The Colorado High School Activities Association will enforce pitch counts across all levels of prep baseball starting this year, a move to try and protect vulnerable, developing arms from being overused during the season.

Coaches will be required to track pitch counts and sign forms assuring the accuracy of those totals throughout the season. Any team that does not enter the information or is found to have entered inaccurate information will be penalized.

Here is a breakdown of the pitch count limitations:

• Varsity pitchers may not throw more than 110 pitches in a single game, except to finish out an at-bat after that count has been reached. Sub-varsity pitchers have a limit of 85.

• Varsity pitchers may not throw more than 60 pitches over two days (sub-varsity is 40).

• Mandated rest days depend on pitches thrown over the course of two days. If a pitcher throws 86-110 pitches, they'll be required to rest three full days. From 61-85 pitches is a two-day rest period, and 36-60 is one full day of rest.

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