BOULDER — The fire truck seemed out of place in the South Boulder Recreation Center parking lot. Of what use was a fire truck, after all, at a swim meet?

Maybe it was monitoring the blazing trails of Logan Garbarini, Gabe Muir, Connor Corrigan and seemingly everyone else on the Fairview boys team.

You know, just in case.

It’s early, but the Knights seemed to be in tiptop shape Thursday, earning 12 state-qualifying times in a convincing 138-45 dual win against visiting Monarch.

“Good so far, but we still have a lot of work to do,” said Knights coach Ted Romero, who coaches the Monarch girls team during the winter season. “Our goal is state this year, and BoCo is a big meet coming up. Hopefully we can maintain our momentum, which is always a challenge.”

The Knights won every event Thursday, although a disqualification of their 200 free relay “A” team allowed Monarch to triumph in that one. The race also marked the Coyotes’ lone state cut (1:35.63).

Fairview’s standouts were numerous. Muir won the butterfly and backstroke and was part of the Knights’ winning 400 free relay. Garbarini won the 500 free and the breaststroke.

Corrigan won the 200 IM, finished second to Garbarini in the breaststroke and was part of the Knights’ 200 medley relay.

For each of those three athletes, all the accomplishments mentioned were state qualifiers.

“It felt good, because it was my first meet swimming individuals,” Corrigan said. “We definitely have a lot of potential and we have a more room to grow.”

Other Fairview contributors included Tim Soderlund (100 freestyle winner and member of both winning relays), Daniel Hendricks (200 freestyle winner) and Sebastian Harvey (50 freestyle winner).

Things were going so well for the Knights that they nearly qualified three swimmers in one event. Colin Brown finished second to Soderlund in the 100 free, and third-place Alex Walton was 0.05 of a secon away from a trifecta.

Monarch’s Alex Flores, part of the Coyotes’ winning relay, felt like he swam a good race in the 500 free. But when he looked up after finishing second, Garbarini had been done for about 28 seconds.

“I actually swim on a year-round team with him, so we’re pretty close,” Flores said. “It was fun to compete against him, but I knew he was better. So, yeah, the 500 was a hard race.”

The Coyotes were youthful last season, but are improving and optimistic.

“We have a lot better swimmers this year,” said Austin Paswaters, a Coyotes co-captain along with Flores. “We are smaller, but we are definitely improving. Even against a team like this, it’s nice to come out and have some fun with it.”

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Fairview 138, Monarch 45

At South Boulder Rec Center

200 medley relay — 1. Fairview (Sebstian Harvey, Connor Corrigan, Colin Brown, Tim Soderlund), 1:44.60 (state qualifying time); 2. Fairview, 1:47.96 (sq); Monarch, 1:49.79; 4. Fairview, 1:54.31; 5. Monarch, 2:01.75.

200 freestyle — 1. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 1:54.18; 2. Miles MacKenzie, Fairview, 1:56.39; 3. Kyle Suleski, Monarch, 2:11.03; 4. Thorsen Milton, Monarch, 2:29.93; 5. Will Conway, Fairview, 2:30.69.

200 individual medley — 1. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 2:04.96 (sq); 2. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 2:08.77; 3. Alex Flores, Monarch, 2:16. 14; 4. Kevin Best, Fairview, 2:21.19; 5. Austin Paswaters, Monarch, 2:22.82.

50 freestyle — 1. Sebastian Harvey, Fairview, 23.41; 2. Alex Walton, Fairview, 23.68; 3. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 23.80; 4. Paul Brunette, Monarch, 24.03; 5, Chris Thomsen, Fairview, 24.33; 6. Taylor Andrews, Monarch, 27.46.

Diving — 1. Charlie Strand, Fairview, 131.15; 2. Cliff Lester, Fairview, 129.90; 3. Evan Jackson, Monarch, 125.35; 4. Bennett Nelson, Monarch, 77.20.

100 butterfly — 1. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 56.75 (sq); Evan Koeber, Fairview, 58.97; 3. Michael Chen, Fairview, 59.10; 4. Austin Paswaters, Monarch, 1:07.66; 5. Kyle Suleski, Monarch, 1:08.86.

100 freestyle — 1. Tim Soderlund, Fairview, 50.39 (sq); 2. Colin Brown, Fairview, 50.90 (sq); 3. Alex Walton, Fairview, 51.05; 4. Taylor Andrews, Monarch, 1:02.21.

500 freestyle — 1. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 4:58.38 (sq); 2. Alex Flores, Monarch, 5:26.36; 3. Peter Brunsgaard, Fairview, 5:42.07; 4. Tim Brown, Fairview, 6:01.13.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Monarch (Josh Roeber, Paul Brunette, Cort Sharp, Alex Flores), 1:35.63 (sq); 2. Fairview, 1:36.16 (sq); 3. Fairview, 1:41.88; 4. Fairview (DQ).

100 Backstroke — 1. Gabe Muir, Fairview, 57.61 (sq); 2. Colin Brown, Fairview, 59.82; 3. Rei Isobe, Fairview, 59.89; 4. Cort Sharp, Monarch, 1:00.54; 5. Paul Brunette, Monarch, 1:03.79; 6. Thorsen Milton, 1:14.72.

100 breaststroke — 1. Logan Garbarini, Fairview, 1:04.55 (sq); 2. Connor Corrigan, Fairview, 1:04.94 (sq); 3. Josh Roeber, Monarch, 1:07.91; 4. John Daniel, Monarch, 1:35.67; 5. Daniel Hendricks, Fairview, 1:43.43.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Fairview (Gabe Muir, Chris Thomsen, Kevin McClellan, Tim Soderlund), 3:31.37 (sq); 2. Fairview, 3:46.79; 3. Fairview, 3:55.49; 4. Monarch, 4:04.24.