BOULDER — You could cut the tension in the chlorine filled air with a knife.

Not only were city bragging rights on the line between Boulder and Fairview, so too were bragging rights in the Sampl house.

Both Lauren (the Fairview coach) and Emily (the Boulder coach) Sampl, identical twin sisters, wanted nothing more than to win Tuesday's dual at the South Boulder Rec Center and, after months of planning out their line-ups, they had to wait just a little longer after the conclusion of the events.

The timing and computer system had a glitch, forcing meet workers to manually enter the results and the wait was painful for both coaches — who had sat down the night before and scored it out to within two points of each other — and swimmers alike.

When all was said and done, Fairview reigned victorious 103-92, kept their stranglehold on the local rivalry and Lauren Sampl got her first victory dunk.

The stars of the show for the Knights were seniors Michael Zarian, Duncan Lester and Justin Li.

The Harvard-bound Zarian crushed the field in the in the 200-yard individual medley by a whopping 10-plus seconds, finishing in a hand-timed 1 minute, 51.86 seconds. But it was later in the meet that he showed off in the 100 breaststroke.

He became the all-time fastest Knights swimmer in the event, bettering Benjamin Morris' 59.36 record last year, by going 59.09.


"I was just trying to compete and contribute my best to Fairview," said Zarian, who took a spill on the deck just before the 200 free relay while gathering his teammates. "I really haven't been swimming too much breaststroke the past few weeks, so to be able to go faster than I was expecting, I'm happy with that."

Li, who recently signed with Washington University in St. Louis, sprinted to victory in the 50 free (53.78) and the 100 butterfly (53.78).

In the first event of the night, Lester put on a show in the diving well. The Minnesota-bound senior busted out a repertoire of dives that was impressive on paper, but even more so when he pulled them off.

He had two dives on his list, both a back 2.5 and a reverse 2.5, that were a degree of difficulty of 3.0 and while he didn't nail them, he was close.

"I've been working on a harder list for sure, because if I have harder dives I have the potential to score more," said Lester, who beat his previous six dive record of 324.15 point with a 333 on Tuesday. "I been trying to work my list up to more 3.0's and bigger DD's, cause that's going to pay off for those bigger meets, like Mustang (on Friday at VMAC) and state."

Nathan Rock was a two time winner for Boulder, winning both his signature events — the 200 free (1:46.95) and 500 free (5:06.62).

If her had is druthers, Rock would strike the 500 effort from the books, but he knows what he is capable of when it matters most.

"If we could just not show that anywhere. I have a good time going in to state (4:41.82) and I really didn't want to swim it again, so this was just to score more points and same with the 200," Rock said. "I'm not disappointed, but more embarrassed and I'd like to forget that that swim ever happened."

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At South Boulder Rec Center

200 medley relay — 1. Boulder (Luke Stapleton, Quinton Pierce, Max Kreidl, Henry Maier) 1:42.33; 2. Fairview 1:42.37; 3. Fairview 1:45.00.

200 freestyle — 1. Nathan Rock, Boulder, 1:46.95; 2. Walker Martin, Fairview, 1:47.75; 3. John Paul Phillips, Fairview, 1:50.09.

200 IM — 1. Michael Zarian, Fairview, 1:51.86; 2. Quinton Pierce, Boulder, 2:02.17; 3. Spencer Derthick, Fairview, 2:05.41

50 freestyle — 1. Justin Li, Fairview, 21.75; 2. Jack Studebaker, Boulder, 22.22; 3. Henry Maier, Boulder, 22.62.

Diving — 1. Duncan Lester, Fairview, 333.00 pts.; 2. Ethan Carlson, Boulder, 139.28; 3. Nico Peters, Boulder, 125.71.

100 butterfly — 1. Justin Li, Fairview, 53.78; 2. Grant Freeman, Boulder, 54.80; 3. Max Kreidl, Boulder, 55.43.

100 freestyle — 1. Walker Martin, Fairview, 48.94; 2. Jack Studebaker, Boulder, 49.40; 3. Luke Stapleton, Boulder, 49.53.

500 freestyle — 1. Nathan Rock, Boulder, 5:06.62; 2. Josh Winter, Boulder, 5:17.39; 3. Noah Anderson, Fairview, 5:28.82.

200 free relay — 1. Fairview (Justin Li, Joe Felton, Walker Martin, Michael Zarian) 1:31.13; 2. Boulder 1:33.12; Fairview 1:36.59.

100 backstroke — 1. John Paul Phillips, Fairview 54.76; 2. Max Kreidl, Boulder 55.87; 3. Luke Stapleton, Boulder, 57.42.

100 breaststroke — 1. Michael Zarian, Fairview, 59.09; 2. Ozzie Davis, Boulder 1:02.56; 3. Quinton Pierce, Boulder, 1:03.12.

400 free relay — 1. Fairview (Justin Li, Walker Martin, Christopher George, Michael Zarian) 3:15.20; 2. Boulder 3:24.00; 3. Boulder 3:30.61.