Greg Lindstrom
Colorado Twins’ Trey Fleming makes a diving catch in the third inning.


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NIWOT — Scott Platt was the Colorado Twins’ offensive hero Tuesday and the shortstop did not even have to swing his bat.

Platt delivered the Twins an 8-7 win over Berthoud Onefifteen with what turned out to be the game’s most timely walk. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh, the shortstop waited out a full count to send the winning-run home.

Platt made the play appear easy, but he was more than feeling the pressure with two outs on the board when he stepped up to bat.

“It was kind of nerve wracking, but I like to be in that situation,” Platt said. “I like the pressure on my shoulders.”

The Twins final RBI of the game was far from how the team expected to close out the meeting between the Connie Mack squads, given the team’s late inning fireworks.

The Twins scored six of their runs in the final three innings of play, taking a convincing lead in the fifth. The team rattled off four runs in the inning behind some of the afternoon’s most explosive hitting to go up 5-3.

Trey Flemming got the Twins going with a lead-off triple, but it was a subsequent double that broke open the inning. Jake Sarosi cleared loaded bases with the left fielder sending the ball to the left-field wall.

“Before today, we weren’t getting the hits we needed at the right times,” said Sarosi, who finished the opening game with four RBIs. “I’m just glad I was able to come through for my team, especially with the bases loaded.”

Alex Kinnison fortified the Twins’ lead in the sixth with the first baseman hitting a two-run double. But convincing as the offensive effort was, the lead was short lived.

Both teams faced their struggles on the mound, with each going through four pitchers. But the Twins got into trouble in the seventh when Pate Katechis had difficulty finding the strike zone. The pitcher walked three batters, allowing Onefifteen to tie the game in the top of the inning.

The Twins’ hopes of building off the opening win were quickly dashed in the second game. The Berthoud squad walked off the field in five innings with a 9-0 mercy rule win.

Onefifteen came out of the gates swinging, finishing the game with eight hits. But the Twins could not find a similar groove at bat. The team only came up with one hit, an infield single by Andre Apodaca, and three base runners in the game.

While the series continued to see the Twins rebound from a rough losing streak, the team was aiming for more than one win Wednesday.

“It’s nice to stay on the winning track,” Sarosi said. “But at this point, we’ve got to start looking for some sweeps, if we want to secure a spot in the state tourney.”



Colorado Twins 8-0,

Berthoud Onefifteen 7-0

At Niwot H.S.

Game 1

Berthoud Onefifteen (23-13) 110 100 4 — 7 5 1

Colorado Twins (5-12) 001 042 1 — 8 6 3


W — Caruso. L — Whitfield.

Berthoud hitting (ab-r-h-rbi) — Medina 4-0-1-1, Poncetta 1-1-0-0, White 3-1-0-1, Sievers 1-1-0-0, Carlin 3-1-2-1, Ruco 3-0-0-0, Whitfield 0-1-0-0, Engelhaupt 4-0-1-0, Suter 2-1-0-0, Porterfield 0-0-0-0, Buetell 3-1-1-0, Osgood 1-0-1-2. Totals 25-7-5-5. 2B — Medina. 3B — None. HR — None. SB — NoneColoardo hitting (ab-r-h-rbi) — Flemming 4-2-2-0, Platt 3-1-0-1, Kinninson 2-1-1-2, Serosi 3-1-1-4, Morris 0-0-0-0, Meek 0-0-0-0, Kirkpatrick 3-0-0-0, Hawtrhorn 0-1-0-0, Caruso 2-0-0-0, Katechis 4-0-0-0, Grine. Totals 24-8-6-7. 2B — Kinnison, Serosi. 3B — Flemming. HR — None. SB — None.

Berthoud pitching (ip-h-r-er-bb-so) — Sievers 4-3-3-3-5-1, Buetell 1-0-1-0-1-1, Wolfley 1-3-2-2-0-0, Whitfield 1-0-1-1-3-1.

Colorado pitching (ip-h-r-er-bb-so) — Morris 0-0-0-1-1-0, Meek 4-3-3-1-6-1, Katechis 2 1/3-1-0-4-4-2, Caruso 2/3-1-4-0-1-0.

Game 2

Colorado Twins(5-13) 000 00 — 0 1 3

Berthoud Onefifteen (24-13) 313 02 — 9 8 0


W — Wolfley. L — Nelson.

Colorado hitting (ab-r-h-rbi) — Flemming 2-0-0-0, Stoops 2-0-0-0, Serosi 1-0-0-0, Kirkpatrick 2-0-0-0, Hawthorn 2-0-0-0, Apodaca 2-0-1-0, Kopplinger 1-0-0-0, Nelson 2-0-0-0, Grine 2-0-0-0. Totals 16-0-1-0. 2B — None. 3B — None. HR — None. SB — NoneBerthoud hitting (ab-r-h-rbi) — Medina 3-2-1-1, Poncetta 4-0-2-1, White 2-2-2-1, Sievers 1-2-0-0, Karlin 3-0-0-0, Whitfield 2-1-1-0, Osgood 1-1-0-1, Engelhaupt 3-1-2-0, Guenzi 3-0-0-0. Totals 22-9-8-4. 2B — Medina. 3B — None. HR — None. SB — None.

Colorado pitching (ip-h-r-er-bb-so) — Nelson 4 1/3-8-9-5-4-1, Kopplinger 0-1-1-0-0-0.

Berthoud pitching (ip-h-r-er-bb-so) — Wolfley 5-1-0-0-2-5.