Joshua Buck/Times-Call
Longmont’s DJ Fowler is wrapped up by Loveland’s Willie Dunkelman at Everly-Montgomery Field on Thursday. Fowler was hurt on the play. He’s one of several Trojans who hope to take advantage of this week’s bye week.

While football teams around the state will spend this week fighting for playoff spots, or seeking momentum going into the postseason, Longmont will sit back and relax. Well, to a point.

Longmont will practice, of course, but thanks to a tough early schedule, the Trojans finished their regular season with Thursday’s 32-6 win over Loveland.

By the time they play their first playoff game, Longmont (10-0) will have had either 15 or 16 days in between games, depending on whether they play a Friday or Saturday first-round game.

It’s a break the Trojans hope works to their advantage.

“Everybody’s banged up,” head coach Doug Johnson said. “Everybody’s got some type of boo-boos that they’re going through.”

Linebacker Isaac Sprecher recently missed three days of practice because of an illness. When he returned, Johnson was amazed at how fresh his legs were. Considering that, Johnson is eager to see what a full week off will do for his entire team.

“Just having a little bit of rest I think is huge,” he said.

The rest is the result of a jam-packed early schedule. Longmont opened with a “Week 0” game on a Monday night, several days before most teams opened the season. Four nights later, they played another game.

“It was a gauntlet coming out,” Johnson said.

This was the second year in a row Longmont’s schedule shaped up that way.

In 2010, the Trojans opened with a crushing 38-7 loss to Arvada West, followed by a hard-fought 29-14 win over Skyline four days later. They went on to a 6-4 regular season and a trip to the state quarterfinals.

This year, Longmont routed Arvada West 43-7 on that opening Monday and had a 47-15 win over Skyline four days later. They haven’t looked back since.

“With last year’s team, (the schedule) kind of hurt us and kind of put us up on the ropes a little bit,” Johnson said. “With this year’s team, it was a good thing. It just depends on how the momentum hits you and how that’s going to work. For us, I think it’s a good thing.

“(The week off) will help us lick our wounds and get refocused.”

The week off will be nice, but quarterback Forrest Wetterstrom can’t wait to get rolling in the postseason.

“We’re looking for 14 games and that 14th win,” he said. “We’re going to get it done. State or bust this year. There’s no exceptions.”