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Silver Creek’s Cody Hoyes swims his leg of the 200 medley relay against Longmont at Centennial Pool on Thursday. The Raptors defeated the Trojans 101-82.

LONGMONT — Silver Creek senior Drew Weibel finally accomplished a goal he set for himself his freshman year.

In a 101-82 win over Longmont on Thursday, the Raptors’ final dual of the season, Weibel won the 100-yard freestyle. But more importantly for Weibel, he swam a state-qualifying time of 1 minute, 8.29 seconds to take first in the 100 breaststroke.

“That was the last cut I needed,” said Weibel, who now is qualified for state in all 11 swimming events this season. “That’s been my goal since I was a freshman. It’s kind of nice since this is literally the last meet I had a chance of making it. It was nice to get that.”

Weibel, who had AP exams until 3 p.m., when the dual started, missed most of his regular events. His tardiness allowed him to swim the breaststroke. He also anchored the Raptors’ 400 freestyle relay team that took first.

After Tommy Heidebrecht took first for the Raptors in the diving, the Trojans held a 41-37 lead through five events. But the Raptors took the top three spots in the 100 freestyle to close the gap one event later.

“The 100 free, we went 1-2-3,” Weibel said. “We stacked that one while they didn’t. And the two relays were pretty important.”

Trojans distance man Austin Bailey’s 5:50.02 was best in the 500 freestyle, the Trojans 200 freestyle relay team took first with a time of 1:35.18 and Trojans senior Tony Huff won the 100 backstroke.

But Raptors wins in the final two events, and greater depth throughout the meet earned them the win.

Trojans senior Connor Dwyer, defending 4A state champion in the breaststroke, took first in the 200 individual medley and 100 butterfly.

“We gave them a run for their money there a little bit,” Dwyer said. “I had a lot of fun. This meet is always a good one to come to and everyone’s pumped to swim fast. They have a little more depth than us, but I’m happy we had (Silver Creek coach) Debbie (Stewart) freaking out for a little bit.”

Stewart, who had to redo her lineup at the last minute to account for several late scratches due to injury and illness, confirmed her anxiety after the dual.

“Today has been a nightmare,” Stewart said. “Tyler (Lis) got sick last night and they were all in their off events. At 10 o’clock this morning, the heat sheets were made up and everything. I had to scramble at the last minute to change everything.”

With the conference meet looming next week and the state championships a week later, neither team’s swimmers were at full strength. They will both begin tapering this coming week.

“I had a lot of guys, whom I expected, swim tired because they’re training so hard and we haven’t gone into our taper yet,” Huff said. “We swim so many meets it seems like they haven’t had more than three days a week to practice. It’s been hard but they’re in a good place and I like the way they look.”

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Silver Creek 101, Longmont 82

At Centennial Pool in Longmont

200 medley relay — 1. Longmont A (Tony Huff, Connor Dwyer, Kyle Bunker, Will Cotter), 1:45.88*; 2. Silver Creek A, 1:49.39*; 3. Silver Creek B, 1:58.23; 4. Silver Creek C, 2:14.81; 5. Longmont B, 2:18.89; 6. Longmont B, 2:38.59.

200 freestyle — 1. Tony Huff, Longmont, 1:50.53*; 2. Sean Weston, Longmont, 2:03.11; 3. Peter Ziel, Silver Creek, 2:09.69; 4. Martin DuBois, Silver Creek, 2:09.73; 5. Austin Bailey, Longmont, 2:12.18; 6. John Crew, Silver Creek, 2:18.56.

200 IM — 1. Connor Dwyer, Longmont, 1:58.03*; 2. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 2:07.85*; 3. Gunnar Van Gent, Silver Creek, 2:14.17*; 4. Troy Holton, Silver Creek, 2:26.38; 5. Mateo Fortes, Longmont, 2:35.14; 6. Dalton Aker, Longmont, 2:55.04.

50 freestyle — 1. Kyle Bunker, Longmont, 24.68; 2. Sean Crowley, Silver Creek, 25.18; 3. Will Cotter, Longmont, 25.85; 4. Joel Raynor, Silver Creek, 26.01; 5. Nick Dawson, Silver Creek, 26.49; 6. Thomas Jeffries, Longmont, 26.87.

Diving — 1. Tommy Heidebrecht, Silver Creek, 189.15*; 2. Joey Robinson, Silver Creek, 171.45*; 3. Nick Vaughn, Longmont, 150.90; 4. Trenton Blow, Longmont, 117.25; 5. Luke Leute, Longmont, 98.85.

100 butterfly — 1. Connor Dwyer, Longmont, 54.24*; 2. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 57.97*; 3. Kyle Clarkin, Silver Creek, 1:11.86.

100 freestyle — 1. Drew Weibel, Silver Creek, 55.45; 2. Nick Dawson, Silver Creek, 57.06; 3. John Crew, Silver Creek, 59.02; 4. Mateo Fortes, Longmont, 59.55; 5. Thomas Jeffries, Longmont, 1:01.04; 6. Dalton Aker, Longmont, 1:04.38.

500 freestyle — 1. Austin Bailey, Longmont, 5:50.02; 2. Martin DuBois, Silver Creek, 5:51.81; 3. Nathan Palmer, Silver Creek, 6:09.13; 4. Taylor Chouinard, Longmont, 7:03.16; 5. Doug Palmer, Silver Creek, 7:30.63; 6. Connor Reynolds, Longmont, 7:38.88.

200 free relay — 1. Longmont (Tony Huff, Kyle Bunker, Will Cotter, Connor Dwyer), 1:35.18*; 2. Silver Creek A, 1:35.56*; 3. Silver Creek B, 1:44.70; 4. Longmont B, 1:50.93; 5. Silver Creek C, 1:54.01; 6. Longmont C, 2:18.32

100 backstroke — 1. Tony Huff, Longmont, 57.02*; 2. Chase Lis, Silver Creek, 1:00.42*; 3. Gunnar Van Gent, Silver Creek, 1:00.93*; 4. Sean Weston, Longmont, 1:06.50; 5. Wyatt Hoyes, Silver Creek, 1:13.43; 6. Taylor Chouinard, Longmont, 1:16.65.

100 breaststroke — 1. Drew Weibel, Silver Creek, 1:08.29*; 2. Cody Hoyes, Silver Creek, 1:09.03; 3. Kyle Bunker, Longmont, 1:10.44; 4. Connor Chistoffersen, Silver Creek, 1:12.35; 5. Will Cotter, Longmont, 1:13.95; 6. Connor Reynolds, Longmont, 1:37.71.

400 free relay — 1. Silver Creek A (Peter Ziel, Nick Dawson, Gunnar Van Gent, Drew Wiebel), 3:51.98; 2. Longmont A, 4:09.78; 3. Silver Creek B, 4:19.91; 4. Silver Creek C, 4:36.84.

* — Denote state-qualifying mark.