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Monarch's Alexus Johnson skies in the lane against Fairview.
Jeremy Papasso
Monarch’s Alexus Johnson skies in the lane against Fairview.

Each week, I ask an athlete a handful of random questions spanning a variety of topics. The first installment is with Monarch senior Alexus Johnson, a center on the girls basketball team.

Two of your teammates used to play on other teams in the league, Jac Malcolm-Peck (Horizon) and Jordan Eisler (Legacy). Who talks most about their former team?

Johnson: Neither one, because we tease them for leaving their former team (laughs). So they try to avoid talking about their old team.

What were the key factors in your decision to commit to Grambling State?

Johnson: I just wanted to help them become the first historically black team to advance to the Sweet 16 and hopefully a national championship.

Who is the best women’s basketball player you’ve ever seen?

Johnson: Renee Montgomery. She’s the epitome of a guard and I just love to watch her play.

Note: Montgomery played at the University of Connecticut and now is a guard for the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA.

Who is the best women’s basketball player you’ve ever played with or against.

Johnson: I can’t even remember her name, but she played for Mater Dei and just committed to UConn (Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis). Her, or Eliza Normen.

Your favorite song currently on the radio?

Johnson: Strange Clouds by B.O.B.

Are you on board with Tebow?

Johnson: I’m on board with Tebow because he’s Christian, but take out religion and I’m not.

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