All-conference boys tennis teams from the fall season, as submitted by area athletic directors.


First team

No. 1 singles: Joe Diaz, Loveland

No. 2 singles: Ignatius Castelino, Fairview

No. 3 singles: Danny Wright, Monarch

No. 1 doubles: Kevin Chen/Tommy Mason, Fairview

No. 2 doubles: Connor Corrigan/Andrew Pollack, Fairview

No. 3 doubles: Nick Blanco/Ben Krabenbuhl, Fairview

No. 4 doubles: Kamran Shabaz/Max Petrak, Fairview

Second team

No. 1 singles: Justin Nguyen, Monarch

No. 2 singles: Tanner Trace, Fossil Ridge

No. 3 singles: Max Weiner, Fossil Ridge

No. 1 doubles: Dave Rosencrans/Mike Rosencrans, Legacy

No. 2 doubles: Griffin Kosonocky/Gabe Pagat, Fossil Ridge

No. 3 doubles: Kevin Schultz/Trevor Swanbom, Fossil Ridge

No. 4 doubles: Jonas David/Josh Goddard, Poudre

Player of the year

Joe Diaz, Loveland

Coach of the year

Chad Tsuda, Fairview



First team

No. 1 singles: Mark Gueswell, Windsor

No. 2 singles: Stephen Wheeler, Windsor

No. 3 singles: Cole Tomberlin, Windsor

No. 1 doubles: Bailey Smith/Clayton Jarboe, Windsor

No. 2 doubles: Patrick Fischer/Matt Thiemann, WindsorNo. 3 doubles: Cole Mills/Austin Krings, Windsor

No. 4 doubles: Alec Salazar/Cody Erbacher, University

Second team

No. 1 singles: Sawyer Hayes, Skyline

No. 2 singles: Connor Hayes, Skyline

No. 3 singles: Stefan Gomes, University

No. 1 doubles: Reno Wood/John Sereff, University

No. 2 doubles: Zaleon Dinh/Huan Nugyen, Skyline

No. 3 doubles: Cameron Bopp/Brandon Davis, Skyline

No. 4 doubles: Andrew Myers/KodyArmann, Windsor

Player of the year

Mark Gueswell, Windsor

Coach of the year

Scott Talbot, Windsor