Delander: Silver Creek’s Apodaca would start Tebow over Orton

Silver Creek quarterback Austin Apodaca does not envy the difficult decisions football coaches have to make, but if he had his way he would shakeup the Denver Broncos’ starting lineup a bit.

Kyle Orton, currently first on the Broncos’ depth chart, would be riding the pine if Apodaca was calling the shots. He said he would start second-year pro Tim Tebow, use Brady Quinn as the backup and put Orton at third string.

“That’s just me, but I’m glad I’m not the coach,” he said. “Those are three really good quarterbacks, and it’s a pretty tough battle going on over there. Should be a fun one to watch.”

Forget the Broncos, though. Apodaca, who signed in June to play for Washington State next fall, said that New England’s Tom Brady is the pro quarterback that he really looks to emulate.

“He’s always been the dude for me to look up to,” he said of Brady. “He makes everything look so easy. His decision-making is just unbelievable.”
But what about Brady’s long hair? Can he still be the same quarterback he’s been in the past if he’s sporting a ponytail?

“I don’t know,” Apodaca said. “We’ll see.”