LOUISVILLE -- For the final dual meet of the season, the Fairview girls swimming team lacked star power with three of the Knights' best not in contention.

They'll have to get used to it, at least partially.

It was revealed Friday that Knights standout Abbie Houck will not compete at the Class 5A state meet this season because she will take part in USA Swimming's Missouri Grand Prix that weekend (Feb. 10-12).

Kourtney Fosse and Lacey Smith also were missing for the Knights on Friday, but Fairview used the remainder of its deep pool of firepower to upend host Monarch 112-74 at the Louisville Recreation Center's meter pool.

Fosse and Smith will be at state and were simply taking a day off to train with their club team, but Houck, the reigning 500 freestyle state champion and a would-be favorite in the 200 freestyle if Regis Jesuit's Missy Franklin chooses other events, will not be.

"We're going to miss her a lot and she's a big addition to our team, but she's going to the Olympic trials and I wish her the best," Fairview senior Mary Scraggs said. "It's a bummer for us and we'll miss her, but I completely understand."

Scraggs helped show off Fairview's depth by winning the 100 butterfly and the 400 freestyle while taking part in two of the Knights' three victorious relays. While the Knights might not now be stacked enough to compete with Regis for the overall team title at state, there is no animosity toward Houck.


"She has the opportunity to pick up two more Olympic trial cuts," Fairview coach Bob Smartt said. "This only happens once every four years and it's really, really special to be participating, so we support her in going for it."

Smartt indicated that the Knights have had only four swimmers make an Olympic trial cut while still at Fairview, and no one has earned more than one. Houck, having already qualified in the 400 freestyle, could add two more (200 and 800 free).

In addition, Houck will have the opportunity to vie for state crowns next season as a senior.

"It will be different, but there's so many fast swimmers on Fairview that they'll do perfectly fine without her," Monarch junior Amanda Sanders said. "But they'll probably miss her in the 200 free and the 500."

Sanders again shined for Monarch, winning the backstroke and the 100 freestyle (the latter is one of the junior's off-events). Also of note for the Coyotes, freshmen divers Grace Newell and Savannah Magness finished Nos. 1 and 2 -- they were Nos. 2 and 3 last weekend at the Boulder County Invite -- with Newell's 200.90 good for a state cut.

Coyotes senior Teylor Greff commemorated senior night with a win in the 100-meter breaststroke, and emerging sophomore Taite Henderson had a solid meet. She finished second to Sanders in the backstroke (.13 of a second from a state-qualifying time) and won the 200 individual medley by the narrowest of margins -- 1/100th of a second ahead of Fairview's Kyla Dickerson.

"I'm so happy," Henderson said. "It was close. On breaststroke I realized I wasn't doing so well, but on the freestyle portion I realized I could get it if I tried really hard."

Also excelling for Fairview were Zoe Verhoeven (winner in 50 freestyle and part of all three relays), Taylor Bissert (second in 50 free; two relays) and Jennifer Kuhn (winner in 200 free).

"We were swimming a little tired because Boulder County was such a big event," Smartt said. "But we had some solid performances."


Fairview 112, Monarch 74

At Louisville Recreation Center (meter pool)


200 medley relay -- 1. Fairview (Jhana Gottlieb, Lindsey Fano, Mary Scraggs, Zoe Verhoeven), 2:13.72*; 2. Monarch, 2:14.16; 3. Fairview, 2:21.95; 4. Monarch, 2:22.48; 5. Fairview, 2:25.03; 6. Monarch, 2:34.07.

200 freestyle -- 1. Jennifer Kuhn, Fairview, 2:22.64; 2. Claudia Flores, Monarch, 2:23.14; 3. Taylor Johnson, Fairview, 2:31.16; 4. Elise Kinney, Monarch, 2:34.14; 5. Hadley Dorn, Fairview, 2:34.60; 6. Rachel Ruske, Monarch, 2:40.61.

200 individual medley -- 1. Taite Henderson, Monarch, 2:45.27; 2. Kyla Dickerson, Fairview, 2:45.28; 3. Kendra Werner, 2:45.55; 4. Saide Matthews, Fairview, 2:56.23; 5. Madison Yost, Fairview, 2:57.42; 6, Rachel Harris, Monarch, 3:04.74.

50 freestyle -- 1. Zoe Verhoeven, Fairview, 29.34; 2. Taylor Bissert, Fairview, 29.35; 3. KyLee Ferrera, Monarch, 30.98; 4. Blair Kacynski, Monarch, 31.04; 5. Rachel Conway, Fairview, 31.10; 6. Andy Johnston, Monarch, 32.20.

Diving -- 1. Grace Newell, Monarch, 200.60*; 2. Savannah Magness, Monarch, 186.90; 3. Maddie Davis, Monarch, 156.50; 4. Sarah Murphy, Fairview, 139.60; 5. Hannah Kerber, 83.15; 6. Caitlyn Fitch, Fairview, 72.15.

100 butterfly -- 1. Mary Scraggs, Fairview, 1:11.24; 2. Julia Ting, Fairview, 1:17.44; 3. Madeline Kasic, Fairview, 1:17.60; 4. Erin Garratt, Monarch, 1:24.01; 5. Jackie Turner, Monarch, 1:29.30; 6. Rachel Harris, Monarch, 1:31.20.

100 freestyle -- 1. Amanda Sanders, Monarch, 1:02.73*; 2. Taylor Bissert, Fairview, 1:04.98; 3. Lindsey Fano, Fairview, 1:05.29; 4. Victoria Felton, Fairview, 1:08.46; 5. Cyanne Stonesmith, Monarch, 1:11.94; 6. Molly Johnson, Monarch, 1:15.72.

400 freestyle -- 1. Mary Scraggs, Fairview, 4:52.82*; 2. Jennifer Kuhn, Fairview, 5:06.95; 3. KyLee Ferrera, Monarch, 5:07.36; 4. Ciera Mendicino, Monarch, 5:19.92; 5. Mandy Frazier, Monarch, 5:32.01; 6. Sarah Hendricks, Fairview, 5:35.13.

200 freestyle relay -- 1. Fairview (Taylor Bissert, Rachel Conway, Teresa Prinster, Zoe Verhoeven), 2:00.11*; 2. Fairview, 2:03.62; 3. Monarch, 2:04.44; 4. Fairview, 2:12.42; 5. Monarch, 2:14.00; 6. Monarch, 2:18.53.

100 backstroke -- 1. Amanda Sanders, Monarch, 1:09.05*; 2. Taite Henderson, Monarch, 1:11.57; 3. Kyla Dickerson, Fairview, 1:14.18; 4. Lindsey Fano, Fairview, 1:14.41; 5. Jhana Gottlieb, Fairview, 1:15.04; 6. Elise Kinney, Monarch, 1:22.59.

100 breaststroke -- 1. Teylor Greff, Monarch, 1:21.63; 2. Quinn Adams, Fairview, 1:23.57; 3. Dana Gallup, Fairview, 1:23.81; 4. Brooklyn Fano, Fairview, 1:29.04; 5. Morgan Commander, Monarch, 1:33.16; 6. Blair Kacynski, Monarch, 1:34.69.

400 freestyle relay -- 1. Fairview (Lindsey Fano, Mary Scraggs, Zoe Verhoeven, Taylor Bissert), 4:23.20*; 2. Monarch, 4:28.91; 3. Fairview, 4:39.94; 4. Fairview, 4:41.00; 5. Monarch, 4:59.49; 6. Monarch (DQ).

* denotes state qualifying time