Isaac Roberts of Lyons won the 2A/3A race at Saturday’s New Balance St. Vrain Invitational in Lyons.
Isaac Roberts of Lyons won the 2A/3A race at Saturday's New Balance St. Vrain Invitational in Lyons. (Jonathan Castner / For

LYONS — There's a good chance Isaac Roberts could run his home course at Lyons blindfolded.

The Lions sophomore trains on the 3.1 mile course and knows the intricacies, loves the hills and still finds new ways to attack it given the strategy of the race.

On Saturday morning in the 3A/2A portion of the St. Vrain New Balance Invitational, Roberts ran shoulder-to-shoulder with Jefferson Academy's Ryan Lehmuth for the first two and half miles before breaking free in the final 600 meters for a comfortable victory — his second straight at the event.

"We run it a lot, so we have that advantage when we train," said Roberts, who finished the course in 16 minutes, 56 seconds. "I just made a move (with 600 to go) and finished strong.

"That was my plan last year and this one, too."

A year after finishing sixth at the Class 2A state meet in Colorado Springs, Roberts is not only a year wiser, but has added strength that will only make him tougher to beat as the season progresses.

But when asked what he would like to improve on, Roberts' answer was slightly perplexing.

"Maybe just hurt a little more, because you want to hurt, but you always want to hurt a little bit more," he said with a grin. "When you're going and you've got a mile to go and you think about just stopping and walking, you know you've got to keep going and just push a little bit faster."


For Lehmuth — who was battling a sore throat and crossed the finish line just ahead of Peak to Peak's William Ledden— it was a satisfying second place finish given the clear advantage Roberts had on his home course.

"Being able to pace with Isaac for a majority of that race was a good time," said the Jaguars senior, who finished seventh in the Class 3A state meet last year. "The time wasn't great, I was 20 second slower than I was here last year, but I think I set out to do what I wanted to do.

"And right now, I'm in pretty good shape ... if I do say so myself."

Lyons, led by Roberts and Field Soosloff's eighth place finish, won the team race with a score of 35 points ahead of 3A Faith Christian's 45. Peak to Peak was third with 55.

In the final varsity race of the day, with the temperature rising and making things a little more difficult on the huge field, Monarch's Charlie Perry didn't seem to mind.

The Coyotes senior ran with a large pack of runners the first time through the Lyons football stadium at 1,500 meters, but just after the mile mark put his stamp on the race. He broke free from the large contingent and nobody was able to keep up. His time of 15:44 was 33 seconds faster than Denver South's Yonatan Kefle (16:11).

Peak to Peak’s William Ledden heads to the finish line of the 2A/3A race during Saturday’s New Balance St. Vrain Invitational in Lyons.
Peak to Peak's William Ledden heads to the finish line of the 2A/3A race during Saturday's New Balance St. Vrain Invitational in Lyons. (Jonathan Castner / For

"I'm feeling really good right now. I'm just happy I can be out there right now, because whatever coach (Kent Rieder) is doing right now is working," said Perry, who also won last week at the Centaurus Invite. "Got to give a lot of credit to him, he's been giving us the workouts and I've just been doing them."

The question now for Perry, whose primary focus on Saturday was helping his team do great things — and they did winning with a score of 58 points to second place Palmer Ridge's 75 — is how do you continue to get better and peak at the right time in October?

"Our coach definitely know what he is doing as you can see by the last few state meets," Perry said. "And I'm sure he'll get us to where we need to be by the end of the season, he always does."

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At Lyons


Team scores (Class 5A/4A) — Monarch 58, Palmer Ridge 75, Rampart 132, Silver Creek 139, Legend 147, Air Academy 148, Boulder 210, Poudre 233, Mead 244, The Classical Academy 254, Denver South 259, Battle Mountain 341, Vista Ridge 349, Rocky Mountain 398, Palisade 448, Northridge 458, Erie 467, Mountain View 554, Roosevelt 561, Fort Morgan 568, Longmont 628, Mountain Range 695, Denver East 715.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Charlie Perry, Monarch, 15:44; 2. Yonatan Kefle, Denver South, 16:11; 3. Josh Torres, Northridge, 16:16; 4. William Dixon, Monarch, 16:18; 5. Ryan Moen, TCA, 16:22; 6. Connor McCabe, Rampart, 16:25; 7. Cal Banta, Air Academy, 16:30; 8. Ryan Matson, Palmer Ridge, 16:30; 9. Dillon Powell, Air Academy, 16:32; 10. Isaac Russo, Monarch, 16:35

Other Monarch results (scoring runners only) — 19. Paxton Hansburg 17:01; 24. Chris Lyders 17:14.

Silver Creek finishers — 12. Logan Simington 16:42; 14. Eliott Cassidy 16:44; 22. Brock Dykema 17:08; 45. Zack Beckwith 17:36; 46. Henry Terhaar 17:36.

Boulder finishers — 33. Orion Pipersky 17:25; 35. Samsom Tewelde 17:28; 43. Carson Williams 17:35; 48. Caleb Hardy 17:42; 51. Max Olson 17:44.

Mead finishers — 26. Justin McDaniel 17:16; 29. Hayden Debuse 17:19; 39. Isaac Dukes 17:30; 69. Andrew Williams 18:08; 90. Jack Weis 18:43.

Erie finishers — 34. Jamison Cartwright 17:27; 111. Elias Hinojosa 19:14; 128. Jamis Schriner 19:31; 130. Timothy Fritsche 19:34; 134. Tyler Larson 19:36.

Longmont finishers — 109. Mason Hayes 19:11; 135. Parker Lewis 19:38; 153. Seth Rivera 20:06; 164. Jacob Lyon 20:27; 203. Will Greig 22:35.

Team scores (Class 3A/2A) — Lyons 35, Faith Christian 45, Peak to Peak 55, Liberty Common 86, Estes Park 111, Conifer 133, Jefferson Academy 146, Heritage Christian 164, Berthoud 171, Denver North 199, KIPP Denver 249, Peyton 274, Englewood 277, Eaton 278, Bishop Machebeuf 285, Platte Valley 285, Clear Creek 289, Valley 304, Twin Peaks 326, Front Range Christian 390, Prospect Ridge Academy 409, Yuma 420, Shining Mountain 436, Denver Academy 437, Dawson 464.

Top 10 individuals — 1. Isaac Roberts, Lyons 16:56; 2. Ryan Lehmuth, Jefferson Academy 17:06; 3. William Ledden, Peak to Peak, 17:06; 4. Andrew King, Platte Valley, 17:09; 5. Campbell McDonough, Faith Christian, 17:10; 6. Macklin Brockmeyer, Faith Christian, 17:28; 7. Finn Tierney, Estes Park, 17:30; 8. Field Soosloff, Lyons, 17:38; 9. Jacob Doman, Liberty Common, 17:47; 10. Antonio Blaine, Faith Christian, 17:53

Other Lyons results (scoring runners only) — 12. Simon Stone 17:55; 14. Colton Jonjak-Plahn 18:00

Other Peak to Peak results — 11. Ethan Monarski 17:54; 16. Benjamin Cunningham 18:02; 25. Justin Hager 18:31.

Other Jefferson Academy results — 30. Michael Leoni 18:38; 58. Brandon Benedict 19:26; 64. Peter Van Cleave 19:34.

Twin Peaks finishers — 84. Teagan Quintana 20:21; 86. Andy Hernandez 20:23; 92. Noah Kieser 20:31; 116. David Jarvis 20:58.

Prospect Ridge finishers — 104. Gabriel Rueda 20:42; 109. James MacGuire 20:52; 148. Noah Mulvaney 21:49; 159. Matt Yoho 22:04.

Dawson finishers — 138. Griffin Biggar 21:36; 151. Eli McCullick 21:56; 152. Jack Ridilla 21:57; 193. Andrew Mace 23:18.