All-conference teams for area leagues, as selected by area coaches and submitted to by area athletic directors. Only local athletes are listed.


Front Range League

No. 1 singles

First team: Tom Melville, Fairview,

Second team: Spencer Wolff, Broomfield


No. 2 singles

First team: Ethan Schact, Fairview


No. 3 singles

Second team: Devin Harper, Fairview


No. 1 doubles

First team: Beck Chrisbens/Andy Wu, Fairview


No. 2 doubles

First team: Aaron Ngueyn/Adam Chehadi, Fairview

Second team: Mason Lewis/Mitchell Manwaring, Broomfield


No. 3 doubles

First team: Brooks Savage/Adam Chehadi, Fairview


No. 4 doubles

First team: Will Englehardt/Hall Humphrey, Fairview


League champions: Fairview

Player of the year: Tom Melville, Fairview

Coach of the year: Chad Tsuda, Fairview