WESTMINSTER — Broomfield senior gymnast Nicki Verheyen's two best events are beam and vault, and by a wide margin. As for bars and floor, those events are often a different story.

At the Broomfield Invitational on Saturday, however, Verheyen's entire arsenal was on point. Picking up her scoring in her two least reliable events to support her go-to routines, Verheyen placed fifth in the all-around with a score of 36.8.

Given the high level of competition at the combo Class 5A/4A invite, placing in the all-around was a significant benchmark for the senior who is hoping for a breakthrough performance at state on Nov. 3-5.

"Bars and floor are the two I definitely struggle with but they were the highlights for me today," Verheyen said. "They're not my best events but today I just hit it and it went my way. In the past I've struggled with cleanliness and endurance. I just had more energy with my team cheering me on and it went really well."

In the balance beam, an event in which she has medaled two years running, Verheyen scored 9.45 and finished in a tie for third place. Teammate Abby Holbrook, who has been held out of all-around competition this season because of injury, won the event with a 9.625.

Holbrook also placed second on the uneven bars with a 9.6, just ahead of teammate Nicole Remund, who came in fourth with a 9.4. The team's combined efforts landed the Eagles, who were the 5A team runners-up in each of the past three seasons, in third place with a combined score of 180.55.


"I'm really happy with our performance," Eagles coach Erika Taga said. "Our goal is always to hit on every event as a team and we did that. Out of all four events, I'm pretty sure we only had to count one fall, which is great."

Legacy/Mountain Range senior Natalie Prestwich took fourth in the all-around with a 36.85 and helped her team finish sixth in the team scoring.

Sophomore Lindsay Chohon was the top all-around finisher for defending 4A champion Niwot, placing 10th with a score of 35.375. Niwot's Alexis Carroll was her team's highest finisher in a single event, scoring a 9.15 to tie for sixth in the vault. As a team, the Cougars took eighth.

"Unfortunately, we had two injuries at the beginning of the week," Cougars coach Marisa Purcel said. "But we had a lot of girls who had to step up and compete varsity today. That can be scary for them at a big meet like this. Our veterans also helped the younger girls come together and showed a lot of consistency today."

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Broomfield Invitational

At Mountain Range H.S.

Team scores — Overland 181.475, Pomona 181.2, Broomfield 180.55, Chatfield 174.95, Elizabeth 174.9, Legacy/Mountain Range 174.65, Green Mountain 173.075, Niwot 172.375, Thornton 172.25, Evergreen 162.2, Fort Morgan 147.15, Loveland 135.3.

All-around — 1. Kelsey Boychuk, Pomona, 38.2; 2. Brooke Weins, Pomona, 37.975; 3. Morgan Walters, Chatfield, 36.975; 4. Natalie Prestwich, Legacy/Mountain Range, 36.85; 5. Nicki Verheyen, Broomfield, 36.8; 6. Kara Ratcliff, Chatfield, 36.05.

Vault — 1. Kelsey Boychuk, Pomona, 9.75; 2. Brooke Weins, Pomona, 9.6; 3. Annabelle Peddersor, Overland, 9.45; 4. Tessa Dine, Pomona, 9.3; 5. Kwanli Young, Thornton, 9.2; 6. Alexis Carroll, Niwot, 9.15.

Uneven bars — 1. Brooke Weins, Pomona, 9.65; 2. Abby Holbrook, Broomfield, 9.6; 3. Kelsey Boychuk, Pomona, 9.55; 4. Nicole Remund, Broomfield, 9.4; 5. Amanda Taylor, Elizabeth, 9.375; 6. Natalie Wilson, Overland, 9.35.

Floor — 1. Kelsey Boychuk, Pomona, 9.45; 2. Annabelle Peddersor, Overland, 9.4; t3. Christie Yee, Overland, 9.375; t3. Natalie Prestwich, Legacy/Mountain Range, 9.375; t3. Morgan Walters, Chatfield, 9.375; t3. Delenn Steffes, Overland, 9.375.

Beam — 1. Abby Holbrook, Broomfield, 9.625; 2. Brooke Weins, Pomona, 9.475; t3. Morgan Walters, Chatfield, 9.45; t3. Nicki Verheyen, Broomfield, 9.45; t3. Kelsey Boychuk, Pomona, 9.45; 6. Natalie Prestwich, Legacy/Mountain Range, 9.375.