At last week’s Boulder Valley Invite basketball tournament, the Centaurus Warriors had a major let down after a hot start in the first round against Rampart.

The Warriors lost 55-36 in their host tournament. But the game featured some exciting plays. Here’s one highlight clip, courtesy of Chris Harrison at Video Blend, LCC.

But first, a little back story.

The Warriors knew their toughest challenge against Rampart would be defending star forward Ryan Cook. They did a pretty good job, limiting him to 20 points. But Cook got off some big plays early, including chasing down Steven Jordan and swatting his breakaway layup off the backboard in the first quarter.

On the very next possession, Warriors guard Nate McGinley found himself streaking downcourt with the ball on a nearly identical play as the last. Again, Cook was in pursuit.

This play had a different result: