Niwot, 1:06.50. 6. Kamryn McIntosh, Broomfield, 1:11.20.

500 freestyle — 1. Abi Young, Broomfield, 5:39.26*. 2. Cate Rose, Niwot, 5:50.77. 3. Madelain McClain, Broomfield, 6:01.59. 4. Alyssa Readmond, Niwot, 6:32.85. 5. Kristen Snyder, Broomfield, 7:14.32. 6. Nonie Ziel, Niwot, 7:19.16.

200 free relay — 1. Broomfield (Kira Woldmeier, Erin Moroze, Grae Roda, Jennifer Young), 1:51.37. 2. Niwot, 1:54.23. 3. Niwot, 159.48. 4. Broomfield, 2:04.31. 5. Niwot, 2:07.69. 6. Niwot, 2;10.46.

100 backstroke — 1. Victoria Jepson, Niwot, 1:07.11. 2. Jennifer Young, Broomfield, 1:09.28. 3. Allison Vincent, Broomfield, 1:14.67. 4. Sarah Szakas, Niwot, 1:18.62. 5. Victoria Schlutz, Niwot, 1:21.78. 6. Mindy Jones, Broomfield, 1:25.76.

100 breaststroke — 1. Jessie Moore, Niwot, 1:18.97. 2. Grae Roda, Broomfield, 1:20, 50. 3. Maisey Harrison, Niwot, 1:27.18. 4. Peyton Wright, Niwot, 1:29.26. 5. Kelsy Jones, Broomfield, 1:29.36. 6. Kira Wolfmeier, Broomfield, 1:29.96.

400 free relay — 1. Broomfield (Jennifer Young, Madelaine McClain, Abi Young, Anissa Mata), 4:06.81. 2. Broomfield, 4:29.58. 3. Niwot, 4:31.06. 4. Niwot, 4:51.13. 5. Niwot, 5:00.02. 6. Broomfield, 5:05.11.

* — Denotes state-qualifying mark.