Two years ago, the Boulder baseball team played its entire schedule away from Suitts Field at Scott Carpenter Park because of a high wind storm completely decimating the netting and backstop that had gone a lengthy stretch without an upgrade.

Well, the spring snow once again has forced the Panthers to find a temporary home in 2016.

What can only be described as a weakened weld job at the base of one of the supporting poles is at fault this time around, and the weight of the snow from last week's storm on the nets caused the pole to snap, city of Boulder spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said on Thursday.

It will take a couple of weeks to get the field back to being playable — if the weather holds out, of course — and the Panthers administration has had to scramble to find a solution for practices and games in the meantime.

Luckily, a number of local schools and their baseball programs have stepped up. Boulder athletic director Eddie Hartnett arranged for the use of Niwot's field next week for practice while the Cougars are on spring break, and Peak to Peak has also lent its field for a junior varsity level contest on Monday.

Few games should be impacted, but the news initially hit the Panthers hard after what they had to deal with in 2014. That disaster forced Boulder and its supporting booster club, Diamond Baseball of Boulder, into massive fundraising efforts to help the city secure a contract.


"When we heard about the blizzard, we were excited that we were getting the chance to play baseball (in Arizona during spring break), and then we hear the backstop is damaged and there was a sinking feeling in our stomach," Boulder coach Colt Sedbrook said. "You never want anything like this to happen, but it's just one of those things that we have to wait things out. I know everyone is doing their best to get things done as fast as they can.

"I'd like to believe it's a priority for the city to get it done."

Getting three entities — Boulder High, the Boulder Valley School District and the city parks department — on the same page in a relatively short amount of time has helped the process along.

So, also, is the fact the original contractors have offered to make the necessary repairs and reinforcements to all the backstop poles at no cost to the city.

"The city has spoken with the original contractors, and they are going to repair that existing pole and reinforce the other poles with a better system that they think will prevent this type of challenge in the future," Huntley said. "They are going to do that starting next week, and our goal is to get everything done by the end of next week.

"We know it's important to get these fields opened up again as soon as possible."

A letter from Hartnett to the parents of BHS players stated: "We are all optimistic that we will resume practices and competition at Scott Carpenter on Monday (April) 11."

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