FREDERICK — In its first year with a girls golf program, Frederick doesn't have any delusions of competing for a state title.

Rather than trying to outplay their experience level, the Warriors are making sure to enjoy every minute of the team's inaugural season and insure that the team-building process is a fun one.

So far, the Warriors have done just that and their approach has helped them accomplish their goals.

"I think things are going so well because we have such good chemistry as a team," Warriors sophomore Erin Baum said. "Also, since we're a new team, we don't have extremely high expectations for ourselves and we can just go out to have fun. Of course we want to succeed but when you don't put too much pressure on yourselves and support each other, you can enjoy it more."

Baum played high school golf at Wylie East High School in Wylie, Texas, last season. Moving to Colorado when her mother got a new job, Baum's arrival this year has given the Warriors an unexpected boost for their first season and has provided some baseline experience on which the Warriors can build.

Alix Lowry is the Warriors' only senior. After her and Baum, everyone else is either a freshman or is new to the sport. But behind Baum, who has already medaled at one Tri-Valley League tournament and broke 90 at the Warriors' latest event, the team is rounding into form and has settled into the middle of the pack in the conference.


Chad Eisentrager, who just finished his fourth season as head coach of the Frederick boys team, is the man in charge of the girls team's first season. Despite the spring weather making it difficult for the Warriors to get a rhythm or find any good playing conditions, Eisentrager has been impressed with their persistence.

"The big thing for them is that their attitude has been brilliant so far," Eisentrager said. "They're all willing to come to practice and work hard to get better every day, which can be hard to do when the weather is like it has been. The next biggest thing is that a lot of them have experience playing golf and the ones that don't aren't intimidated by the competition anymore. They just walk out there and compete with the rest of the girls.

"The hope is that later on in the season we can have all five girls have a good day and we can maybe jump a team or two in the conference. They've all shown that they can shoot a good score so we're pretty excited for when we can put it all together."

Baum has been the Warriors' top finisher in each of their four tournaments this season. But the team's second finisher has been a different girl each time.

Eisentrager added that though the Warriors are a new team, it would be disappointing if they don't qualify at least Baum for the state tournament. With their regional tournament scheduled to take place at Saddleback Golf Course in Firestone, the Warriors' home course, they're holding out hope of even sneaking in a second player.

"We've played those holes more than anyone so we're hoping that works in our favor," Eisentrager said.

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