Shelton: Mitchell talks about pinning down championship at American

Danny Mitchell was a blunt interview when he was a Class 5A state champion at Legacy. He continues to be in his third season wrestling at Washington D.C.’s American University.

This interview with Takedown Radio’s Scott Casper from Jan. 3, the 18th-ranked 197-pound wrestler does not pull any punches when talking about his junior season. He had just gotten his year back on track just before the interview, placing fourth at Northwestern University’s Dec. 28-30 Midlands Tournament. Mitchell has some interesting things to say about cutting through his nerves and allowing his aggression lead the way.

The interview is not all shop talk, Mitchell chats about leaving the majestic Rocky Mountains for the swamplands of Washington (surprise, he doesn’t enjoy the humidity). The host also get the wrestler to expound about another area he is a star, the classroom. Mitchell will complete his undergraduate degree this year — a year early — boasting a 3.98 GPA.

Best part of the conversation comes at the very end, when he wish the folks back in Colorado well and tells them what to expect at the NCAA Division I nationals: “Look for me at St. Louis, I’ll be coming with fire.”