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Broomfield's Maggie Boyer performs on the uneven bars on her way to a victory in the event on Saturday.
David R. Jennings
Broomfield’s Maggie Boyer performs on the uneven bars on her way to a victory in the event on Saturday.


WESTMINSTER — Gabby Maiden pointed to a teammate’s classroom assignment Saturday, to sum up her team’s run at the Broomfield Invitational.

“She wrote an amazing speech that had a quote I loved,” the Broomfield star gymnast said. “It said, ‘You have want something so bad it hurts.’ Today hurt.”

What wounded the Eagles was not the team’s finish at the Broomfield Invitational at Mountain Range High School. The team ran away with the meet’s title, outscoring its next closest competition by more than three points.

What got under the Eagles’ skin was how they reached the top of the podium — behind one of their more unpolished performances of the season. But even with a fair share of falls and one-off routines, Maiden saw a positive in all the negatives. Her team is not that far off earning what it wants.

“Today, we scored a 182.8 and that includes five falls,” said Maiden, who captured three top-10 finishes Saturday. “That means that if we clean up those falls, clean up a few more tenths, we have the potential for a 185 by the end of the season.”

The score Maiden believes her team is capable of more than puts it in the running for a Class 5A state championship. And, as coach Erika Taga points out, the Eagles have already proven they are capable of flirting with such highly competitive scores. Leading up to Saturday, Taga watched her team produce performances just off 185 twice.

“We beat our school record by nearly two points, that we had set the week, before against Cherry Creek (Sept. 20),” said Taga, whose Eagles downed the Bruins 184.175-165.275.

The coach pointed to a long week, including a performance Thursday night as some of the factors to not sparkling Saturday. But the coach thought with the way the Eagles started the invitational they were set to soar.

Broomfield landed all six vaults to kick off the competition, not always a given even when a team is top-notch on the piece of equipment. But it was the next event in the rotation — the balance beam — that caught the Eagles off guard.

“I think they wanted to excel today and that excitement just got to them,” Taga said.

Even with the meet not turning out exactly as the Eagles had planned, there were still performances that stole the show. One of the crispest came from one of Broomfield’s youngest competitors.

Maggie Boyer stuck her uneven parallel bars routine with the freshman just squeaking out the winning score in the even. Boyer edged Loveland’s Clair Hammen by a quarter of a point, even impressing the freshman herself.

“Especially since this is a big meet, our second big meet of the season,” the freshman said. “There was a lot of pressure today.”

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Broomfield Invitational

At Mountain Range HS

Team scores — 1. Broomfield 182.825; 2. Overland 179.125; 3. Standley Lake 177.65; 4. Elizabeth 177.35; 5. Rocky Mountain 175.625; 6. Mountain Range 175.25; 7. Chatfield 172.625; 8. Thompson Valley 167.125; 9. Bear Creek 164.275; 10. Loveland 164.125; 11. Thornton 161.825; 12. Pomona 154.8; 13. Evergreen 154.4; 14. Green Mountain 152.075; 15. Fort Morgan 149.625; 16. Rampart 130.625.

All-around — 1. Clair Hammen, Loveland, 38.75; 2. Lauren Glover, Rocky Mountain, 38.675; 2. Keri Peel, Rocky Mountain, 38.675; 4. Taylor Mulliconi, Mountain Range, 37.725; 5. Danae Goldsberry, Elizabeth, 37.15; 6. Gabby Maiden, Broomfield, 36.775; 7. Kailey Licata, Broomfield, 36.7; 8. Ashlynn Graybill, Overland, 36.675; 8. Kimmy Peterson, Elizabeth, 36.675; 10. Zoie Hoben, Standley Lake, 36.525.

Vault — 1. Clair Hammen, Loveland, 9.825; 2. Lauren Glover, Rocky Mountain, 9.725; 3. Keri Peel, Rocky Mountain, 9.7; 4. Taylor Mulliconi, Mountain Range, 9.625; 5. Sierra Kirylo, Thornton, 9.575; 6. Kimmy Peterson, Elizabeth, 9.525; 7. Gabby Maiden, Broomfield, 9.45; 8. Kailey Licata, Broomfield, 9.4; 10. Kellyn Toole, Overland, 9.4.

Uneven bars — 1. Maggie Boyer, Broomfield, 9.625; 2. Clair Hammen, Loveland, 9.6; 3. Keri Peel, Rocky Mountain, 9.525; 4. Lauren Glover, Rocky Mountain, 9.525; 5. Taylor Mulliconi, Mountain Range, 9.4; Kailey Licata, Broomfield, 9.15; 7. Danae Goldsberry, Elizabeth, 9.1; 7. Gabby Maiden, Broomfield, 9.1; 9. Nichole Hagen, Chatfield, 9.05; 10. Ashlynn Graybill, Overland, 8.925; 10. Aimee St. Martin, Overland, 8.925.

Floor — 1. Lauren Golver, Rocky Mountain, 9.775; 1. Danae Goldsberry, Elizabeth, 9.775; 1. Claire Hammen, Loveland, 9.775; 4. Keri Peel, Rocky Mountain, 9.675; 4. Taylor Mulliconi, Mountain Range, 9.675; 6. Emily Barber, Chatfield, 9.45; 6. Zoie Hoben, Standley Lake, 9.45; 6. Monica Hoffman, Broomfield, 9.425; 10. Kellyn Toole, Overland, 9.4; 10. Maddi York, Standley Lake, 9.4; 10. Breanne Claussen, Broomfield, 9.4.

Beam — 1. Keri Peel, Rocky Mountain, 9.775; 2. Lauren Glover, Rocky Mountain, 9.65; 3. Claire Hammen, Loveland, 9.55; 3. Ashlynn Graybill, Overland, 9.55; 5. Devin Guttman, Overland, 9.525; 6. Katie Johnson, Overland, 9.475; 7. Danae Goldsberry, Elizabeth, 9.375; 8. Aimee St. Martin, Overland, 9.275; 9. Hannah Conway, Standley Lake, 9.275; 10. Monica Hoffman, Broomfield, 9.225.

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