The Centaurus baseball team has been forced to forfeit their March 11 win at Vista PEAK Prep after being found in violation of the CHSAA pitch limit rules that were installed prior to the 2016 season.

An 8-4 win that covered is now listed as a loss for the Warriors, dropping them to 2-2 early in the season. There were clearly discrepancies between the teams when it came to the amount of pitches that starter Joe Milano had thrown prior to the last batter he faced as it caused a lengthy delay with one out in the seventh inning of the game.

After everything was reported to and investigated by CHSAA, it was found that Centaurus did not have sufficient evidence to support its case.

CHSAA rules state that a varsity pitcher can throw no more than 110 pitches in a game, with the exception of finishing out a batter if he starts the at-bat with fewer than 110 pitches.

If a pitcher starts another batter after that count, he is deemed ineligible for that game, CHSAA commissioner Bert Borgmann said.

"That's the real pragmatic piece of the whole thing," Borgmann said.

Evidence to support either the reporting team or the violating team funnels down to the official scorebook, which is generally kept by the home team. Borgmann also said that while it is not the duty of the official scorekeeper to warn either coaching staff ahead of a pitcher approaching the pitch limit, the CHSAA has always recommended those keeping counts check with each other between every inning.


"When there is a conflict, ultimately you have to have a final source of information and that would be the final book," Borgmann said. "The Vista PEAK folks had meticulous documentation when it comes to pitch counts, and when there was an issue the Centaurus coach was asked if they could re-check their information. They did not have anything substantial that showed (Milano) did not go over the count.

"Really, by one part of our rule we could have restricted the coach and the team from the playoffs because of that violation. This seemed to be one situation where there was just some confusion as to how they were keeping things, so we chose to turn it into a learning experience with that. The only thing we could not adjust was the matter of using an ineligible player, because the bylaws mandate a forfeiture in every case."

First-year Centaurus coach Doug Kinney, a longtime Warriors assistant, was contacted on Friday but said he was advised not to comment on the situation.

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