With the Monarch football team in the Class 4A championship game this week, we tracked down one of the Coyotes' most outspoken members for this Q & A session.

Here is the conversation with senior linebacker Colin Hart.

1. Is there a pro linebacker you model yourself after?

Well, I could never model myself after him, but Ray Lewis, definitely. Just the way that he plays the game, I try to play with that same fiery intensity. His leadership attributes, I try to bring that to the field with my teammates as well.

If you're respected in the NFL, you must be doing something right. I just try to lead by his example, but to say I'm in the same class would be a ridiculous statement.
Colin Hart, Monarch LB
Monarch linebacker Colin Hart celebrates during the Coyotes' 14-6 win against Pueblo West in the Class 4A semifinals. (DAVID R. JENNINGS)

2. If you were choosing the song that Monarch runs out to on Saturday at Sports Authority Field, what would it be?

Probably the one we run out to right now. I like that one. It's a mash-up of Eminem's Lose Yourself and New Noise (by Refused). We put that all together as a group of seniors this year, and surprisingly, every single one of the seniors liked it. You usually never get that.

3. Who would you least trust to drive the team bus to the championship game?

I would least trust Logan Shapiro (the starting center). He'd probably be asking way too many questions on the way down there about how we'd get to the stadium and all that.


It'd just be stressing you out before you need to be stressed out before a game.

4. Have you nailed down your college plans yet?

I'm still undecided. Football may be in my future, but I'm not sure yet. I'm kind of living for right now and my goal for this year, which is to win the state title — and it's almost within our team's grasp.

5. Of all the dramatic moments this season for the Coyotes, which stands out most?

Can I pick two? One was punching it in on that 23-play drive against Pueblo West. That was just such a team effort. Everyone was on their A-game. The sidelines were going, cheering on the offense . . . it was just so team-oriented.

Then probably when we sealed the deal to go to the championship when Petey (Mitchell) or whoever recovered that fumble on the kickoff. That was awesome. That's when it became real that we're going to Mile High.

6. If you were choosing CU's new football coach, who would it be?

I would say their best choice would either be that Utah State head coach (Gary Andersen) or Bob Diaco from Notre Dame, the defensive coordinator. I think he would be a really good fit because we obviously need help on defense.

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