Broomfield’s Ethan Gonzales cruises to the finish line at the end of his winning run at the Class 4A Region 3 final on Thursday.


LYONS — Broomfield High senior Ethan Gonzales went out hard at the Northern League cross country championships last week and, as he said, paid for it down the stretch.

He faded in the second half of the race and finished third to Thompson Valley’s Daniel Lara and Centaurus’ Chandler Reid.

Racing against Reid again on Thursday at the Class 4A Region 3 meet at Lyons High School, Gonzales had his strategy down.

He hung back and made his move in the final mile, out-kicking Reid to the finish to win in a time of 16 minutes, 34 seconds. The time not only beat Reid by 5 seconds. But it also beat Lara by 6 seconds, who won the 4A Region 4 meet run on the same Lyons course a half hour earlier.

“I just tried to work the race to my benefit and give myself the best chance for success,” said Gonzales, whose win was his second of the season. “It gives me a big boost but I’m going to have to have one heck of a race if I’m going to have a chance at state.”

Gonzales’ and Reid’s duel highlighted what was also an exciting team race between Broomfield and Centaurus.

CHS won the Region 4 team title, scoring 50 points to runner-up Broomfield’s 63.

For the defending state champion Warriors, the team race was a little closer than they expected but encouraging nonetheless. CHS’ top four runners all finished among the top 11, including Jake Link in fourth, Sam Patzer in seventh and Tyler Menger in 11th.

“We’ve still got some work to do,” said CHS coach Devin Rourke, whose girls also won a regional crown Thursday. “But I think we’ll be ready.”

The Warriors know as well as anyone that no race really matters until state. CHS won state last year as a darkhorse and will enter that meet again this season with teams like Cheyenne Mountain and Coronado getting much of the attention.

“We’ve been performing really well every week,” Reid said. “We’re starting to ride the peak (of their training), and we’ll be ready that day.”

Broomfield is another squad that will try to upend the favorites at state, with coach Greg Weich hoping for big things in particular for Gonzales.

As the Eagles’ fourth or fifth runner last fall, Gonzales started catching Weich’s eye last spring in track when he turned in a 9:50 two-mile.

“He is coming into his own this year,” Weich said. “I think he can (finish in the top three at state).”

Also faring well in the Region 4 race were Niwot in fourth place and Erie in fifth.

The top five teams qualified for state along with any individual runners in the top 15 who weren’t on the qualifying teams.

Jacob Fisk placed fifth to pace Niwot, while Erie’s Shane Mathis was 10th for Erie.

Erie qualified a boys team for state for the first time since moving up to Class 4A after the 2009 season. Said coach Scott Leiding: “The next step would be to compete at a higher level. And maybe now we have the boys to do it.”

Lyons High School played host to four regionals in all Thursday. Also of note on the boys side were:


LYONS WINS 2A REGION 1: Even with two of its top three runners taking the day off, the Lyons boys cross country team is looking like a state title contender.

Freshman Paul Roberts did his usual thing, cruising to victory in the Class 2A Region 1 meet, as the host Lions took home the team title without brothers Joel and Marcel Such.

Not that it wasn’t close.

With the top three runners scoring for each team in 2A, Lyons finished with just 12 team points. Wiggins was second with 13. And Alexander Dawson took third with 30.

The top four teams plus any individuals among the top 15 who weren’t on those top teams qualified for state.

Roberts, who used the day as a training outing, finished in 16 minutes, 30 seconds. Wiggins’ Ryan Ernst took second in 18:02.

“Our team ran really good,” Roberts said. “It’s nice to win when you don’t have your second and third guys.”

Lyons’ Matt Dillon placed fifth and Ryan Boucher sixth to round out LHS’ scoring. Jacob Anderson was eighth for the Lyons.

For Boucher and Anderson, the day took on added meaning beyond helping their team to victory.

The Such brothers will be back for state, but Lyons head coach Mark Roberts felt they could use a rest this week. Their absence allowed the coach to use the day as a runoff for some of his lower runners to battle it out for the fifth and alternate spots for the squad that will compete at state next week. Boucher and Anderson took advantage.

“We just wanted to sort it out in the same race on the same day,” Mark Roberts, Paul’s father, said.


DAWSON PLACES THIRD: Alexander Dawson saw its own freshman shine, with Chris Slade taking third individually.

The Mustangs, who were coming off of a Mile High League title last week, have placed fifth at state four years in a row. With only freshmen and sophomores on this year’s varsity squad, they’re excited about what not only this season, but the next two have in store as well.

“The goal today was to run our race,” Slade said. “We just wanted to show what we’re capable of.”


SKYLINE TAKES THIRD IN 4A REGION 4: The Skyline boys entered the 4A Region 4 race believing they were merely on the cusp of qualifying as a team. But the Falcons picked a great day to shine, with Sam Berg (fourth), Chris Meduna (fifth) and Braden Richards (eighth) all finishing in the top 10 to boost Skyline to a third-place finish behind Thompson Valley and Mountain View.

Berg, Meduna and Richards figured to make it to state regardless of whether the team advanced.

“It’s a lot sweeter when your team goals for sure,” said Berg, who turned in one of his best performances of the season. “Our team did a lot better than we expected.”

Not only was Berg’s performance key, but so was that of Skyline No. 4 runner David Bocim, who took 35th.

“He’s really stepping it up the last three weeks,” said Skyline coach Mary Monk, whose Falcons are going to state for the third year in a row after a decades-long drought.


FREDERICK’S ERWIN ADVANCES: Frederick missed qualifying for state as a team but won’t be without representation. Chris Erwin took 13th place in 4A Region 3 to qualify individually.



4A Region 3 boys

At Lyons HS


Note: Top five teams advance to state plus any individuals among the top 15 finishers who aren’t on those teams.

Team scores — Centaurus 50, Broomfield 63, Denver North 73, Niwot 94, Erie 110, Kennedy 166, Denver South 197, Frederick 197, Weld Central 283, Thomas Jefferson 305, Skyview 319, Vista Peak 344.

Top 15 individuals — 1. Ethan Gonzales, Broomfield, 16:34; 2. Chandler Reid, Centaurus, 16:39; 3. Brandon Gallardo, Kennedy, 16:46; 4. Jake Link, Centaurus, 16:59; 5. Jacob Fisk, Niwot, 17:00; 6. Ezana Alem, Denver South, 17:13; 7. Sam Patzer, Centaurus, 17:17; 8. Jesus Lazo, Denver North, 17:20; 9. Daniel Alvarez-Chao, Broomfield, 17:23; 10. Shane Mathis, Erie, 17:29; 11. Tyler Menger, Centaurus, 17:35; 12. Jeffrey Lazo, Denver North, 17:37; 13. Chris Erwin, Frederick, 17:39; 14. Luis Ronquillo, Denver North, 17:40; 15. Jairo Tiscareno, Denver North, 17:44.

Other Centaurus finishers: 26. J R Pyne 18:10; 34. Scott Doyle 18:23; 38. Ben Patzer 18:28; 44. Samual McCallum 18:51; 46. Brooks MacDonald 19:00.

Other Broomfield finishers: 16. Matt Sarno 17:49; 18. Jake Mitchem 17:54; 19. Jake Morris 17:56; 32. Cody Armstrong 18:21; 35. Anthony Hause 18:24; 37. Paul Elliott 18:26; 41. Parker Ericson 18:40.

Other Niwot finishers: 17. Austin Schuler 17:50; 20. Isaac Flores 18:01; 25. Elijah Fisk 18:08; 27. Joey Plunkett 18:14; 40. Jeff Richards 18:34; 48. Niels Snow 19:02; 51. Darius Mastronardi 19:16.

Other Erie finishers: 21. Cole Lewis 18:01; 22. Dylan Larkin 18:03; 28. Sean Fitzgerald 18:17; 29. Kyle True 18:18; 30. Nathanael Wedekind 18:19; 31. Kyle Leahy 18:20; 36. Andrew Yurko 18:25; 54. Matthew Moore 19:21.

Other Frederick finishers: 43. Michael Brown 18:41; 49. Zion Perez 19:02; 55. Noah Bailey 19:26; 59. Matt Entrekin 19:43; 62. Ethan Smith 19:55; 64. Patrick McCarron 20:01; 73. Tyler Maggs 21:30; 76. Brock Conover 22:09.


Class 4A Region 4 boys

At Lyons HS


Note: Top five teams advance to state plus any individuals among the top 15 finishers who aren’t on those teams.

Team scores — Thompson Valley 38, Mountain View 78, Skyline 93, Windsor 107, Fort Morgan 114, Berthoud 121, Silver Creek 171, Roosevelt 226, Greeley Central 250, Longmont 286, Mead 306, Northridge 381.

Top 15 individuals — 1. Daniel Lara, Thompson Valley, 16:40; 2. Justin Weinmeister, Windsor, 16:49; 3. Daniel Bloom, Thompson Valley, 17:07; 4. Sam Berg, Skyline, 17:09; 5. Chris Meduna, Skyline, 17:14; 6. Julian Von Holton, Mountain View, 17:14; 7. Kaleb Simington, Thompson Valley, 17:18; 8. Braden Richards, Skyline, 17:22; 9. Dixon Cooney, Mountain View, 17:25; 10. Forrest Hough, Fort Morgan, 17:30; 11. Alex Maxwell, Windsor, 17:32; 12. Aiden Colton, Berthoud, 17:40; 13. Joey Castaneda, Thompson Valley, 17:42; 14. Brian Devries, Thompson Valley, 17:44; 15. Josef Gertner, Fort Morgan, 17:45.

Other Skyline finishers — 35. David Bocim 18:49; 43. Hayden Falkinburg 19:09; 60. Jordan Wright 19:53; 65. Noah Bolitho 20:04; 61. Walter Nieuwlandt 19:53.

Silver Creek finishers — 19. Connor Christoffersen 17:56; 22. Austin Gunnarson 18:12; 36. Brendon Naftel 18:49; 45. Bronson Thomas-Garcia 19:14; 55. Jackson Engles 19:49; 59. Hamilton Nelson 19:53; 68. Josef Fischer 20:07; 69. Alex Bush 20:11; 71. Brian Hardy 20:17.

Longmont finishers — 46. Nat Britten 19:18; 47. Cade Bickmore 19:22; 62. Max Morris 19:57; 72. Nathaniel Eiffert 20:17; 88. David Summers 21:35; 97. Thomas Anderson 23:52; 99. Lucas Bacmeister 24:01; 100. Ryan Klug 25:16; 101. Hazael Castillo 25:17.

Mead finishers — 34. Hayden Kessler 18:46; 64. Sean Esch 19:59; 82. Irvin Lazcano 20:49; 84. Ben Morneau 21:05; 85. Josh Lebaron 21:09; 89. Jake Grassinger 21:44; 91. Chris Davis 22:09; 92. Chris Franke 22:42; 95. Tommy Reeves 23:11.


2A Region 1 boys

At Lyons HS


Note: Top four teams advance to state plus any individuals among the top 15 finishers who aren’t on those teams.

Team scores — Lyons 12, Wiggins 13, Alexander Dawson 30, Yuma 43, Resurrection Christian 57, Liberty Common 64, Highland 75, Shining Mountain 75, Collegiate Academy 79.

Top 15 individuals — 1. Paul Roberts, Lyons, 16:30; 2. Ryan Ernst, Wiggins, 18:02; 3. Chris Slade, Alexander Dawson, 18:12; 4. Trevor Dye, Wiggins, 18:19; 5. Matt Dillon, Lyons, 18:31; 6. Ryan Boucher, Lyons, 18:47; 7. Levi Shutts, Wiggins, 18:55; 8. Jacob Anderson, Lyons, 19:05; 9. Joe Caraway, Liberty Common, 19:10; 10. Alec Timpe, Alexander Dawson, 19:16; 11. Brian Flynn, Lyons, 19:37; 12. Riley Hofmeister, Yuma, 19:47; 13. Will Werst, Liberty Common, 19:47; 14. Heath Fesenmeyer, Lyons, 19:57; 15. Matt Cooksey, Resurrection Christian, 19:57.

Other Lyons finishers: 27. Levi Stone 21:00.

Other Dawson finishers: 18. Conner O’Grady 20:14; 31. Thomas Rudge 21:20; 44. Robby Keown 22:25; 56. Sam Coyle 24:42.

Shining Mountain finishers: 19. Conor Parrish 20:20; 28. Jordan Cherin 21:01; 35. Jonah Baca 21:30; 46. Akira Youngblood 22:34; 57. Gavin Edwards 24:45; 58. Nicholas Hall 25:10.

Nederland finisher: 47. James McNamara 22:35.