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Boys swimming: Longmont’s Dwyer double dips at swim championship

THORNTON — Connor Dwyer has been swimming long enough that few things about the sport surprise him. But in Saturday’s Class 4A state championship something did raise the veteran’s eyebrows — himself.

Dwyer walked out of the Veteran Memorial Aquatic Center one of 4A’s most decorated swimmers. The Trojan senior collected two state championships on the afternoon and a classification record to finish his high school career.

And even for a character as cool and collected as Dwyer, that type of finish was enough to get his juices flowing.

“It’s pretty exciting,” the Western Kentucky University-bound swimmer said. “I never saw myself in the position I finished up today.”

The senior finished the afternoon defending his 100 breaststroke title in what turned out to be a fairly non-typical swim for him.

Usually a fast starter, Dwyer got out of blocks slow and was forced to fight his way back from around fourth place to win the race. But having to scrap back paid dividends, with the Trojan breaking a two-year old 4A record with his time of 56.00 seconds.

Dwyer foreshadowed a special day in his career, however, with his first swim of the afternoon. The Trojan entered the 200 individual medley with the fourth-fastest seed time, but blew away the field. He won the race leading wire to wire.

“I was expecting them to catch me on the backstroke since that is my worst stroke,” said Dwyer, whose team finished 12th. “But when I was still holding the lead after that, I just kept going.”

Broomfield had a mixed day on the way to the best local team finish, collecting 10th.

The Eagles hit a high with Cody Engstrom winning the diving competition handily, a feat made even more impressive given its circumstances. The junior was in his first year of high school competition, having returned to Broomfield after two years of living in Bonn, Germany.

Engstrom moved abroad due to his father’s work and did not compete while overseas. He found little time to even practice, hitting the diving board only a few times in Germany. But those facts were far from evident Saturday, with the junior coming out of the semifinals with a 25-point lead and building it into a 464-point performance.

“I was surprised I was able to get my dives back so quickly this season,” Engstrom said. “But I’m comfortable on the board. Being in the water is just where I am.”

Martin Wallace also came up with some big swims for Broomfield, collecting two second-place finishes. But the junior was a bit disappointed he was edged out of a championship.

Wallace understood a 200 freestyle championship was out of the question with Jeff Garnier in prime form. The D’Evelyn senior broke a 15-year-old state record in the race with a time of 1:37.18 in the finals. Wallace was nearly 5 seconds behind.

It was getting edged by Devon Davis in the 100 butterfly that left a bad taste in Wallace’s mouth. The swimmer from the 4A state champion Air Academy got an early jump in the race, one the Eagle could never make up.

“(Davis’) reaction time is pretty impressive,” Wallace said. “I felt like I was in the race for the first 50, but I couldn’t keep up.”

Not everyone who finished out of the winner’s circle found it disappointing.

Tony Huff felt inspired by his two third-place finishes. The Longmont senior wrapped up his career by collecting third in the 200 freestyle (1:43.40) and 100 freestyle (47.07). Both the races moved at amazing clips with Garnier leading the pack. But Huff had plenty of motivation to keep pace, despite the speed. The University of Wyoming-bound swimmer was not only aiming to cap his career, but also make up for missed opportunities from the previous season.

“I broke my (right) wrist last year being stupid — playing hid-and-go-seek tag,” Huff said. “It was right before state. But it definitely motivated me. … After that, I figured out how much I loved swimming.”

Silver Creek raced to 11th place, but did not collect any titles. But the lack of championships did not mean the Raptors didn’t make waves.

Silver Creek finished the afternoon with 10 places, five coming in the championship heat. Drew Weibel was the Raptors’ most productive swimmer, collecting two top-eight finishes on the afternoon. The senior finished his career with a fifth in the 100 butterfly (53.28) and a seventh in the 100 backstroke (54.28).

Silver Creek also laid the groundwork for next season with Cody Hoyes and Tyler Lis finishes. Hoyes, a junior, finished sixth in the 100 freestyle (48.10). Lis, a freshman, followed suit in the 200 individual medley (1:59.08), also finishing sixth.

“I’m really happy,” Lis said. “I exceeded my goal in the 500 and went under 2 minutes for second time this year in the IM. It was a good meet.”


Class 4A state swimming


Results Saturday from the finals of the Colorado Class 4A boys state high school swimming meet at Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center:

Team scores — Air Academy 241, D’Evelyn 233 1/2, Cheyenne Mountain 200 1/2, Coronado 193, Thompson Valley 163, Montrose 161, Mullen 159, Discovery Canyon 138, Conifer 125, Broomfield 121, Silver Creek 120, Longmont 116, Mountain View 67, Estes Park 60, Glenwood Springs 46, Windsor 44, Durango 40, Pueblo South 34, Northridge 15, Moffat County 14, Green Mountain 10, Pueblo West 9, Greeley Central 6, Pueblo Centennial 5, Gunnison 2, Wheat Ridge 2.

200 medley relay — 1, Air Academy, 1:36.19; 2, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:37.09; 3, Montrose, 1:37.37; 4, Thompson Valley 1:38.94; 5, D’Evelyn, 1:39.08; 6, Longmont, 1:39.79; 7, Silver Creek, 1:41.16; 8, Broomfield, 1:41.53.

200 freestyle — 1, Jeff Garnier, D’Evelyn, 1:37.18; 2, Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 1:42.19; 3, Tony Huff, Longmont, 1:43.40; 4, Josh Graber, D’Evelyn, 1:44.78; 5, Jordyn Butler, Conifer, 1:47.20; 6, Kostya Callihan, Montrose, 1:48.10; 7, Grant Knorr, Cheyenne Mountain, 1:48.75; 8, Brennan Mays, Air Academy, 1:49.12.

200 individual medley — 1, Connor Dwyer, Longmont, 1:52.92; 2, Michael Barnosky, Montrose, 1:55.41; 3, Justin Dearden, Air Academy, 1:56.37; 4, Louis Geist, Mullen, 1:57.34; 5, Ben Holland, Conifer, 1:58.78; 6, Tyler Lis, Silver Creek, 1:59.08; 7, Max Bryant, Glenwood, 1:59.43; 8, Kevin Olson, D’Evelyn, 2:00.60.

50 freestyle — 1, Jonathan Littles, Cheyenne Mountain, 21.52; 2, Luke Robert, Discovery Canyon, 21.78; 3, Forrest Beesley, Estes Park, 21.79; 4, Danny Kay, Coronado, 21.80; 5, Mitch Kilgore, Conifer, 21.98; 6, Steve Peek, Coronado, 22.06; 7, Eric Albers, Coronado, 22.07; 8, Hunter Doerr, Air Academy, 22.18.

Diving — 1, Cody Engstrom, Broomfield, 464.00; 2, Tanner Williams, Thompson Valley, 418.90; 3, Justin Hartzog, Thompson Valley, 391.65; 4, Chris Miller, Mountain View, 358.35; 5, Sage D’Ambrosia, Thompson Valley, 348.90; 6, David Hoffer, Mullen, 348.85; 7, Drew Herder, Montrose, 341.30; 8, Alex Hoffner-Heinike, Windsor, 339.85.

100 butterfly — 1, Devon Davis, Air Academy, 49.79; 2, Martin Wallace, Broomfield, 51.19; 3, James Grant, Cheyenne Mountain, 52.24; 4, Chris Wickwire, Mullen, 52.74; 5, Drew Weibel, Silver Creek, 53.28; 6, David Hoffer, Mullen, 53.38; 7, Taylor Hand, Discovery Canyon, 53.86; 8, Jordyn Butler, Conifer, 54.11.

100 freestyle — 1, Jeff Garnier, D’Evelyn, 45.44; 2, Jonathan Littles, Cheyenne Mountain, 46.11; 3, Tony Huff, Longmont, 47.07; 4, Forrest Beesley, Estes Park, 47.34; 5, Luke Robert, Discovery Canyon, 47.89; 6, Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 48.10; 7, Danny Kay, Coronado, 48.33; 8, Steve Peek, Coronado, 48.88.

500 freestyle — 1, Alex Nickell, Mountain View, 4:31.92; 2, Louis Geist, Mullen, 4:41.02; 3, Josh Graber, D’Evelyn, 4:44.11; 4, Brennan Mays, Air Academy, 4:48.87; 5, Danny Notarianni, Mullen, 4:49.65; 6, Max Bryant, Glenwood Springs, 4:52.39; 7, Matt Sargent, Northridge, 4:52.54; 8, Bryan Rossmanith, Coronado, 5:01.50.

200 freestyle relay — 1, D’Evelyn, 1:27.14; 2, Coronado, 1:27.31; 3, Air Academy, 1:27.78; 4, Discovery Canyon, 1:29.42; 5, Mullen, 1:29.57; 6, Montrose, 1:30.33; 7, Conifer, 1:30.46; 8, Estes Park, 1:32.35.

100 backstroke — 1, Alex Nickell, Mountain View, 50.54; 2, Jack Thorne, Thompson Valley, 52.33; 3, Justin Dearden, Air Academy, 52.61; 4, James Grant, Cheyenne Mountain, 52.86; 5, Ben Holland, Conifer, 54.18; 6, Taylor Hand, Discovery Canyon, 54.26; 7, Drew Weibel, Silver Creek, 54.28; 8, Kevin Olson, D’Evelyn, 54.69.

100 breaststroke — 1, Connor Dwyer, Longmont, 56.00; 2, Michael Barnosky, Montrose, 56.72; 3, Devon Davis, Air Academy, 58.05; 4, Jared Aragon, Pueblo South, 59.85; 5, Carson Shollenbarger, Air Academy, 1:00.42; 6, Kyle Allison, Coronado, 1:00.73; 7, Matt Hulstine, Moffat County, 1:00.77; 8, Michael Loyd, Air Academy, 1:01.17.

400 freestyle relay — 1, D’Evelyn, 3:11.94; 2, Coronado, 3:13.69; 3, Cheyenne Mountain, 3:14.99; 4, Discovery Canyon, 3:16.64; 5, Mullen, 3:18.30; 6, Conifer, 3:18.55; 7, Montrose, 3:18.57; 8, Air Academy, 3:21.20.

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