NOTE: Below are all-conference teams for area leagues, as selected by area coaches and submitted to by area athletic directors.


First team

(Broomfield, Longmont only)

Brandon Bailey, P, Broomfield

Jackson Lockwood, P, Broomfield

Angelo Perez, IF, Broomfield

Julien Moroyoqui, Longmont

Drew Magee, Longmont

Josh Crist, Longmont

Reilly Mau, Longmont

Second team

Ben Martinez, C, Broomfield


All conference

Brad Best, Northridge

Garrad Martinez, Northridge

David Mendez, Fort Morgan

Matt Godo, Fort Morgan

Daniel Quintana, Roosevelt

Jaron Balman, Frederick

Ryan Fesmire, Erie

Aaron Anderson, Fort Morgan

Mike Fitzsimmons, Fort Morgan

Lucas Lingreen, Sterling

DJ Knott, Windsor

Lance Cox, Windsor

Michael Graff, Northridge

Jalen Davenport, Roosevelt

Tyler Lee, Erie

Taylor Dudley, Erie

Jordan Francis, Northridge

Brad Marx, Northridge

Luke Englehaupt, Sterling

Larry Poncetta, Sterling

Nate Trobee, Roosevelt

Uly Hernandez, Fort Morgan

Jacob Theissen, Sterling

Player of the year

Brad Marx, Northridge

Coach of the year

Mike Huston, Northridge

Brad Deal, Windsor



First team

Nolan Beasley, Faith Christian

Jacob Tinnon, Holy Family

John Morris, Kent Denver

Vince Pizzichini, Colorado Academy

Colby Smith, Faith Christian

Stephen Galambos, Faith Christian

Devin Granberg, Holy Family

Ben Rice, Faith Christian

Alex Buchman, Faith Christian

Tom Jannsen, Peak to Peak

Nathan Stehler, Lutheran

Danny Graves, Faith Christian

Tyler Tucker, Faith Christian

Nick Owen, Machebeuf

Second team

Davey King, Lutheran

Reid Foster, Machebeuf

Cos Braswell, Peak to Peak

Garrett West, Holy Family

Josh Finer, Kent Denver

Ryan Saline, Lutheran

Drew Tobler, Machebeuf

Ty Pinkerman, Peak to Peak

Adam Pinto, Kent Denver

Joe Walls, Holy Family

Isaac Friesen, Peak to Peak

Honorable mention

Jay Elliot, Holy Family

Isaac Henry, Faith Christian

Senior of the year

Colby Smith, Faith Christian

Coach of the year

Danny Bote, Faith Christian




First team

Grant Cowan, Longmont Christian

Kenny Lowry, Resurrection Christian

Josh Mondt, Resurrection Christian

Taylor Bigandt, Front Range Christian

Tate Castens, Denver Christian

Greg Sawers, Alexander Dawson

Eric Jones, Dayspring Christian

Riley McGiboney, Denver Academy

Jacob Monsma, Denver Christian

Zane Ferrin, Front Range Christian

Senior of the year

Alec Cain, Denver Christian

Coach of the year

Matt Darr, Denver Christian