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Ashton Davis, flanked by parents Robin and Walter, signs with Air Force on Dec. 9.
Cliff Grassmick
Ashton Davis, flanked by parents Robin and Walter, signs with Air Force on Dec. 9.

Ashton Davis is a starting guard on the 16-5 Monarch girls basketball team and will play at Air Force next season. We caught up with the senior – whose goals at the academy might surprise you — for this week’s installment of Six questions.

How did the Air Force process come about?

Davis: It has been my dream to go to the Air Force Academy or the Naval Academy since I was in middle school. I had been talking to the coaches at both places for a few years now, and last April, Air Force made an offer to me, so of course I was going to take it. I hope to be a fighter pilot when I graduate.

What’s your best sport other than hoops?

Davis: I used to run track, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it this year or not. But definitely track, the 200 meter dash.

If you had to trust one of your teammates to cook the team meal, who would it be?

Davis: By far Rebecca Richmond. She’s an amazing cook and cooks for me all the time.

What’s something on your iPod that might surprise your teammates?

Davis: I’d have to say country music. It’s not that much of a shock, but I don’t know what else.

Which cartoon would you watch first: Family Guy, American Dad or South Park?

Davis: Definitely South Park.

You pointed out earlier this season that Tim Tebow is “a beast” and should remain the Broncos starting QB. Be honest: do high school girls like him more for his ability or his looks?

Davis: I would definitely say looks for most girls in high school. For me, it’s a mix.

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