Boulder High boys soccer coach Hardy Kalisher is a man of his word.

His promise to the Panthers: He would display a certain long-talked-about ability that has approached a near mythical status among his players should the Panthers win a Class 5A state title.

His ability: Coach can do the worm.

The Panthers defeated Smoky Hill 3-1 in the 5A state title game on Monday. The Panthers players got their wish and Coach Kalisher got his groove on.

Kalisher’s title-toting dance routine was a long time coming before Monday, so he had plenty of time to practice.

In 2006, word of Kalisher’s abilities reached his players and a campaign began to convince the Panthers coach to do the worm in front of the team. The word leaked out again this season and Kalisher promised the Panthers he’d do the worm on the field at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park if they won the state championship.

The Panthers held up their end of the bargain and following Monday’s win, flanked by his cheering players, Kalisher did his best breakdancing move Soul Train-style down the length of his team with victorious swagger.

“I’m not gonna turn them down when they win the state championship,” Kalisher said. “They did everything I asked of them so I’ll go ahead and embarrass myself and do the worm.”

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