Cochi: In honor of the NBA playoffs, here are six dunks from the BoCoPreps boys hoops season

With the NBA playoffs heating up, there’s no shortage of high-flying action to be seen. But if you were around the Boulder County area for this past boys basketball season, you know there was plenty of action right here.

Here are six highlights from the boys basketball season. And yes, they’re all dunks.

Patryck Woodley-Minter, Silver Creek

Silver Creek’s Patryck Woodley-Minter is the biggest guy on the basketball court in this game. Yet, the defense still loses track of him and he sneaks in on the back side.

Eric Machmuller finds him with the sly bounce and the defense recovers just in time to get dunked on.

When he’s on the move, it doesn’t feel good to be between Woodley-Minter and a rim. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Nate McGinley, Centaurus

Nate McGinley got this dunk back at the Boulder County Invitational in December, and the video was given to me courtesy of Chris Harrison at Video Blend, LCC.

On the play prior to this one, Rampart’s Ryan Cook got a big chase-down block. McGinley evened the score.

The Warriors lost that game. But McGinley rose to meet, and go over, this personal challenge.

Josh Cogdill, Longmont

Whatever needed to be done for the Trojans this season, senior Josh Cogdill was the kind of all-around player that found a way. Here, he does it all.

Steal. Slam. Back on defense.

He’s a pretty quiet guy, but he snaps the rim on this one for the home crowd at Longmont High. They appreciate it.

Cody Heimann, Niwot

This kid missed nearly all of his senior season with a broken wrist. But while he was on the court he made sure to get a highlight or two.

Niwot’s Cody Heimann had two of these in the same game. The first one was pretty casual. He looked to have a little more fun with this one.

There’s more to come from Heimann, who will play at University of Puget Sound next year. He’ll be using two hands, just like he is here.

Max Clark, Peak to Peak

On this play, what started as a breakaway against the Peak to Peak boys quickly turned into a breakaway going their direction. Max Clark gets out in front, calls for it and gets it.

Side note: just before the dunk, check out Eric Goedde with the nice one-handed touch pass for the lefty jam.

Clark scored 296 points his junior season. These two looked good.

Austin Hartley, Mead

Head fake alert! Mavericks senior Austin Hartley can score with his back to the basket. But when he’s facing it, don’t bite on the fake.

Hartley gets free at the free throw line and head fakes his way into range. By the time the other defenders arrive, he’s already at the rim.

That’s one way to score against a zone.

Players, coaches and film folks. If you or a player on your team got a dunk this past season, send me the video at and I’ll add it to the story.

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