BROOMFIELD — All Broomfield's Noah Dohm really wanted was a chance to play football at the next level.

And understandably when the offers didn't come when he and many others around him thought they would, he began to wonder if his dream would ever become a reality.

When injuries forced him to move to the offensive line this season for the Eagles and away from his regular duties at fullback, even more schools lost interest.

But Dohm was determined and found a way to reinvent himself, keep his name out there and maybe, just maybe the chance would present itself.

"Wrestling got me the motivation I needed. Just every match I though about the people that didn't recruit me," said Dohm, who kept his body in football shape throughout his unlikely run to a fifth-place finish at 5A state at 220 pounds in his first and only season of wrestling. "Especially how basketball turned out, I just used that as my motivation."

Luckily for Dohm, Western State was still showing interest in him and after a a visit to Gunnison, the Broomfield senior made his verbal commitment to the Mountaineers. He will make it official when he signs his letter of intent in early April.


"I don't think I'd have this chance if I didn't wrestle," said Dohm, who gives a ton of credit to the Eagles wrestling staff, notably Darren Ventura and Pat DeCamillis. "I didn't have the football season I really wanted to have ... and I think that really hurt my chances.

"If I didn't wrestle, I would have gotten lazy and gotten into some bad social stuff, because I had never had that much free time before. Wrestling held me accountable and I've never had to work that hard before and sparked that competitive drive that I had never really had before."

At Western, Dohm will have a a chance to compete right away for a spot and he will do so at fullback. A slimmed down and more athletic body will give him a chance.

Combine that with a new-found work ethic off the field, courtesy of his five month stretch in wrestling, can just about guarantee that Dohm won't be denied.

"It's a great opportunity because I will have a chance to get on the field earlier if I work hard," he said. "I'm grateful for the chance and it's nice to see that all that hard work paid off."

Another late football signing is Centaurus quarterback Ryan Cotter. The Warriors senior made his commitment to Chadron State last week and like Dohm, will make it official in April during the spring signing day

In the fall, Cotter threw for over 1,700 yard, 12 touchdowns and just six interceptions for the Warriors, who just missed out on the playoffs after a 7-3 season.

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