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Girls tennis: Fairview’s Kuosman named player of year

Fairview junior Katie Kuosman has been named the Girls Tennis Player of the Year.
Fairview junior Katie Kuosman has been named the Girls Tennis Player of the Year.

BOULDER — Fairview’s Katie Kuosman has seen it all at every level of prep singles tennis.

The Knights junior won a state title at No. 3 singles as a freshman in 2010. She finished third at No. 1 singles as a sophomore in 2011.

In 2012, Kuosman went undefeated and took home the No. 2 singles title from the 5A state tennis tournament. She can now add Girls Tennis Player of the Year to her uniquely broad resume.

“It’s a little peculiar but I’ve really enjoyed it,” Kuosman said. “It’s been a fun experience because not many people can say they’ve played all three positions in their first three years.”

Kuosman’s tour de Colorado singles has also followed a difficult road filled with tough opponents at each level.

Kuosman beat Cherry Creek’s Kelli Woodman, this year’s No. 1 singles champion, for the No. 3 singles title in 2010. Woodman then finished second at No. 1 singles ahead of Kuosman in 2011.

“I’ve been competitive at each level and I’ve had to work really hard to win at each one,” Kuosman said. “It’s helped me get better.”

Kuosman’s second state title helped the Knights finish seven points behind Cherry Creek in second, where they’ve finished the past three years.

“It was a blast for our team,” Kuosman said. “I had a great time cheering on my teammates. It ended up working out really well and we were really close. We really want to beat Creek but it was really fun anyway.”

Kuosman began playing when she was 6 years old. She started playing tournaments when she was 9. With two parents who play tennis, she has family ties to the sport.

As a doubles pair, Kuosman and her father David have won the state open three years in a row. Their success is primarily because of the skill she displayed since she was young, David said.

“She always performed well. She’s very fast and quick, so it made more sense for her to be in tennis,” David Kuosman said. “She’s always been a unique player where she goes to the net quite a bit. Most girls don’t have very good hands. She plays like a John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg-style where you hit a lot of groundstrokes and look to come to the net.”

Point guard for the Knights basketball team, Kuosman has long been a multi-sport athlete. But tennis, which she now plays at The Ranch Country Club in Westminster, has become her main sport.

As mental an individual a sport as it is, Kuosman’s mother Christy Kuosman said tennis is a tough sport for mothers to watch. But Katie’s competitive edge and pleasant demeanor, she said, makes it a little easier.

“I’m just proud of her attitude,” Christy Kuosman said. “I’m proud of the way she goes out and competes and she’s a nice player. She likes playing the game.”

The Knights will graduate seven seniors this year. Next season, Kuosman is hoping to return to No. 1 singles as a senior and go for her third state title.

“It’s gonna be a lot of work but I think it’ll be a fun goal to have and to work toward,” Kuosman said.


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