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LOUISVILLE — With the end of the season on the horizon, there isn’t a better time for Legacy to start gaining momentum than the present.

And by coming out on top in their fourth straight dual Friday night, the Lightning appear to be doing just that.

Legacy defeated the Monarch Coyotes by a score of 115-68 at the Louisville Recreation Center. The Lightning finished first in eight of the 12 events and did particularly well in diving and the relays, winning two of the three.

“We came in with a strong lineup and we wanted to get an idea of where we want guys racing for future meets,” Legacy head coach Tony Helfrich said. “They raced well, they swam well and that’s what we were looking for was good races.”

Part of that strong lineup could be credited to freshman Zachary Nix, who helped Legacy finish first in the 200-meter medley relay and the 400 freestyle relay. Individually, Nix won both the 200 IM and the 100 backstroke. That kind of performance was enough to earn praise from the Lightning’s opponents.

“They had some really good relays,” Monarch assistant head coach Greg Nemick said. “They certainly outswam us.”

Monarch junior Paul Brunette led the way for the Coyotes, taking first in the 50 freestyle and second in the 100 backstroke.

With less than a month to go until state, Helfrich said that Legacy has been increasing their workload in practice in an effort to be in the best shape possible and keep its momentum going. The extra preparation has the Lightning pretty tired, but according to Helfrich, that’s a good thing.

“They’re pretty torn up right now, and that’s exactly what we are looking for,” Helfrich said. “We’ve been finishing races in our meets a lot better lately, including this one, so that can only mean that their fitness is getting to where it needs to be for the end of the season.”

Freshman Kea’Anee Morgan is onboard with his coach’s most recent approach to practice, and credits the extra workload in helping him better prepare for meets.

“We’ve been working pretty hard, but I think it’s only made us stronger,” Morgan said.

Next on tap for Legacy is a showdown with Loveland, which is slated to take place this Tuesday, April 24.

Legacy 115, Monarch 68

At Louisville Recreation Center

200 medley relay — 1. Legacy (Zachary Nix, Dilan Orrino, Blake Higgins, Jacob Davis), 1:58.51; 2. Legacy (Matt Kettler, Ryan Mckenzie, Ian Jennings, Connor Bazata), 2:09.82; 3. Monarch (Thorsen Milton, Sander Padilla, Noah Starbuck, John Daniel), 2:16.71.

200 freestyle — 1. Noah Starbuck, Monarch, 1:58.46; 2. Jacob Davis, Legacy, 1:58.51*; 3. Jacob Israelsen, Legacy, 2:09.82; 4. Michael Reese, Monarch, 2:16.71; 5. Anthony Wilson, Legacy, 2:21.57.

200 IM — 1. Zachary Nix, Legacy, 2:32.34; 2. Kyle Suleski, Monarch, 2:43.30; 3. Ian Jennings, Legacy, 2:52.42.

50 freestyle — 1. Paul Brunette, Monarch, 26.23; 2. Dilan Orrino, Legacy, 26.83; 3. Blake Higgins, Legacy, 27.71; 4. Sander Padilla, Monarch, 28.17; 5. Connor Bazata, Legacy, 28.40; 6. Ryan Kealiher, Monarch, 32.80.

Diving — 1. Brandon Vargas, Legacy, 158.60; 2. Eben Bartholomew, Legacy, 148.20; 3. Devlin Cortens, Legacy, 138.40; 4. Mark Gjestvang, Legacy, 133.75; 5. Connor Malaty, Legacy, 120.55; 6. Josh James, Legacy, 109.70.

100 butterfly — 1. Blake Higgins, Legacy, 1:11.25; 2. Matt Kettler, Legacy, 1:12.30; 3. Kyle Suleski, Monarch, 1:13.64; 4. Noah Starbuck, Monarch, 1:21.69; 5. Jace Kinney, Monarch, 1:29.43; 6. Kea’Anee Morgan, Legacy, 1:41.47.

100 freestyle — 1. Jacob Davis, Legacy, 55.53; 2. Josh Roeber, Monarch, 56.90; 3. Robby Stokoe, Legacy, 1:01.07; 4. Ian Jennings, Legacy, 1:10.04; 5. John Daniel, Monarch, 1:12.12; 6. Ryan Kealiher, Monarch, 1:16.76.

400 freestyle — 1. Jacob Israelsen, Legacy, 4:35.96; 2. Alex Flores, Monarch, 4:37.23; 3. Michael Reese, Monarch, 5:05.69; 4. Anthony Wilson, Legacy, 5:54.09; 5. Tim Keely, Legacy, 6:09.94.

200 free relay — 1. Monarch (Josh Roeber, Aaron Miller, Kyle Suleski, Sander Padilla), 1:50.46; 2. Legacy (Matt Kettler, Ryan Mckenzie, Anthony Wilson, Jacob Israelsen), 1:52.08; 3. Legacy (Ian Jennings, Alec Otterson, Connor Bazata, Adam Otterson), 2:00.78.

100 backstroke — 1. Zachary Nix, Legacy, 1:04.20; 2. Paul Brunette, Monarch, 1:06.50; 3. Matt Kettler, Legacy, 1:11.91; 4. Alex Flores, Monarch, 1:13.15; 5. Thorsen Milton, Monarch, 1:26.88; 6. Adam Otterson, Legacy, 1:28.78.

100 breaststroke — 1. Josh Roeber, Monarch, 1:13.51; 2. Dilan Orrino, Legacy, 1:14.29; 3. Alec Otterson, Legacy, 1:21.04; 4. Ryan Mckenzie, Legacy, 1:23.21; 5. Robby Stokoe, Legacy, 1:23.32; 6. Kea’Anee Morgan, Legacy, 1:28.41.

400 free relay — 1. Legacy (Jacob Israelsen, Zachary Nix, Dilan Orrino, Jacob Davis), 4:05.63; 2. Legacy (Anthony Wilson, Blake Higgins, Robby Stokoe, Ryan Mckenzie), 4:15.23; 3. Monarch (Alex Flores, Noah Starbuck, Kyle Suleski, Paul Brunette), 4:23.21.

* — Denote state-qualifying mark.

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