(Brent W. New / Daily Camera)

I think I was around 12, maybe 13, when I first thought, "Yeah, I want to be a sports journalist when I grow up."

Sounded good in my head. I'd be a star, a name marveled over during breakfast chatter. And I'd drive a sports car that was so fast, and would sparkle with such a shade of blue, that it'd simply fade into the Colorado sunset.

Well, life's expectations certainly are a mixed bag, aren't they? Our stories have a funny way of hitting us with the unexpected - some joyous, some less than that.

And that's why I believe I'm here: To tell some of the twists and turns of your stories.

I have had the privilege for the last seven years to peek inside the lives of others and share their stories. I started in Colorado Springs, where I wrote preps for The Gazette. I edged north to Denver to cover professional sports for outlets like Mile High Sports, ESPN and the Associated Press. And now I'm a few miles up from there, right here in beautiful Boulder County.

Looking at the map, at this trajectory I figure to be in Saskatchewan, Canada in no time. Maybe covering the Moose Jaw Warriors of the Western Hockey League.

Perhaps, though, you'll allow me to stay for a while.


Outside of work and novice map calculations, I am married to the love of my life, Ari. She's beautiful, compassionate, funny and smart. She's my rock - my life's editor through all my typos. We had our wedding in Boulder in June and we're excited to take in more of the scenery and its wonderful people.

As I start the job today, I can't promise I'll make a fan out of every reader and every person that I meet along the way. The talented and charismatic Jon Yunt left some very big shoes to fill.

I do, however, promise to treat each of your stories with care, and I will share them with thought and fairness.

Our stories certainly can be a mixed bag. As a journalist, I'll do my darnedest not to be.

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