Girls golf in the St. Vrain Valley School District used to identify with one team, the always strong Skyline co-op that saw the likes of Kelly Jacques dominate the state scene.

No more is that the case, and in this 2016 spring season another SVVSD school is getting the chance to don its own colors out on the links. Frederick, headed by boys coach Chad Eisentrager, is joining the 4A scene with a slightly higher-than-expected turnout.

"We're really excited about everything. When we first kind of decided to introduce it we started asking some of the girls in the school, had a couple of meetings and it generated a lot more interest than we thought it might," Eisentrager said earlier this week, just as the girls were getting together for the first time for practices. "The district's been awesome granting us the team, and it's just been putting the pieces together rather quickly since then.

While Skyline still remains as its own squad, Niwot, Silver Creek and Erie all got their own teams last year. As it stands, Longmont and Mead are the only schools of size in the district without teams now that Frederick has joined the fray.

The Warriors are starting pretty fresh, Eisentrager said. The idea of having a team came about with the hiring of athletic director Ernie Derrera, who had a good golf program while he was at Thompson Valley.

"We have a couple of girls that have some experience, some that are casual players and then some that would be considered beginners," Eisentrager said. "We primarily want the girls to enjoy the experience and learn to appreciate the game this year, and hopefully get their friends involved for the future because of that experience."


Not only will Frederick field a team, but they have been properly rewarded with the Class 4A Northern Regional tournament at Saddleback Golf Course — a fun little twist for the fledgling program. Niwot, Erie, Silver Creek, Skyline and Centaurus will all participate in that regional field.

Not many high school tournaments have been played at Saddleback, but the Warriors will get to familiarize themselves with the nuances of the course throughout the spring.

Erin Baum, a sophomore who moved from Texas to Colorado this past summer, is one of the Warriors' hopefuls.

"I was really excited to come to a school that has its own team, and being able to get to know some other girls while doing something fun," Baum said. "It makes us pretty confident going in that we will have the ability to practice (Saddleback) and be able to play it multiple times before the big tournament."

The regional will be played the week of May 9, with the Class 4A state tournament two weeks later (May 23-24) at the Pueblo Country Club.

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