THORNTON — They are just two weeks in to the winter season, but monotony can set in real quick, especially for swimmers.

The routines of weekly practice and the same events at dual meets can get boring. Saturday's Legacy Relay Invitational at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center provided a little bit of a break from the normal but still in a competitive setting.

It was also a prime event for Melanie Beard and her young Monarch teams to still work hard during the week, but have a little les stress on competition day considering the week the Coyotes have coming up.

"They have finals coming up this next week, and this meet has been great because it gives them a break from the stress of their individuals events and they can just come in and have fun," Beard said. "We just kind of forget about school and all the other stuff."

With just three regular events — the 200-yard medley relay, the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 free relay — it allowed Beard and her coaching counterparts the ability to have a little fun with their lineups and figure out just how much depth they really have.

In the third event of the morning, the 500 crescendo relay, it gave the coach a chance to pair some swimmers together in an event that demands the best of both sprinters and distance specialists. The foursome of Jennica Kelm, Anna Barjenbruch, Randi Rens and Sidney Trimm won the event in 4 minutes, 58.75 seconds.


"I really like that event because you have a chance to put swimmers together that normally don't swim together," Beard said. "They have different workouts and then they get to come together. "It give me the opportunity to put in more swimmers and put them in events that I normally wouldn't and see what they can do with it and if it is a direction we want to go."

Three of the four Coyotes that won the crescendo relay teamed with Sydney Tymoszuk to claim the top spot in the 400 medley relay as well.

Monarch finished second to defending Class 5A state champion Fossil Ridge in the 12 team event, an accomplishment Beard think will only help the confidence of her young team.

"It just fuels the fire for them in the coming weeks," she said. "It give them even more to shoot for."

The hosts also won a couple of events. Shannon Feran, Shannon Hamp, Marissa Payne and Sophia Romero swam to victory in the 200 butterfly relay and the tandem of Abigail Crosier and Taylor Clark won the diving event.

The Lightning finished fifth with 384 points.

"The gives us a little more competition to get some of those splits we are looking for and it gives those girls a chance to swim with other they normally wouldn't," Legacy coach Diana Wiles said. "I kind of let them have a say in what events they wanted to swim and it is good for the overall team dynamic."

Broomfield finished second behind Monarch in the crescendo and third in the 200 backstroke relay for their best two finished of the day.

Longmont finished last in the 12-team field.

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Team scores — Fossil Ridge 558, Monarch 518, Rocky Mountain 416, Cherokee Trail 404, Legacy 384, Mountain Range 376, Broomfield 348, Legend 336, Horizon 296, Northglenn 228, Poudre 180, Longmont 118.

200 medley relay — 1. Fossil Ridge 1:56.65; 2. Legend 1:59.72; 3. Legacy (Sophia Romero, Bella Walters, Marissa Payne, Shannon Hamp) 2:00.74.

200 butterfly relay — 1. Legacy (Shannon Feran, Shannon Hamp, Marissa Payne, Sophia Romero), 1:53.39; 2. Rock Canyon 1:57.34; 3. Legend 2:02.14.

Crescendo relay — 1. Monarch (Jennica Kelm, Anna Barjenbruch, Randi Rens, Sidney Trimm) 4:58.75; 2. Broomfield (Kayla Hruby, Jillian Martin, Kate Peterson, Madelaine McClain) 4:59.57; 3. Fossil Ridge 5:02.04.

400 IM relay — 1. Fossil Ridge 4:22.22; 2. Rock Canyon 4:32.22; 3. Legend 4:37.57.

Diving relay— 1. Legacy (Abigail Crosier, Taylor Clark) 230.70 pts.; 2. Fossil Ridge 216.60; 3. Legacy (Riley Boston, Stephanie Molitor) 183.60.

400 medley relay — 1. Monarch (Anna Barjenbruch, Stephanie Tymoszuk, Sidney Trimm, Jennica Kelm) 4:22.34; 2. Fossil Ridge 4:22.48; 3. Poudre 4:24.54.

200 free relay — 1. Cherokee Trail 1:45.55; 2. Horizon 1:50.57; 3. Mountain Range 1:50.99.

200 backstroke relay — 1. Rocky Canyon 1:58.19; 2. Cherokee Trail 2:05.08; 3. Broomfield (Kate Peterson, Greta Barrington, Kayla Hruby, Jennifer Young) 2:06.17.

200 breaststroke relay — 1. Fossil Ridge 2:20.84; 2. Monarch (Sydney Atkinson, Addie Hobbs, Laura Zhang, Stephanie Tymoczuk) 2:23.04; 3. Legend 2:27.03.

400 free relay — 1. Fossil Ridge 3:51.53; 2. Horizon 3:55.46; 3. Legend 3:58.67.