LOVELAND -- Not that the Eagles were stifling their own competitive edge, but the Broomfield girls swim team went into Saturday's Northern League championships conceding that the meet belonged to Thompson Valley.

Yet with a bigger goal just around the corner, Broomfield figured there was no better precursor to the state finals than going toe-to-toe with the defending Class 4A champs. And in what was a preordained race for second place, the Eagles came in first.

Broomfield collected four second-place finishes Saturday, including an impressive showing in the meet-closing 400 freestyle relay, to finish second behind Thompson Valley (674 points) with 498 points. Niwot placed third with 425 points followed by Silver Creek with 397.

Niwot junior Hannah Driscoll prevented Thompson Valley from owning a complete monopoly on the first-place medals by taking first in the 100 breaststroke.

"A lot of it is how we're tapered and rested, but also going for best times here let's you know you can go for better times (at state)," Broomfield sophomore Elizabeth Peterson said. "I feel like our team is in a really good spot. This year we've got divers, we've got a lot of people stepping up and making finals. I think we're going to be good."

Peterson collected two of the Eagles' three individual runner-up finishes, taking second in the individual medley and the butterfly. Peterson also was a central figure on Broomfield's second-place 400 freestyle relay team, turning in a solid opening leg before giving way to Kendall Wingfield, Alaina Gossett, and Abi Young. Gossett collected Broomfield's other runner-up medal in the 500 freestyle.


"For the girls who were in the top heats in the finals, they really are tapering for state in all honesty," Broomfield coach Emily Austin said. "I didn't have anyone miss the mark. Everybody made it who I thought would. We improved our times in our relays, and the beauty of it is that those girls are getting ready for state, so they did not PR today because we know they are going to do that next weekend."

Niwot's overall score was dimmed somewhat by a disqualification in the 400 freestyle relay during the preliminary heats, yet the Cougars nonetheless turned in a solid effort in their final pre-state tune-up.

In addition to her victory in the breaststroke, Driscoll placed second in the 100 freestyle, getting overtaken during the final leg by Thompson Valley senior Allie Pfauth. Niwot senior Zoie Jordan placed second in the 50 freestyle, and both Cougars played key roles in Niwot's best performance of the meet in the 200 freestyle relay. Niwot finished second with a time of 1 minute, 40.07 seconds. That mark would have given the Niwot quartet of Driscoll, Jordan, Kylie Pillard, and Elise Cranny a Northern League record if not for the fact they were barely out-touched by Thompson Valley, which recorded a winning time of 1:39.41.

"That relay is so much fun," Driscoll said. "We had a really good day as a whole, and next week we'll be excited to go even faster."

Silver Creek recorded a pair of runner-up finishes as well, getting a second-place effort from senior diver Kaili Gallegos and finishing second in the medley relay.

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Northern League championships

At Mountain View HS

Team scores -- Thompson Valley 674, Broomfield 498, Niwot 425, Silver Creek 397, Greeley Central 242, Centaurus 154, Longmont 142, Mountain View 120.

200 medley relay -- 1. Thompson Valley (Jessi Modlich, Mattea Wabeke, Kelly Sheldon, Marina Fonseca), 1:52.47*; 2. Silver Creek 1:56.97*; 3. Broomfield 1:58.31*; 4. Niwot 1:58.90*; 5. Greeley Central 2:05.23; 6. Centaurus 2:09.66.

200 freestyle -- 1. Eryn Eddy, Thompson Valley, 1:51.88*; 2. Alli Pfauth, Thompson Valley, 1:56.92*; 3. Kate Peterson, Broomfield, 1:58.02*; 4. Diana Tobo, Silver Creek, 1:59.36*; 5. Grae Roda, Broomfield, 2:05.95*; 6. Annika Jessen, Thompson Valley, 2:06.99*.

200 IM -- 1. Mattea Wabeke, Thompson Valley, 2:10.92*; 2. Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield, 2:13.60*; 3. Abi Young, Broomfield, 2:18.74*; 4. Victoria Jespon, Niwot, 2:20.45*; 5. Elise Cranny, Niwot, 2:22.60*; 6. Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek, 2:26.42*.

50 freestyle -- 1. Marina Fonseca, Thompson Valley, 24.97*; 2. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 25.38*; 3. Kendall Wingfield, Broomfield, 25.73*; 4. Sara Nienaber, Thompson Valley, 26.42*; 5. Jennifer Young, Broomfield, 26.55*; 6. Haley Johnson, Greeley Central, 26.70.

Diving -- 1. Erin Chavet, Thompson Valley, 401.85; 2. Kaili Gallegos, Silver Creek, 364.25; 3. Melanie Stelling, Broomfield, 339.90; 4. Gabby Casey, Niwot, 310.75; 5. Hannah Orbanosky, Longmont, 296.60; 6. Corey Fancher, Thompson Valley, 289.75.

100 butterfly -- 1. Kelly Sheldon, Thompson Valley, 59.19*; 2. Elizabeth Peterson, Broomfield, 59.96*; 3. Alyssa Eidem, Thompson Valley, 1:01.88*; 4. Victoria Jepson, Niwot, 1:02.53*; 5. Zoie Jordan, Niwot, 1:04.60*; 6. Anissa Mata, Broomfield, 1:04.98*.

100 freestyle -- 1. Allie Pfauth, Thompson Valley, 53.55*; 2. Hannah Driscoll, Niwot, 53.95*; 3. Kylie Rembert, Silver Creek, 55.13*; 4. Marina Fonseca, Thompson Valley, 56.09*; 5. Abi Young, Broomfield, 56.16*; 6. Kylie Pillard, Niwot, 56.20*.

500 freestyle -- 1. Eryn Eddy, Thompson Valley, 4:59.94*; 2. Alaina Gossett, Broomfield, 5:23.12*; 3. Grae Roda, Broomfield, 5:35.11*; 4. Cate Rose, Niwot, 5:37.73*; 5. Madelaine McClain, Broomfield, 5:42.05*; 6. Merritt Shapherd, Centaurus, 5:44.12.

200 free relay -- 1. Thompson Valley (Marina Fonseca, Mattea Wabeke, Allie Pfauth, Eryn Eddy), 1:39.41*; 2. Niwot 1:40.07*; 3. Broomfield 1:44.78*; 4. Silver Creek 1:48.53*; 5. Greeley Central 1:50.29*; 6. Centaurus DQ.

100 backstroke -- 1. Kelly Sheldon, Thompson Valley, 58.72*; 2. Jessi Modlich, Thompson Valley, 1:00.04*; 3. Diana Tobo, Silver Creek, 1:00.86*; 4. Kate Peterson, Broomfield, 1:00.88*; 5. Alaina Gossett, Broomfield, 1:01.68*; 6. Anissa Mata, Broomfield, 1:03.90*.

100 breaststroke -- 1. Hannah Driscoll, Niwot, 1:08.32*; 2. Mattea Wabeke, Thompson Valley, 1:10.15*; 3. Jenna Latsko, Silver Creek, 1:12.98*; 4. Lauren FitzGibbons, Niwot, 1:14.56*; 5. Olya Martin, Silver Creek, 1:16.22; 6. Madi Pelton, Silver Creek, 1:16.62.

400 free relay -- 1. Thompson Valley (Allie Pfauth, Jessi Modlich, Kelly Sheldon, Eryn Eddy), 3:36.72*; 2. Broomfield 3:47.77*; 3. Silver Creek 3:52.51*; 4. Centaurus 4:00.93*; 5. Greeley Central 4:03.84*; 6. Longmont 4:07.72.

* -- Denote state-qualifying mark.