She is the most outspoken member of Centaurus' finest girls basketball team since the turn of the century, the first Warriors group in that span to advance to Class 4A's round-of-eight.

Maurissa Ortega, the Warriors' resident 3-point whiz, continues to expect big things from her 21-3 team, which will take on Pueblo South (25-0) on Saturday at Colorado School of Mines. We caught up with the senior for this week's installment of Six questions.

Tell us about your new ink.

Ortega: The tattoo says: “If you want something you've never had, do something you've never done.” I've wanted it for awhile, and I made my mom a deal that I wouldn't get it until after New Years.
Centaurus senior Maurissa Ortega attempts to strip the ball from Broomfield’s Callie Kaiser on Feb. 14. Ortega’s Warriors won 45-38.
Centaurus senior Maurissa Ortega attempts to strip the ball from Broomfield's Callie Kaiser on Feb. 14. Ortega's Warriors won 45-38. (Mark Leffingwell)

I think it represents our team a lot because we want this so bad and we're honestly going to do everything in our power to get there. I think it represents myself, but it also represents our program because when we want something we go after it and nothing stands in our way.

Who is the toughest individual opponent you've faced?

Ortega: My toughest player that I've faced is Jamie Katuna of Longmont (now a freshman at San Francisco). Amazing, amazing player. This year, I'd probably have to say Brittney Zec (of Broomfield). I played club with her so I know how she plays. But her defense is just unbelievable to me. She's just so fast and goes 100 percent the whole time.


If you had a personalized license plate, what would it say?

Ortega: Ah, man. Hmm. It probably have something to do with the school, maybe it would say ‘Warriors' or something like that. Maybe my last name. I've seen a license plate before that said ‘issa,' and a lot of my friends call me ‘issa,' so I thought that was pretty cool.

With you, Andi Houck and Jordan Matosky graduating, who will emerge as the team leader next season?

Ortega: There's so many amazing leaders. They all bring something special to the table. We can see it now, like Anna (Hubbell) bringing the basketball up for us. Midori (Patterson) and Gianna (Manfredini) are so strong and so quick. Shanlie (Anderson) with her defense.

It's hard to say who is going to be the leader because they're all such great leaders and have a specific role. I'm even excited to see what's going to happen.

What's the best song on the radio right now?

Ortega: I'm gonna say Young, Wild and Free (by Snoop Dogg, featuring Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars).

Uh oh. You're stranded in Colorado Springs. Which teammate are you going to call first?

Ortega: I'd probably call Taylor Langer. She'd be down there in a heartbeat.